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    Hello, Im a nurse on a medsurg floor and there is a coworker who is so rude to me. Ever since I started on this floor she was never nice to me. Every time I would talk to her its like she wouldnt even say anything, its liike she was too good to even have a conversation. Now every time I say something to her she just has the biggest attitude towards me and is so rude. She seems like such a negativer person and I heard her talking about a girl who she barely even knows and saying she doesnt like her. Ive never met a person who was so rude and gave me such an attitude, Its weird because she picks who she likes and who she doesnt like, so she is so nice to the people she likes and is so rude to the people she doesnt. The only reason why this is bothering me is because I am a friendly person and Ive never met a person who was so mean and arrogant and I cant figure out what I did to this person, although shes been rude to me since day one. Its so weird its like she trying to throw it in my face that she likes other people and doesnt like me, by being really nice to them in front of me and then not saying a word to me. I know this shouldnt bother me but I have to work with this person and I feel like one day she is gonna make me argue with her because I can only take so much disrespect. How do I deal with this situation, I already tried being nice and that didnt work. Dont know what to do.....

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    Sounds to me like you truly aren't missing out on anything with this one.

    It's hard to say what her true motives are. Maybe she feels you have in someway stepped on her toes. Hard to say if there is an actual root of the problem or if she is just plain childish across the board. How is she with patients?

    I'd just be as sweet as you can possibly be to her.

    As people like her don't get very far in life so really more of a reason to pity her than anything.

    Sorry you are having to deal with someone like that!!
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    You don't go to work to win popularity contests, you go there to work. You don't need to have her tell you that she likes you. All you need from her is a concise rundown of any needed information about the job. That is all. Be courteous to her. Others will notice that you are being courteous to her and they will respect and like you all the more for your positive behavior. You have enough to stay busy with than to worry about what it will take to melt her ice.
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    there are just mean people who exist in this world.

    I wouldn't take it personally. Just continue being yourself, because that's how you've gotten this far in your life. speed bumps occasionally pop up out of no where, but we continue on to our destination.
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    Kill her with kindness and then go have nice convos with your patients they will be more appreciative than your coworker. Seriously, those nurses are everywhere, dont let her get to you. Ivanna
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    I've always said "I don't work here to make friends" That being said, there are some co-workers I click with better than others. I guess it may come across as being rude because really if I don't click with someone or I don't feel like I have something in common than I don't waste time trying to force a "friendship". I will keep things professional but I don't feel I should have to be overly friendly or chatty with someone just because I work with them. Let the flaming begin but at least I'm honest
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    You don't have to like everyone, and not everyone has to like you. Be professional. Do your work.

    Leave work at work. You're giving this person too much of your energy.

    She isn't worth it.
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    Quote from JoPACURN
    You don't have to like everyone, and not everyone has to like you. Be professional. Do your work.

    Leave work at work. You're giving this person too much of your energy.

    She isn't worth it.
    thank you, jo.
    op, exactly what jo said.

    don't talk to her unless you have to.
    and when you do, be civil and you would with anyone.
    but you can't get angry at someone for not liking you.
    you are expending waaaaaay too much energy on this person.
    keep your head up, and remain true to yourself.
    it's much easier if you pity her, rather than resent her.
    shake your head, keep smiling and thank your lucky stars that you don't have her disposition.

    time to move on, and show them what you're made of.

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    NOT a flame, Chelynn, but being professional and being rude are two different things. It is possible to be pleasant to people we aren't friends with.

    NoeIssa - - maintain a positive demeanor around this coworker; don't let her get you down. Sometime in the future, there may be a few minutes in the day when you can tell her quietly something positive about her that you have noticed. (i.e. - you are so good at starting IVs - your patients always ask for you on your days off, etc). Don't wait for a reply, just smile, and walk away.
    Spend some time soon trying to find something she really excels at.
    Best wishes, and don't let the turkeys get you down!
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    I had a co worker like that when I first started and it turned out that new nurses had to "prove" themselves to her before she would be friendly/trust them. After she saw I was not killing my patients (well not every night at least ) she was much nicer and very helpful.

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