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  1. It all depends on your body & how you heal. My son was 4 weeks old on Thursday & I could go back no problem. This is my second child, however, so it has been much easier than the first. Also, consider sleep deprivation. If you have support to...
  2. kellyc034

    Advocate System?

    Actually, a PCT I worked with had to take the personality test when she passed NCLEX and became an RN. She failed and had to find a job elsewhere as an RN, even though she had been there a year or more. Kelly
  3. kellyc034

    Advocate System?

    I worked at Condell in Libertyville as a PCT for 4 years. LOVED it. Can't wait to go back!
  4. Zoloft will not show up as a benzo, because it is not a benzo. Ambien will not either, it is a sedative/hypnotic but not in the benzo category. I take both and have not ever had a problem. Also, an old prescription is still valid if you still have th...
  5. kellyc034

    New RN pay at St. Francis Hospital, Milwaukee

    KMH is NOT a sister hospital to St. Francis. It is a sister hospital to St. Catherine's, also in Kenosha. Trust me, I work there.
  6. kellyc034

    Switching from Night Shift to Day Shift

    I did full time nights for a year and a half. Loved the shift and the people. My body hated it. I have to take meds to sleep anyways, and it just MESSED my system up. Always tired, always crabby. My daughter was freaking out at night because I wasn't...
  7. If it's ordered, and a patient wants it, I give it. I won't do 4mg dilaudid to a pt who is being discharged in an hour who just wants "one more dose" before we take the IV out, because they will not be going home with any dilaudid. Who am I to judge ...
  8. I am familiar with Kenosha Hospital. Email me! Kelly
  9. kellyc034

    Ambien psychosis?

    I can attest to the Ambien psychosis. I took it and several times I would get up in the morning and find my kitchen TRASHED from all the food I apparrently made for myself. NO recollection of these events. I am now on the Ambien CR and have not had ...
  10. kellyc034

    A Staff Nurse's Fantasy

    Sounds great! Throw in doctors who write their orders legibly!
  11. kellyc034

    Last birthday

    I have lost both of my parents, and the one thing I wish (and I'm sure they did too) was for more time. Because "more" time is not under our control, just make the most of the time you have. It all depends on your Mom's likes and wants. Whatever you ...
  12. kellyc034

    Would you ever own a motorcycle? YES or NO?

    My husband has motorcycles. He wears all of the gear, and doesn't take them out in bad weather. I say go for it. You can get just as mangled up in a bad car wreck. You can't live your life in a bubble. Kelly:twocents:
  13. kellyc034

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    My husband's family has a few weird names. His nephew is named Justyn Thyme, Grandmother named Ora, Grandfather was Mace, mother was Vallis (short for Corvallis-the city she was born in.) I saw one in the paper a few years ago named Metallica Rocks (...
  14. kellyc034

    no new grads now, but huge influx later?

    Wow. I understand that a new grad should not be in PACU, but I sure hope no one had that attitude when you were a new grad. Kelly
  15. kellyc034

    Denial is more than a river in Egypt...

    My Mom died from COPD, but I still remember her arguing with me in the MD exam room saying it was "not proven" that her 40 years of smoking caused the emphysema. LOL. The pulmonologist actually rolled his eyes at her, and said "Lemme tell ya, it's pr...