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racing-mom4 is a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU/ER.

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  1. racing-mom4

    Dual State Licences

    Look online for the bon in Conn.
  2. racing-mom4

    Just wondering

    LOL It was a housekeeper that taught me how to breastfeed!!! She came in to empty the trash and I was in bed visibly frustrated. She asked me how I was doing and i told her I could be better if only I could get him to eat. She came over and said "oh girl your doing it all wrong, she proceded to prop my feet up on an empty trash can, propped some pillows under my arms and under baby told me to straighten my back and raise him up" I had been visited by the lactation consultant and 2 RNs and still couldnt get the hang of it, but thanks to the housekeeper I was able to figure it out!!!
  3. racing-mom4

    ? for ER nurses

    ya i would be ticked too...children and breathing in my mind take precedence!!
  4. racing-mom4

    Just wondering

    my daughter got her CNA lic in 2 weeks through a temp agency. 40 hours of class time and that was it and it cost less than 200.00 bucks.
  5. racing-mom4

    new grad RN job in Dr.'s office

    I could never do office work, but some good friends of mine love it. before taking an office job ask to shadow for a few days to make sure that is the path you want to go...
  6. racing-mom4

    in LTC have you ever...

    If I find my self in a nursing home I want to be as snowed as possible. If I dont have a "hook up" I would be looking for one!! In the mean while at least get the poor woman a nicotene patch!!
  7. racing-mom4

    Nurses & their children..

    nursing allows me to only work 36 hours a week nights and weekend and still make a decent anual wage. I may have missed a few things but I am pretty sure my kids still know I love them!!
  8. racing-mom4


    I got ahold of the board--they said all out of state applicants automatically get sent the ink cards---as there is a clause if you are out of state you DO NOT have to get the electronic ones done....Didnt know that. So I am good. Thanks
  9. racing-mom4

    Why can't my wife find a job?

    Is she being open minded as in wiling to work nights and weekends?? As she may have to take those scheduals just to get her foot in the door. I am a nurse in Indiana and most of my nurse friends have 2 jobs!! I have honestly never met an unemployed nurse--I see she has applied down in the Indy areas so I am assuming that is where you live---I have a friend at St.Vincents and I know they have recently hired and I know she is working gobs of OT due to short staffing...has your wife applied at a staffing agency? That would get her foot in the door at a few places and be able to network. Its all about the interview---your resume gets you in front of the hiring mgr but thats it, Does she say she is floundering and choking up in the interview process? Maybe she should call into some HRs and inquire about doing a job shadow for a few shifts, if the staff finds her to be kind, smart and a good worker they will have alot of pull with the hiring mgr.
  10. racing-mom4

    So, tell me again why you suddenly want to be a nurse...?

    I went into nursing due to flexible hours/decent pay check for the hours I work and am able to use my mind and my hands---plus I am a social person and the thought of working behind a desk drives me CRAZY. Nursing was a win/win choice for me and my family. For those nurses that say "I dont do it for the money" my standard response is "oh so your a volunteer?"
  11. racing-mom4

    Change of surname

    If I were you I would call PearsonVue personally and then ask them to follow up verifying what they said to you in an Email. You dont want any little glitches to happen before you test. I dont know the answer and I dont know if I would take the advice of a stranger on an anonymous message board for something so important.
  12. racing-mom4

    skirts required for community health clinical???

    I am sure you have seen some of the other students through out the years, are they wearing the skirts?? I am only assuming they would have no use for the skirts once school is out, our school had a program that the Srs would donate thier school scrubs to the oncoming freshman, there was always a box of used scrubs in the nursing office---saved me a bunch of cash!!
  13. racing-mom4

    Only 1 month of orientation !!

    At my new ER job I got 6 shifts. 3 on days and 3 on nights. by 2nd shift I was basically on my own only finding my mentor if I couldnt find something or was stumbling through the computer. My 1st job out of school in an ICU I got 4 weeks. 2 weeks on days and 2 on nights...but my orientation was more along the lines of "hollar if you need anything"
  14. racing-mom4

    How Do Moms Do It?

    I commend you for saying that---it is 100% true. With out a paycheck you can not provide your kids the basics to survive. My kids know I love them and even if a miss a ball game or a school program it does NOT mean I love them any less. Life is all about give and takes and kids need to learn that lesson as well.
  15. racing-mom4

    How Do Moms Do It?

    I work every single Friday/Saturday night too...we just pack some family fun into the weeknights the best we can. i try to make sure I do all the week day stuff with my kids my friends that work M-F 8-5 cant do, like vol at the school, go on all the field trips...also there are many specials offered during the week that are NOT offered on the weekends, the movie theater has buy 1 get 1 free admission on Tuesdays...the local dinner has kids eat free on Thursdays. So we get some fun family time in.
  16. racing-mom4

    Ugh, regret!

    I see no problem at all in what you did. Pt seems to be A/O enough to handle his own meds--pts have rights to have thier meds and if he was cognitive enough to know to request them if things ran late (and they always do) by all means he has the right to stay on sched with his sinemet.. If your not doing what is best for your pts due to the potential "wrath" of the DON ---that is a clue to be looking for a different job!