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Hi Everyone, We are having several new logo ideas designed for and wanted to collect your feedback on what you think? We are dropping the .com from our logo. These are the top 3 choices so far. (This does not mean we will... Read More

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    I don't like any of them. Not everything has to change all the time....
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    I'm not even surprised that the one I found the least appealing is in first place . I voted for 101 as the best one, then 202, then 203 in last place. That extra little chat bubble at the bottom on 203 is going to look out of place when you actually situate the logo on a page, I think. It'll just look random, or like it's supposed to be a button or something.
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    My vote goes the current logo
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    I prefer the current logo as well.

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    Feedback is greatly appreaciated. Keep 'em coming!
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    Thank you all for taking the time to provide your honest feedback! This is very helpful!
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    If allnurses MUST change its logo, I'd go with #202. The box around the "all" part suggests the all-inclusive nature of AN.

    That being said, I wouldn't change the logo at all.
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    I like the current one, could you just remove the ".com"? However...I like the idea of blue or green with a stethoscope somehow incorporated.
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    Quote from Liddle Noodnik
    curious why you are removing the .com, doesn't that help people to find the site as opposed to .org, .net, etc?
    Good point. I can think of a number of other message board sites that end in .org or .net. I say keep the .com in the logo.
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    I like the current logo...not a big fan of the new ones...

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