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CCU MICU Rapid Response
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Ivanna_Nurse has 18 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CCU MICU Rapid Response.

Hit the Floor Runnin' and teach 'em as you go

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  1. Ivanna_Nurse

    Medication safety project help:)

    How about tight glycemic control and hypoglycemia? I know this response is a little late. ~Ivanna
  2. Ivanna_Nurse

    University of Miami FNP 2016

    Good morning! I just finished a full time semester and will be starting part time in the spring. I hope to make some friends going in as all of my other cohorts are moving on... Have you guys traded numbers or had a meet and greet yet? I would love to make a new study group.
  3. Ivanna_Nurse

    Dear preceptor

    This thread has been resurrected! I no longer am the preceptee but arrange the preceptors for the the new staff to have the best possible experience. I guide, counsel and coach. I have an open door and everyone can always come talk to me. I'm truly floored by how many people identify, understand and sympathize with this situation- which is kinda why I'm in the education and onboarding department now. Good AND bad, we all learn from all experiences and can make the nursing world better for those who come after us. ~much love, Ivanna
  4. Ivanna_Nurse

    2015 University of Miami ROLL CALL!

    Hey guys! I'm starting the AGACNP program at University of Miami in a few weeks. It's going to be an amazing year, and honestly I can't wait to get started 😊 🙌🏼 Who else is going with me? ~Ivanna
  5. Ivanna_Nurse

    Interview at UM.. Now I wait

    Interviewed at University of Miami for the AGACNP Fall 2015 Full time program. Anyone else interview? Anyone a current student? Would love some comrades to pass the next four weeks with while I wait for my answer! Ivanna 😊
  6. Ivanna_Nurse


    anyone who may need confidence protected at our facilty has a password protected "break the glass" feature. Even if you hop on someone else's open computer, you need to enter your password and state the business of why you're looking. Recently a few radiology personnel were fired because they were nosy and wanted to know if a fellow employee was pregnant. Our place does not tolerate that behavior. Chart audit time.... ~Ivanna
  7. Ivanna_Nurse

    New grad struggling...should I stick it out?

    as far as time management, that is learned. To go to another unit or specialty, is going to require retraining and a whole different mindset as far as time and how you prioritize. ICU is stressful! Especially in a big unit with no "warm fuzzy" people like yourself. I get it, Ive been there. Work on your "brain" the sheet you write all of your things on, use one piece of paper and fold in half. start a system of how to get things checked off. As you begin to understand the flow of the unit from a nursing perspective, you'll begin to piece it together. If you are on days, maybe nights may suit you better. Ask the advice of those you trust. Identify what takes your time. Is it accuchecks? Entering vitals? Charting your head to toe? Inquire about what works for people. Ask the nurse thats been there 20 years and you'll get an answer. Also ask the one that started last year. Chart in the room if you can, if you're logged in to give meds, chart your assessment, or your lines, or whatever. Devise a strategy, and make it work.. You will have to revamp, but it will work. Hang in there. The first year out of school, learning to be a nurse and learning critical care superimposed into that is hard. Don't give up. It gets better. ~Ivanna
  8. Ivanna_Nurse

    New Rapid Responder

    Welcome to the fold... its fun, its challenging...sometimes it makes you crazy. ...or maybe thats just me. ~Ivanna
  9. Ivanna_Nurse

    BSN or MSN

    food for thought.... in the setting of the affordable care act and more and more physicians employing the assistance of NPs, and the ability for NPs to work freestanding in certain areas, my money is on DNP, ARNP or something along these lines. Many programs are streamlined to carry you from one into another. ~Ivanna
  10. Ivanna_Nurse

    Left Speechless

    oh wow. Im tearing up. Beautifully written, thought provoking and makes us take a minute. ~Ivanna
  11. Ivanna_Nurse

    Fevers In CCU

    Rubbing alcohol needs to be used judiciously, as it can be absorbed systemically. ~Ivanna
  12. Ivanna_Nurse

    Has this happened to you

    What is up with lovenox 50mg TWICE a day on a small statured patient?? Sounds like a full anticoagulation dose and 100kgs is not small statured. Ivanna
  13. Totally thought I wanted to do ob while I was in school.... Got to the ob rotation and hated it! Did ER as my last clinical.. Thought I loved it. Wound up in medical icu and now rapid response. I've always been fascinated with pregnancy, and wanted to be a clc... I was surprised by my own self when I hated ob!! Ivanna
  14. Ivanna_Nurse

    Asymptomatic hypothermia

    Wonder if he's getting septic....
  15. Ivanna_Nurse

    Anyone else have a problem with this ad?

    That's really sad
  16. Ivanna_Nurse

    Xray tech~ more $$$ than RN???

    Lol :) I can just hear this booming voice in my head as I read this...