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Nowhere else is it permissible to crack up over a death. Nowhere else are gross things normal. Nowhere else can I vent about a ream of awful prima donna patients without being told I have no compassion. Y'all know who you... Read More

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    Quote from donsterRN
    Can we members of the Boys Club become crusty old bats, too? Or maybe... crusty old buzzards...? Either way, we'll all be COBs...
    I agree, the bat club is an equal opportunity club!

    As far as the baby bats...they are cute, but when I see bats, I think rabies shots. I can't tell you how many rabies shots I have given because a bat flew through a cabin at summer camp. They ALL come to the ER for their shots!!! Sorry for the mini rant. We used to try to catch bats as a kid (don't think any of us have rabies)
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    Quote from canesdukegirl
    I think I am going to get a t-shirt made that reads:

    I am a crusty old bat
    I am not afraid of things that go 'splat'!

    Some may call me jaded
    But many a patient I have aided.

    As the years fly by
    I am described as spry.

    And then I think back
    When I didn't know jack.

    From crusty old bats I have learned much
    Because they showed me the value of a nurse's touch.

    Here's to crusty old bats! May we live long and not have all of our joints replaced before we retire!
    Now this is an official nurse's creed that I can get on board with.
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    Quote from always_learning

    i'm a baby bat. :d
    omg- that is adorable

    (i lived in austin- the mexican freetail bats are a major source of summer entertainment and respect as they go out each night from the s. congress ave bridge to consume mosquitoes and other pitas all night).
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    Quote from diva rn
    Those little things are actually CUTE......so you can see we weren't always crusty! (I am the one in the pink blanket, that's my baby picture, honest)
    I'm in yellow- looking up at a goat
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    Yep, that's US...who are the other 2? Poi, is that you on my left?? I think it is!
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    I was born a crusty old bat. Aging and becoming a nurse just made it worse (better?).
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    Quote from diva rn
    Yep, that's US...who are the other 2? Poi, is that you on my left?? I think it is!
    Maybe NSIME? She's pretty nice though....
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    One can be old, crusty and a nice bat !
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    hey! that picture was "lifted" right from my baby book!:d:heartbeat
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    Oh, so that's YOU, Kathy! Are you the one on the end??
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