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  1. country mom

    Looking for Wellness In All The Wrong Places

    For a person who has diabetes, a referral to a Diabetes Self-Management Education service can be very helpful. Healthy eating, physical activity, and many other topics relating to diabetes management are part of the services. Most of my referrals come from primary care providers, and the provider in this story is a specialist, so perhaps it is not part of his/her usual practice. Here is a link to American Association of Diabetes Educators "find a diabetes educator in your area" search: Find a Diabetes Educator in Your Area
  2. country mom

    Do you work at Hilton?

    If your employer understood the whole idea of customer service, they would make sure a maintainence person got up to your unit and fixed your coffee maker, or brought you a new one, PRONTO. That means one call and they get up there and take care of the problem so you can do your job.
  3. country mom

    From First Generation College Student To Nurse

    Thank you for writing this. My grandparents had a 6th-grade education. My parents were educated in a 1-room schoolhouse (think Little House on the Prairie.) I was fortunate to have an older brother who blazed the trail for me. The part where your parents refused to provide info for the FAFSA form rang so true for me- I thought my folks where the only ones who did that! They were supportive, but distrustful and unfamiliar with the overall process of the educational system. Here's the weird part- we've got the college educations, but I don't foresee that I'll ever be able to amass the finances that my dad did. He was just fortunate enough to live and work in an era of tremendous growth, and the golden age of economic development for the U.S. I don't see that happening in my future. In dad's day kids could drop out of high school, and the next day be on the automotive assembly line making a comfortable middle-class living. Now I've got my fancy-pants degree, a license to practice, and I'm scraping my fingernails to stay in the middle class.
  4. If your interview goes well and you are offered the job (crossing my fingers for you), I'm willing to bet they would help you find a place to live. Small towns and small hospitals are like that. Once you're in, you're family.
  5. country mom

    Working long hours to buy gifts for everyone...

    Made me think of my dearly departed Granny- she had very, very little money- but she would always make us something on her sewing machine- the best part is that for a graduation gift, she made me a simple block quilt- and in those blocks are bits of all the jammies, teddy bears, pillows, etc that she made throughout the years. I love that quilt, the blocks are little pieces of my childhood.
  6. country mom

    Do you work at Hilton?

    The suits at your place need to get the "tv people" on board. Places would run right and patients would be happier if everyone just made it a point to get the nurses what they need for their patients. Of course you could not fix the tv- but why couldn't there be a hot-line for patients or nursing staff to call and the tv people can high-tail it on up to the unit, fix the tv and make the patient happy? Until the suits understand the need to get everyone else on board to support the patient care staff, they will be fighting a losing battle with satisfaction scores.
  7. Is the patient supposed to be discharged home with this family member? Some possible red flags are: threatening speech, becoming vocally beligerent when aggravated, acting out physically against staff, making unreasonable demands, invading another's personal space, throwing, hitting or pushing objects in the environment. Abuse by family caregivers can and does happen- it would be a tragedy for a patient to be discharged home into the hands of an abuser. Who Are the Abusers?
  8. country mom

    The Wise Nurse Speaks

    There is so much truth in what you have written. "You cannot pour from an empty vessel"- that is a pearl I'm going to remember. Excellent piece, thank you.
  9. country mom

    Thinking about making the switch to home health...

    One thing to consider if you have small children- will you be required to take call? For a while about 12-15 years ago, it was popular for the hospitals in the region to have their own home care department. The nurses were required to be on call for a week at a time. I did a very brief stint in home care prior to children. I know nurses who got out of home health care because they wouldn't see their children for a week straight- doing visits all day and going out to on call visits all evening, then back up again in the morning. Then weekends were a nightmare with one nurse on call and had to open all the new cases that were discharged on Friday evening.
  10. country mom

    The nurses every co-worker hates

    Have you ever read the book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People"? It's a great basic book about human relations and how to get what you want and need by garnering the cooperation of others. It's very likely available at your local library or bookstore.
  11. country mom

    Too much emphasis on "caring"

    Stay in nursing! Professionals like yourself who care to question the status quo, problem solve and critically devise solutions are exactly the kind of leadership needed. Yes, nursing will change. So will medicine, physical therapy, pharmacy and every other healthcare related practice. The question is, how can we lead the change to make health care better for our profession and our patients?
  12. I'm working with our local school nurse to design and implement a quality improvement project. Does anyone have suggestions for benchmarks or indicators that would be appropriate to monitor in the school nurse practice?
  13. country mom

    Newly diagnosed diabetic

    I work mostly with adult type 2's and learning carb counting is a challenge for them- I can't imagine being 10 and trying to learn it. Thank goodness this child has a school nurse there to help him.
  14. country mom

    A Place For Mom: The Best-Kept Secret in Long-Term Care

    Dear Viva: How is ALF different from Adult Foster Care? Thanks!
  15. country mom

    A&P "coloring book"??

    Medscape: Medscape Access Link to anatomical line drawings on medscape. Requires (free) registration to access.
  16. country mom

    Weird interviews

    I don't think that asking a candidate about their strengths and weaknesses and long term goals is a goofy question. Wouldn't you want to hire a person who has some sense of direction, who wants to aspire to something other than punching the clock and collecting a paycheck? The strength and weakness question reflects the candidates ability to ascertain their own abilities and identify areas for improvement. Not one of us will ever be a perfect nurse- there will always be something that we need to improve upon and something new to learn. The savvy professional recognizes their weaknesses and learns to compensate. I would be wary of an employer who DOES NOT ask about strengths, weaknesses and long and short-term goals.