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I got fired for a dumb thing I did breaking a hospital policy per HR, not my nursing performance or patient care related. How will that affect me getting another job?... Read More

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    Quote from Nurseadam
    I got fired for a dumb thing I did breaking a hospital policy per HR, not my nursing performance or patient care related.

    How will that affect me getting another job?

    Wait-- didn't we already address this recently? This was the sex in the parking lot with a co-worker, right? And we said, not much sympathy here, but consider groveling and beg for another chance with the recognition that you will probably never live it down? Wasn't that it?

    So they did fire you? Unfortunate. I think now you have a lot of groveling and begging to do as you apply for other jobs. Eventually you may find someone with sympathy for stupid kid tricks who will give you another chance. Could be awhile, though. Good luck.
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    Quote from FlyingScot
    The truth of the matter is, even in the largest communties the nursing community is small...and they talk...a lot. Especially when the topic is as provacative as your situation. I highly doubt you will never be able to find a job as a nurse again but you've pretty much torpedoed your career in your area. Best to move on and out...far out!
    TRUTH! I was talking to a couple pf our float nurses the other day and they were talking about this! We know the OP!!! Best advice ever-RELOCATE!!!
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    Always be honest with potential employers and try to network as much as you can. It may be tough to find something else right now - but don't give up.
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    Quote from Tina, RN
    I haven't read all of the replies to this thread. But, maybe you could tell future interviewers, "I had a relationship with a coworker, and that was frowned upon at my previous employer. I will never make that mistake again." I doubt the person would ask for all the gory details, so why tell them? Keep it simple.

    Good luck!
    Out of all other posts, this one has the very best and simplest advice.
    And it's honest.
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    Let's not make this into some catastrophe for nurseAdam.

    Was it poor judgement? AbSOLUTELY.

    Who here has not been guilty of that? Perhaps not in this way, or even in our professional lives, but we those of us who have lived long enough and are introspective enough, will realize our own failures and shortcomings and mistakes.

    If his behavior is a PATTERN, then it merits a tongue lashing and repeated terminations. Time will tell.

    Adam, you made a mistake. ONE mistake does not render you un-hireable, a bad person, a bad nurse. It renders you...human. Just like the first Adam. Welcome to the club of human foibles.

    Learn from your mistake, forgive yourself, resolve to move forward.
    I hope you will follow the advice of Tina, RN, b/c it is spot on.

    I can almost guarantee you the very worst thing your ex-employer will say is "Not eligible for re-hire". They will v likely leave it at that. And Tina's response covers that v nicely.

    All these strangers on All Nurses can judge this one behavior, but they CANNOT judge you. YOU MUST DO THAT YOURSELF. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE (or maybe not, that takes time, some people never know who they are, use this to find out. Take a good look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? If not, get going, and get growing.)

    Use this miserable, embarrassing experience to answer those questions. Who am I? What do I value? What do I contribute? What are my goals, my motivations, my strengths, my weaknesses?

    If you do that, you WILL be okay. Better that okay. This too shall pass.

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    I would take a first step by deleting every thread about yourself on here so no employers can look it up!
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    I wouldn't trust the job that just fired you to only verify dates of employment. It's a tough one because you had 8 months invested in that position so that's time to account for and experience under your belt. Think long and hard about how you'd explain the situation. You have better sense than to come out and say you were caught having sex in the parking lot. Be honest, own it and you will find another job.

    Good luck.
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    I have to agree, I'd relocate. ER communities are quite small and know everyone's business....mostly due to people who are in and out, like paramedics, etc. news like this won't stay under wraps. Hard lesson to learn.
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    Hey RNAdam, did the other nurse get fired too?
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    My suggestion for discussing why you left your previous job is to be forthright and say that you violated a hospital policy, that, while in no way affected patient care, was a mistake you regret and would never repeat. (And you never will repeat it, will you?) You can decide on how you want to word it, but the point is you don't have to give them the details of your termination.

    Some people would say you don't need to say you were terminated because the facility isn't going to say you were fired, but I would be honest right up front. A future employer may be willing to give you a chance if you're honest.
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