How do you reward yourself after a tough shift? - page 2

Just for fun. :D Do you ever reward yourself after a tough shift, patient, patient load, weekend, night, etc? I like to get Starbucks on the way home. It's about once every two weeks but when I start to feel frazzled after a... Read More

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    I like cooking a nice dinner for myself and watching tv while I fall asleep. If I get off on time, I like to go shopping!

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    Quote from WeepingAngel
    Just for fun. Do you ever reward yourself after a tough shift, patient, patient load, weekend, night, etc?
    I go home.

    On the way, sometimes I reflect on the fact that not too many people could get through what I just did and be ready to do it again tomorrow. I know the me that existed 10 or 15 years could not have done it.

    I think about how the experience made me better at my job, better able to help other patients and coworkers through similar times.

    I think about how much I like this job.
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    Lots of sleep, a hot bath, and food.

    I also enjoy cooking and planning my meals. Watching old movies is another de-stressor for me.
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    Quote from beeker
    A hot shower, my bed, and the fan on.

    Fan on= better than s*x?/////
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    I eat ice cream or if I am particularly famished, a burger that is fit for a king or queen.
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    turn phone OFF and read
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    Nice hot shower, favorite pajamas, bowl of butter with some popcorn in it, and a stupid movie.
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    Moscato,good sex, chick fil a for breakfast.
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    Ahhhahah thumbs up to the above. Love it
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    I crave french fries after a bad night (probably b/c I have starved most of the shift). So I go to McDonald's hoping for some fries and a fish filet and then they tell me that it's breakfast and they don't have those items until 11am. Then I am sad and drive home in despair.
    Lol, exaggerating a little.
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