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  1. learninmama

    Nursing vs. Accounting.

    I have a BA in accounting & am currently in nursing school....can't find any good jobs in my original field. Good luck in your decision!
  2. learninmama

    I'm back and have GREAT news!!! :)

    Congrats :)
  3. learninmama

    facebook and nursing school?

    Most of my classmates & instructors are on FB & I have added as my friends. We post mostly about everyday life...family, kids etc.....as far as school goes I think the most I've seen posted is posts about "loving clinicals", "only 3 more tests in the semester", "did awesome on my test", etc...so nothing specific at all. I could see where it could get you into trouble though for sure if you crossed the line.
  4. learninmama

    LPN Students- Where are you doing your clinicals?

    We do our first clinical (geri) & last clinicals (leadership) at a nursing home. The rest of ours are at different hospitals & acute care facilities. LOVED the med surg floor :)
  5. learninmama

    patient friend request on Facebook

    Don't forget the block feature on FB...if you block her now then she will not even know you are on FB...I love this feature myself lol.
  6. learninmama

    Immune system down

    I was really lucky though my first semester...we just started our 2 week break in between semester & I have a cold ugg..I slacked on my daily vitamins with finals going on...or should I say slacked on everything that didn't involve school lol.
  7. learninmama

    will it be too much to take anatomy while in the lvn program

    I am taking 7 classes right now, A&P being one of them...I find the class very interesting but, have to say that class is the toughest of my current classes just due to the volume of information. If you can take it ahead of time I'd do it....as I also run into many A&P things being discussed in other classes & it would have made alot more sense if I had finished A&P ahead of time.
  8. learninmama

    ***CLASS OF 2011***

    We began in January & will be done in May 2011, I am looking forward to our 2 week summer break that's coming up soon :)
  9. learninmama

    Things you would love to say to your fellow nursing students!

    Oh this could be quite a list LOL....so many of these I can relate to! Put your cell phones up...Do you really wonder why I pretend I don't hear you when you have been texting during an entire lecture and ask for my notes....take your own! If you won't give me the time of day in class or lab unless you need something don't expect me to go out of my way to talk to you when I run into you in public. Don't roll your eyes when I ask questions to clarify something...just because you're too chicken to ask yourself...some of us are there to learn! Shut up about your kids & the illness they have...I'm a mom too & know it isn't always easy but does every single flippin thing we discuss have to include a comment about "when my child had "blah blah blah" they "blah blah blah". Really? How are they alive if they have been inflicted with every possible thing we have discussed! Now a few good ones- Thank you for helping me wipe the poop up & off of myself after our c diff. covered clinical day...I didn't even have to ask for help...you were just there & had my back. Thank you for accepting me as I am...I know I'm corky but, I'm me.
  10. learninmama

    Having a hard time fitting in!

    I am borderline shy...by that I mean I feel incredibly akward in social situations...I'm not usually the person to start up conversation first but, once I get to know someone I am a motor mouth lol. I really had to go outside my norm when starting school & I was quick to find there were several people just like me....too nervous to be the first one to strike up a conversation. I'll agree I've found a few people that drive me crazy but, I've made a couple of great friends who are very much on the same page as me. JUst give yourself time & remember you're not the only nervous one!!
  11. learninmama

    CNA Jobs $14-17 possible?

    I worked as a CNA in Traverse City 10 years ago & was making $13.50 an hour then not sure how much it's changed since?
  12. learninmama

    Fat Lpn Student

    I am so sorry you are having to go through this!!! Hugsss from another chubby chick! As others have said people can just plain suck! Some people pick on others so they don't have to look at themselves & what they are lacking......Just keep doing your thing!! Realize that looks & weight can only get you so far in life.....but, brains, compassion, & personality are where it's at! Afterall metabolism & old age has to catch up to em some day right? LOL
  13. learninmama

    Nursing school students problem.is it racism???

    I myself am romanian/native american so nobody ever knows where to "tag" me. I see both sides of this in my school....at my school it really seems to go both ways. It still stuns me some of the stupid things that are done/said on both sides as I wasn't raised that way at all! My plan is to do my thing! I'm there for an education not to make friends....if I do along the way then it's a bonus but, it's not what I'm there for. Do your thing & keep kicking butt
  14. learninmama

    New here

    Hi Holli!! Nice to meet you :) I have 2 kids ages 5 & 7 so I am guessing we are going through many of the same things lol. Christina
  15. learninmama

    How many hours a night do you spend studying?

    ahhh perfection