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  1. It all depends on your body & how you heal. My son was 4 weeks old on Thursday & I could go back no problem. This is my second child, however, so it has been much easier than the first. Also, consider sleep deprivation. If you have support to help you during the night with feedings, it is doable. If you are BF exclusively, you may be a zombie & that is no good for patient care. Good luck!! Kelly
  2. kellyc034

    Advocate System?

    Actually, a PCT I worked with had to take the personality test when she passed NCLEX and became an RN. She failed and had to find a job elsewhere as an RN, even though she had been there a year or more. Kelly
  3. kellyc034

    Advocate System?

    I worked at Condell in Libertyville as a PCT for 4 years. LOVED it. Can't wait to go back!
  4. kellyc034

    Fmla Question

    I was granted intermittent FMLA, and I made copies of everything and gave them to my manager. When I mentioned this to employee health, they said I didn't have to give her a thing, that they give her copies of what she needs to see and know, that it is between me, employee health, and HR. Kelly
  5. Zoloft will not show up as a benzo, because it is not a benzo. Ambien will not either, it is a sedative/hypnotic but not in the benzo category. I take both and have not ever had a problem. Also, an old prescription is still valid if you still have the medication and produce proof of the original script from your pharmacy. I know Walgreens will just print out a list of your past prescriptions for you with no problem. I am not usually one to make sarcastic comments on here......but, did you not have pharmacology in nursing school? Also, if they ask for a list of medications you take, why on earth would you not put something on it you took only days before? Really? Ugh. Kelly
  6. kellyc034

    New RN pay at St. Francis Hospital, Milwaukee

    KMH is NOT a sister hospital to St. Francis. It is a sister hospital to St. Catherine's, also in Kenosha. Trust me, I work there.
  7. kellyc034

    Switching from Night Shift to Day Shift

    I did full time nights for a year and a half. Loved the shift and the people. My body hated it. I have to take meds to sleep anyways, and it just MESSED my system up. Always tired, always crabby. My daughter was freaking out at night because I wasn't there in the house (Dad was home of course, but he is not the same thing :redpinkhe). Then I got preggo with baby #2 in about March. This one is a boy, and has given me EVERY pregnancy symptom imaginable. I knew then I was going to have to switch to days. I have been on days for about 2 months now, and I love it. The first day I wanted to cry, felt like a new nurse again. The pace was so different. I got used to it, and now I love it. I love being busy, day flies by, and there is just something about being home in my bed in the DARK that just feels right and normal. I hope it all works out for you! Some people switch shifts, others don't and make do. You have to do what is best for your health and body. Kelly
  8. If it's ordered, and a patient wants it, I give it. I won't do 4mg dilaudid to a pt who is being discharged in an hour who just wants "one more dose" before we take the IV out, because they will not be going home with any dilaudid. Who am I to judge whether an elderly woman is actually in pain or addicted? If the patient says pain, they have pain. Period. Kelly
  9. kellyc034

    MD's orders

    He was out of line. You did the right thing in NOT pushing it fast. Kelly
  10. I don't mean to sound **^@*y, and I don't have time to read through all 6 pages of responses right now, so forgive me if this has been said already. What were you thinking drinking a case of beer the night before a job interview?! Alcohol is not illegal, you can do what you want on your time off. They would fire your butt on the spot if you tested positive WHILE working and report you to the BON. However, showing up to a JOB INTERVIEW hungover and still possibly "buzzed" is quite possibly the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard. What were you thinking? Seriously? Save that for your time off when you have nothing else going on, not something like a job interview less than 12 hours later. I'm not judging you drinking beer, don't think that. I'm judging your brilliant choice to party right before a job interview. Good grief. Kelly
  11. kellyc034

    Practical Hairstyle?

    I have had short hair for about 7 years. Personally, I can't wait until it gets long enough that I can pull it into a ponytail and go! Everyone thinks short hair is so much easier to work with. I like my cut/style, but I have to "do" my hair every day for work. With long hair, you can pull it into a ponytail or a bun, etc. and not have to worry about it. Just my opinion :-) Kelly
  12. kellyc034

    NEVER GIVE UP!! Finally passed NCLEX after 2 yrs and 5 tries.

    Congrats to you!! Sorry you had to struggle through it. Take a deep breath and ENJOY that you will never have to take NCLEX again! Kelly
  13. kellyc034

    Offensive or not??

    I often call patients hon or love. It is usually after I have had them a few times, and get to know them better, but I know I should NOT do this. It can be offensive to some, or even condescending. I developed this habit when I was a tech and have not been able to break it. However, somewhere in my psyche, I don't use the terms on the patients I don't have that type of rapport with. It is weird, it is not a conscious decision I make, it just slips out naturally. I know this will come back to bite me in the you know what someday! Kelly
  14. kellyc034

    Do you constantly worry?

    I have only been an RN for a little over a year, but my answer is no, I don't worry all the time. I have a friend/co-worker RN who stews about stuff so much it keeps her up at night sometimes. I worry about my patients when I'm at work, but I really do not bring it home too much. Life is too short. I'm not saying I don't care, that is certainly not it, but you just can't live your life with that much stress. If I came home and stewed about every thing that happened during my shift, fretted over my charting, etc. I would end up in the hospital myself. I do the best I can with what I've got. I try and take the best care of my patient, cover all my bases, chart the best I can, and then come home to my family. Kelly
  15. kellyc034

    If you did not need the money...?

    I love nursing, but I have only been a RN for almost a year and a half. I tech'd before that for 4 years. I would definitely still work. However, I would not be doing 40+ hours a week. Maybe 3 days. Just because (at least on my floor) 40 hours physically kicks my butt! I don't think I would ever quit entirely though. Even through the bad and crazy days, I went to school for this for a reason. In the end, I love it. Kelly
  16. I'm going to add my .02 to this, because I have gone through it myself. The OP stated she isn't doing it to lose weight, she has loose skin that is a problem. If she was doing it to lose weight, GBS or lipo would be involved. It is none of anyone's dang business on here WHY she wants this surgery. She wasn't asking for your opinion of tummy tucks. What she asked was regarding time off and recovery from surgery. I had GBS and lost 150 pounds. Got preggo with my daughter, gained 50 pounds, and lost that. I know ALOT about loose abdominal skin. It is damn UNCOMFORTABLE. I can handle the bat wings on my arms, and whatever else I have, but the tummy was completely different. If bad enough it can cause rashes, chafing, and some pretty nasty back pain from pulling you forward. I had 17 pounds of loose skin removed from my lower abdomen and a tummy tuck when my daughter was almost 2. I paid for this out of pocket. Did I do it for cosmetic reasons? No. You can easily tuck the skin into some jeans and people would never know you had it. I did it because I was sick of my back hurting, getting occasional rashes from rubbing, elastic, and tops of jeans causing me skin irritation. All that being said...........The recovery is hard. First week is awful. Lots of pain, and I felt like I was in a wetsuit from the surgery itself and the general swelling from trauma. You need at least a month off to recover. If you are doing floor nursing, I would suggest even more. It was a good 3 months before I could have done hospital work again. I would definitely wait until you have sufficient vacay time, and I'm not sure if you would qualify for FMLA for this, though you might. You would have to look into it. Just do not do it until you have sufficient time to recover. Your body will thank you. Also, I would have the surgery again in a heart beat. Hell of a recovery, but worth it's weight in gold not to have to deal with all of the side effects and problems of the excess skin I had. Kelly

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