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  1. KBICU

    Online DNP program help!

    Hello all! I am finishing my MSN this week (YAY!) and looking to go on to DNP. I am looking to see most affordable programs online that would still provide a good education.....thank you in advance!
  2. KBICU

    Dysrhythmias - Help!!

    Free ECG Simulator! - SkillSTAT I encourage all my students to use this....good luck !
  3. Hello all, I am an ICU nurse and I just passed the TNCC today. If anyone has any questions ask away!
  4. Hello All ~ I have been a nurse in NH for 3 years and recently accepted a job in Boston. I am looking to see what the important scope of practice differences there may be between these two states. Are there things I do in NH I can't do in MA, or vice versa? Thanks in advance!!! :)
  5. KBICU

    First Management Position

    Wow, I just posted this exact same question! I have not accepted the job yet, though. CLTNURSE13, are you happy with the choice you made? Like you, I have reservations about the transition and possibly losing some of my ICU skills.
  6. Hello Fellow Nurses :) I have an opportunity to become a clinical nurse manager on a medical-surgical unit within my hospital. However, cardiac and ICU nursing is my passion. This CNM opportunity would be a major promotion in my career, however I absolutely love the ICU. The reason I applied for it at all is mostly due to the fact the management within the ICU is so negative and unsupportive. The nursing aspect is great though and the patient population is diverse and very sick. Is anyone a CNM that could tell me more about the role? Any opinions would be helpful! Thank you!
  7. KBICU

    Senior Clinical Ideas

    Hi Nonyvole, Thanks for the game idea! That sounds fun and won't put everyone to sleep. I will definitely give it a try!
  8. KBICU

    Senior Clinical Ideas

    This is an awesome idea. Thank you!!! :)
  9. KBICU

    Senior Clinical Ideas

    Hello Everyone :-) I will be teaching senior nursing students this fall and I am looking for ideas to make pre and post conference beneficial for them. I know there is a ton of threads on this topic, but I am looking for new ideas from current fellow instructors. I have taught freshman in the past and this is my first time teaching seniors. I know they are held to a higher standard, so I want to make sure I raise the bar high from the beginning. I remember being a senior and the NCLEX is on all of their minds. I have come up with a ton of material on my own for conference, including handouts, call the doctor situations, case studies, cross words with common meds, etc. but I am looking for anything creative and out of the box to engage them in learning. Any ideas are welcome! ~ Thank you! Kara
  10. KBICU

    Nursing Supervisor salary

    Hello everyone :) Just curious on the average salary of a nursing supervisor in LTC with two years nursing experience. It is in the state of New Hampshire. Thanks in advance!!! :)
  11. Yes we still have them! All fresh hearts get them no matter what, rarely used for anything else.
  12. KBICU

    Critical Care Course prior to ICU job

    You have tele - that counts! It lists the acceptable units that are able to take it. It's certainly easier if your an ICU nurse because you see the content more frequently but I was a PCU/tele RN when I took it :)
  13. KBICU

    The lowest O2 saturation I've ever seen

    Lowest Pao2 I ever saw was high 20's....ECMO, CCRT, you name it he had it....but he lived :)
  14. KBICU

    ICU Charge Nurse with Patient Assignment

    Charge never has an assignment, ever. They will help where needed but they are also part of the RRT for the entire hospital.
  15. KBICU

    Critical Care Course prior to ICU job

    Get certified either CCRN or PCCN - I recommend CCRN if you are interested. Each place is different but in my ICU there is only a handful of CCRN nurses so when I applied I stood out and got the position. You can find all the certification info on the AACN website :) good luck!
  16. KBICU

    How do I get my CCRN?

    Go to the AACN website that has all the info on how to see if you qualify to sit for the test and how to sign up for the test :)