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  1. Drainage help

    Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, there is no open area that's draining, it's all just seeping out of his pores. I took the maxipad idea and modified it since i didn't think this fellow would go for that. We cut up an incontinence brief...
  2. Drainage help

    Need help with a situation here. I have a pt who is draining copious amounts of serous fluid from his arm. The problem is, we can't seem to find anything that will conatin the drainage. Right now we are changing the dressing about every three hou...
  3. you know you are in for trouble when.....

    When their paperwork looks bad, they roll in looking worse, and there's no DNR form in sight. (Back to the hospital with you) When said patient is assigned to the one doc who's notorious for not answering pages. Or calls to his cell phone. Or calls ...
  4. you know you are in for trouble when.....

    You try to do initial assessment and ask family to step out of room. "No, I think I'll stay and watch." EEWW. Husband/daughter/son/PIA tells you "They can only swallow one pill at a time, and can't take more than two pills within 20minutes." Yeah, ...
  5. meeting with the hospital attorney next week

    I would say yes.
  6. THEM: Your grandmother went in for another 2 units of blood ME: Why? What's causing her to loose blood? THEM: I don't know. The doctor just said she needed them. I realize that gramma's 92, but if you're losing enough blood that you need transfusi...
  7. Kitty litter as an order

    I've seen brewed coffee grounds used before. That helps too.
  8. Med cart challenges

    I am such a med cart neat freak that I couldn't even start working on a cart like that without reorganizing it! I agree with NurseKatie08, take the time to organize it. It may put you a bit behind, but knowing where thing are will make that time up...
  9. I'm with the clean glove club. Although I'd be a little more concerned about the doc that orders wet to dry dressing changes- But then I've never had a doc that does dressing changes.
  10. How Many Staff Nurses Have Internet Access?

    I'm in LTC, and we were just given computer access about 3 months ago. There are restrictions on site access, and big brother corporate can track who goes where. We usually use google or ask for looking up docs who we don't know. However I've hear...
  11. end of month changeover-

    After having just finished possibly the longest chaneover thus far for me, I have a questions. Anybody use an in house computer based MAR? Our pharmacy offers emars, but also uses the scanner system with them, but the higher ups will never authori...
  12. Alcoholism: disease or choice?

    Disease. Sit through a few AA meetings and tell me that anyone would choose that way of life. Congrats to all who have managed to stay sober, one day at a time. I don't know if I would have the strength.
  13. Phsycian Refusal to write med orders

    Tell him he's not writing orders for the LTC. All hospital orders must be verified by the LTC doc taking over the care of the resident. They write the orders, not him. They also can and do change orders that they don't want. Even our residents t...
  14. Just one persons opinion

    My favorite go-to person has been a nurse for 30+ years. I'd never want to lose all that valuable experience! Just because we have a newer way of doing things doesn't mean it's better.
  15. Just for fun :Ideal LTC

    I never want to hear 'That's not in the budget' when I ask for something that will help my residents. I want incontinent briefs that don't make the wearer have bubble butt. I want families that come in more often than Christmas and Easter. And sinc...