Kitty litter as an order

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    Actually, I thought it was kind of cool! We have a patient with real bad wounds. +cdif, + MRSA. Needless to say the smell was overwhelming in the room. We have used those carbon air fresheners in the past for gangrene patients, but our medical director wrote an order for a bowl of kitty litter to be placed under the bed to absorb the odors in the room. I am off for the next day, will let you all know how it works.

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    Interesting, and to think outside of the cats need, I use to keep a bag in my car trunk. Of course that was in case I got stuck and needed to spread it under my tires for traction when I got stuck on ice.Wi/Mn not here in florida.
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    I have seen the kitty litter used a couple times with patients who have bad wounds. The hospice nurse brought it in and we now keep a couple bags of it on our floor. Just pop some in a pt bucket, set it under the bed, and it really helps.

    Kelly C.
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    hey, good to know!! tx!!

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    That's pretty neat! We'd always get the bottle of mouthwash and stick a papertowel in it until it was saturated and sit it out.
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    I've seen brewed coffee grounds used before. That helps too.
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    We use fresh coffee right from the can--I would much rather smell coffee than cat litter--even clean litter has a smell to it.
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    I want to know how this kitty-litter thing works out. Please come back and report your results.
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    Gee, I thought this was going to be a 'patient giving away kittens from her hospital bed' thread. :chuckle

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