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  1. 16weeks


    mona is morphine o2 nitro and asprin I think the B is for beta blocker?
  2. 16weeks

    new allnurses logo - feedback wanted

    I don't think they are much different fromt he current one. If I had to choose, then I guess the 3rd one. but I agree, if your going to change it than change the color and go all out!
  3. 16weeks


    I will be honest, it was the worst semester! I barely made it. I cried when she said I passed! If I can do it, anyone can:)
  4. 16weeks


    Couldn't agree more! I believe I take my final on May 8th, graduate May 10th! :) Congrats to you as well!!
  5. 16weeks

    Henry Ford Westbloomfield

    Thanks so much! I live in NY right now but I am going to Michigan in a couple of weeks and was going to go in and talk with someone in HR if possible. I would like to move back in the summer. I would love to work in that hospital. It has been my motivation to keep going. I graduate in May.
  6. 16weeks

    Henry Ford Westbloomfield

    Does Henry Ford West Bloomfield hire New RN Grads?
  7. 16weeks


    I passed my final and class! Officially 16 more weeks between me and Success! I'm so happy!