Holy Abscess! Not for the faint of heart

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    This is quite a large abscess, kind of gross too

    My son saw this and asked if it was real? I said it looks real to me. What do you think?

    Have any of you nurses seen an abscess this bad? Worse?
    Last edit by brian on Jan 15, '12

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    Aw gross Brian!

    All I was thinking is, hurry someone give them another container that one is way too full!
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    I warned you that it was gross. I was thinking the same thing, that tray was getting pretty full
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    I stopped at 25 seconds. I'd like to eat dinner later thanks. lol
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    Love it! I would've paid good money to be the one that was squishing it out with their hand!
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    Does it make me look bad that I had to share this with all my nurse friends???
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    Right now, here, at home, watching this, I want to barf.
    But I'm pretty sure that if I was at work and saw this, I would be like "Huh, they need another bucket, I'll go grab one." without a problem.
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    I actually gagged and coughed while watching that.

    Can you imagine the stench?

    Think they'll need to put in a penrose?
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    As an O.R. nurse for YEARS, I thought I had a pretty strong stomach...DISGUSTING!
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    Is it weird that I'm eating ice cream while watching this and it does't bother me??? lol

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