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  1. qt2168

    Domestic Abuse Assessment

    I want to let you know that you have made a difference on how I approach my patients. I will ask that question and truly try to find out if my patient is having any domestic issue. Thank you for sharing.
  2. qt2168

    Epic Certification

    I am a credentialed epic trainer who is needing a little help. I am searching for a way to get into Epic for Certification training. From my understanding the only thing that is needed is a sign off from a training manager stating that its fine for me to go. I would cover all my own expenses, literally all I need is the OK to go to this training. I was wondering if there is anyone on this forum who would be willing to just sign off on this. Thanks so much
  3. qt2168

    When is it ok to make waves at work?

    What is the new procedure? Instead of telling her you cant do it can you come up with another way that lightens the load off of you but still gets the results?
  4. qt2168

    Positive or Negative... EMR

    We are using an EMR, it depends on the specific EMR. I LOVE our system. Do you know which system your going to?
  5. qt2168

    Charge Nurse Ignores Me

    Everyone else around us will hear me talking to her, other nurses will watch and look but she still ignores me. (My friend wanted me to clarify - I am actually posting for her - she is a tech/secretary on this unit, not that I think it should make a difference on how someone treats you but maybe it does) I may just address it to her like previously said but I tried befriending her and she will just walk away from a conversation or sometimes she does act friendly. Not trying to start a war (so please dont take offence) but she is asian, would this be a cultural thing?
  6. qt2168

    Lehigh Regional Medical Center

    I was wondering if anyone is working at Lehigh Regional Medical Center?How is it? How is the patient load? What type of charting system are you using? Thanks!
  7. qt2168

    Help! Pre-employment nicotine test!

    All wondering how the test went?
  8. qt2168

    Charge Nurse Ignores Me

    I never talk to her unless its regarding a patient or somehow work related. Usually she is just chit chatting with another nurse. I do not interrupt when its regarding a patient but I can hear when she is just talking about her hair/nails and I feel that the patient question should come before this. I dont think its a lot to ask to have someone make eye contact with me (at the least) so I know they hear me when I am telling them something. I will try some of your suggestions.
  9. qt2168

    Charge Nurse Ignores Me

    I will be standing at the desk. Shes sitting at the nurse station also and is usually speaking with another nurse. Tapping her on the shoulder would be a bit weird and probably not welcome. Any other ideas?
  10. qt2168

    Charge Nurse Ignores Me

    I have tried that, thanks though. I hope someone has something else I can use!
  11. qt2168

    Charge Nurse Ignores Me

    How can I get a nurse to not ignore me. I will say her name and tell her something but she does not acknowledge that I am speaking. I only talk to her about valid work issues, this is not socialization. Thanks!
  12. qt2168

    sweating on the job?

    I have heard of botox as a treatment actually.
  13. The reason that your preceptor knows what is going on all the time is probably because she has been doing it WAY longer then you have. I felt the same way when I started out but I soon started learning what test went with what labs, when patients would usually go for certain tests, and so on. For me it came with time, doing it over and over again, and finding the pattern behind orders, tests, and procedures. If it makes you feel better you can come in early to look at the charts but I bet with time its going to start clicking like it did for me.
  14. qt2168

    Relocation Situation

    i do not have a license in the state but i have already applied. i would start the appilcation process as soon as possible because the first nurse manager that i interview with stated that it could take weeks to go through. thanks for all the replys everyone!
  15. qt2168

    Relocation Situation

    It's Florida. Thanks for the advice guys!
  16. qt2168

    Relocation Situation

    I prefer not to say what state it is. Has anyone actually done that, accepted the first job then got the second job and left the first one? How did it work out?