Maybe I'm just sheltered...

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    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...........I am HOT under the collar.

    I just spent a little while over at that *#@!! 'student doctor network' bb, and I was soooooooooooooo PISSED at all the 'nurses are stupid' comments over there.

    Okay, maybe I'm just sheltered, but I have only run into (let's see...counting...) 4 doctors who honest to God thought nurses were worthless little handmaidens and that they were superior gods of medicine. I honestly cannot believe all the little sh!theads over there who think so little of nurses and think that A) nurses are uneducated and stupid and B) think it is docs, not nurses who provide the majority of care to patients.

    Do these little morons not realize who saves their butts at 3am?

    AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! I am so infuriated. I'm just floored. I just never knew there was such disrespect for nurses amongst the docs out there. I guess I've just been sheltered. I have almost ALWAYS been treated with respect by my docs, and they have almost ALWAYS acknowledged the value of a good nurse. I am just floored. I just can't believe it. I want to meet every single one of those sons of bytches in a dark alley. No, better yet, I want to meet every single one of them when they get their collective butts chewed by an old NURSE.

    Thanks to nilepoc, kmchugh, and meandragonbrett for pleading our case over there, even if they did blow you off because you're just 'lowly' nurses...................

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    Shay, I'm sorry to say but you should not get so upset over this. What do you care? If the site is causing you to become angry, go away from there! You know by now that some MD's feel superior and they always will. Why don't you try indulging them? My mom always said to me " You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar" We have this MD at our facility who is a notorious chauvinist. We all decided to be super nice to him. You know what? He is so sweet now to us!:angel2:Gilda
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    I hear you Shay but I, unfortunately, cannot say I am shocked. It didn't surprise me at all. I work in a teaching hospital and many of our medical residents are foreigners: Middle East, Poland, Russia, etc. There are many that I truly enjoy working with and then there are those few that give the whole bunch a bad name. I call it the second year chip. SOmetimes this occurs during their second rotation thru the ICU during their first year of residency, but it very frequently happens when they become second years. All of the sudden they know it all and how dare we question them. Well when you are ordering a sentinel dose of Atropine, I WILL question it. When the patient has a pH of 6.8 and a bicarb of 5 and has no BP and the levo isn't working due to the acidity of her system and your answer (a 3rd year resident) is "well she is not acutely shocky so let's just give her 1 amp of bicarb" I will call the attending MD and get an appropriate order. When you are an attending doc (an anesthesiologist) and you are walking thru the unit and there is a patient with an acute bronchospasm who requires IMMEDIATE intubation and I say hey doc we have an emergency here, we need your help and you say "I have to go see my first preop" and keep on walking, I will write up a QA (which was thrown away, apprently). When you as a doc sit at the nurses station and bellow for a nurse just becasue you are too lazy to get up off your @ss and get the chart yourself, I will not acknowledge your existance as a human being unless I absolutely have to. I am not your personal slave.
    Don't get me wrong. There are a handful of docs I would trust with my life. After working night shift for as long as I have, I see the double standard of how they treat day shift and then how they treat us. It is simply dispicable! If I call you for a tylenol order at 3 am, I can understand you'd be a little pi$$y but when I am calling you about your patient who is dying don't yell at me! I will yell back!!
    So, in summary, I have met more than my fair share of these jerks in my time. Many don't last more than a year because their cocky attitudes get in the way of learning. Many also come around and realize that we are the reason why patients are in the hospital. They are there for NURSING CARE. I go out of my way to help docs I like to work with. But the ones I don't like are on their own.
    Sorry for the length here, but like Shay, their attitudes really pi$$ed me off too. You'd think they were hospital administrators!!
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    All it will take is one screwup on their part that is caught by a nurse for them to realize they don't know it all. We have a couple bad docs, one we call Dr. God, but most aren't this stupid anymore. I think medical schools like to build up their students, but once they get into the real world they see that they don't know everything.
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    Sounds like a web site to avoid. You're not going to see anything you like and it's just gonna piss you off. Avoid it; it's not worth it.

    Our third-year residents are going to be finishing their rotation in a couple of weeks. One of the residents came up to me last night--it was her last night on call. She said to me "I need to ask you a question, please be honest...Am I good doctor? I feel so inadequate at times! How did I do? Am I ready?" Who did she ask? A nurse. Needless to say, she's gonna be a great doc in the private practice she'll be entering! And I told her so. Those who question themselves from time to time and seek help when needed are the best.
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    Where is this forum?....I would love to go and pursue some of messsages and add my own little bit of wisdom....such as residents ordering 3 TIMES the correct dosage of vanc ona 40 day iold and trying to blame the nurse for taking the order off bad he could not change what he wrote...hehehe...burned his own ass...and a nurse saved his butt from a lawsuit.

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    Dave, I pm'd you the link.

    And for the rest of y'all, yes, you're right, I should just avoid the place. I went there out of curiosity from the nurse-bashing post huggietoes posted (huggietoes didn't bash, s/he cut and pasted a post from that student doctor site) just to see what the heck these idiots were saying, and I was honestly FLOORED.

    I mean, yeah, I've come across the occasional I'm-a-doctor-therefore-I-am-God MD, but's RARE. And usually they were residents and it was only a matter of time before a nurse chewed them a new one. I guess it just really grates my nerves that these student doctors aren't being taught any better. I mean, MY many times have YOU all saved a doc's butt?? HUNDREDS!! I know I have personally had many good saves, ESPECIALLY in OB!!

    I just don't understand how anyone can think nurses are 'just stupid, period' to quote one especially ignorant a$$. Grrrrr. Okay, well, I'm gonna take y'alls advice and stay the hell away from that site. I just hope and pray the little butthead that was calling nurses stupid isn't my first cousin, who is an anesthesia intern at Northwestern.
    Last edit by shay on Jun 2, '02
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    No matter what those resident med students say or do to a nurse, we know the REAL DEAL when it comes time to SAVE THE PATIENT, don't we! We, the nurse, get the LAST WORD when we know that THEY are WRONG, and WE are RIGHT! Let them mouth off in their little world all they want to because when push comes to shove, guess who will be doing the shoving? Yeah, baby!!! We, the nurses, will be letting them know just how LITTLE they really know, and it will be us who come to their rescue, so let 'em gloat all they want. We nurses know how to bring them down off of their white cloud! :chuckle
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    Those docs are just bitter about not being able to make it as nurses and having to settle for second best for the rest of their careers.:roll
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    When I worked at the BIG teaching hospital in the area, we used to say it took 8 years for MDs to become human again.

    Now I work in the little teaching hospital, the residents thank us profusely for all our help, and never give us any god complex attitudes.

    I guess little is better (in this instance anyway) !!!

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