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  1. I doubt that nursing schools in the US would credit any of your nursing courses/subjects. I would suggest just finish it in the Philippines. It will be cheaper and less time consuming, as you will not have to repeat your subjects.
  2. rn4ever?

    Preparing food on the nursing unit

    Is that part of your cost-cutting measures? I see a couple of issues with that. First, the person doing the shake must be trained & educated in what to make. They should know something about the appropriate nutrition a certain patient with health issues should have. What are also the contraindications. Also, it should be done in a clean and hygienic way. What if it gets contaminated? What if the fruits also get contaminated? Maybe your Registered Dietitians could be a big help on this?
  3. rn4ever?

    Failed pre-employment drug screen

    I am sorry you are going through this. But they do the UDS so they can weed out nurses who would not think twice about taking other people's meds, especially prescription meds and controlled substances. You could have filled your script in 15 minutes and it would have saved you all this trouble. Live and learn.
  4. rn4ever?

    Failed pre-employment drug screen

    I don't want to be judgemental but taking prescription medications that are not yours is illegal and a big problem-----especially if you are a nurse who has access to all your pt's meds and other controlled substances. I hope you do the right thing if this happens to you.
  5. rn4ever?

    How soon is too soon to ask for a raise?

    i'd think that after your yearly evaluation, your NM will tell you how much raise you are getting (if you're getting any). If not, you may ask but be prepared to tell her why you deserve a raise.
  6. rn4ever?

    Speaking foreign languages

    Freedom of speech didn’t say you should only speak in the English language! If you think people are talking about you all the time and you have paranoid thoughts, go see a shrink and take your medications, please! It depends where these nurses use their knowledge of a foreign language. If it is in the break room or staff lounge and you’re on break, I don’t see any issues with that. If your co-worker gets upset because she couldn’t butt in your conversation or she has paranoia, that’s not your problem. It might be rude but she’s too nosy too…..so serves her right! If you are talking to a patient or giving report, then it should be in the English language. If you are on the phone and talking to your family while on break, I don’t see why you can not speak in Filipino. When you’re on the phone and talking to a patient’s family, then obviously use the English language. If it’s about patient care and you are sharing the vital information to the team, then use the English language. Otherwise, you can use whatever language you like!
  7. rn4ever?

    nurse burnout

    Well the say that the worst thing about having a job is not having a job! If you need the money to pay off stuff, then you have to hang in there. Don't pick up extra hours (if you always do), just work regular schedule. Also, take your days off when necessary. Do something fun and enjoyable and don't think about work when your off. Hopefully, that helps. Used to work with a nurse who refused an assignment and got fired that same night. It wasn't an unreasonable assignment. But nurse x didn't want to go because it wasn't nurse x's turn to float. Supervisor thought that skill-wise, nurse x is the best person to send floating. nurse x flat out refused and got fired. less than a year later, we found out that nurse x passed away. apparrently, when nurse x lost that job, nurse x wasn't able to find one anymore. nurse x wasn't also able to buy the medicines nurse x needed (nurse x had serious health conditions). We were reading the obituary and discovered that nurse x was highly educated and qualified. But that very sad thing happened. So hang in there.....
  8. rn4ever?

    A good answer to those who ask our salary

    Look the person in the eye and say "that's private and confidential". If he is educated and well-bred he will feel awful that he asked and won't ask you again. If he's not, just repeat the same line over and over again.
  9. I'd brush it off if I knew that wasn't true. Miserable people suck. Don't let her affect you. Who knows she didn't take her meds-----so she's not in control of her emotions?!
  10. rn4ever?

    Fantastic CNA. but...

    Ask her to stay behind to complete her shift. If that doesn't work, then let her go. I know that there is no perfect employee but showing up especially in the nursing field is very essential. There are about 310.5 million people in America, I'm sure you'll find somebody as good as her, and somebody who shows up for work.
  11. rn4ever?

    Upfront payment for non emergent conditions

    Do I hear multi-million dollar lawsuits here? What if they were wrong? What if you were triaged incorrectly? Is the US following the healthcare practices of some developing countries now? Came from a third world country before.....and things were done a little similar to this. Patient comes in and needs treatment. Before he is seen, a deposit is needed. No deposit=minimal to no treatment. Is this where America is heading to? I seriously hope not! There is a gray area here because if they discover that you don't have any means to pay your bills, then they might just say you are "stable".
  12. Gratefulprn, I don't see why sending a thank you note would be your fault or should be harmful after an interview. If that former co-worker has had issues with your before or is a psycho, it's not your fault. Don't feel bad about it. If they truly wanted to hire you, they would. If not, then they will come up with a bunch of reasons. If people who work there are a bunch of odd people, why would you want to work there?
  13. rn4ever?

    After termination: A Great Update

    Congratulations! God works in mysterious ways.
  14. rn4ever?

    Can my nurses license be disciplined?

    I think you were fired on the spot. However, your ex-boss can play dirty and make it hard for you. So, lawyer up when necessary. Sounds like that place of work is very unsafe though. Just consider what happened a blessing in disguise. While it might be a difficult time for you right now, it could have been worst. So just be thankful of that.
  15. Trust no one. Be civil but not overly friendly. Keep your private life private. Keep negative comments at work to yourself.
  16. rn4ever?

    Psych nursing vs the OR

    Was in the same dilemma before. I am a Psych RN and an opportunity for me to be in the OR opened up. I thought really hard about it since I really like Psych but then realized that the OR thing was just a fling thing :)....and nothing serious :) I am still in Psych.....and still content.