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  1. KeechieSan

    Who is a professional nurse?

    I have a huge tag on my badge that says "NURSE" and I introduce myself to every patient at the start of the shift, plus my name and title are on a white board in front of their face. I'm sorry if that isn't enough, but I *REFUSE* to wear color coded scrubs. I'll wear what I want, thanks.
  2. KeechieSan

    Help nurses!!

    1. 3.3 2. 5 years 3. 88,500 last year (overtime!)
  3. KeechieSan

    Average # of admissions and discharges per shift

    I work 7p-7a with a max ratio of 6:1. I usually don't have many discharges, maybe one or two a month. Normally when I come into work I'll have 1-3 empty beds in my section, and they are always filled by the AM. We do a lot of pt. transfers at night too, so I can sometimes end up with 4-5 admits. It takes me about 45 minutes to admit stuff (computerized! woohoo) so it isn't too bad, usually.
  4. KeechieSan

    looking up a patients arrest records?

    I look up my patients all the time, especially the ones that give me creepy feelings. I don't do it at work, and they are free to look me up too. It's public record.
  5. I had no prior experience. Zero. Zilch. I don't even think I'd been in a hospital before. You'll be fine.
  6. KeechieSan

    concierge ? Really?

    Haha, this post sure gives me a giggle. I know exactly which hospital you are talking about, as there is only one in Dover, and let me tell you I know why they have this "customer service" push. That particular hospital has such a terrible reputation that I bet they'd do anything to improve it, short of actually improving patient care. Their nurse-to-patient ratio is horrible and they have one of the worst turn over rates I've ever heard of.
  7. KeechieSan

    Are YOU terrified to be a patient (and your loved ones, too!)

    I'd be a patient at my own hospital any day...I'd rather be on my floor, but any floor is fine. And for gosh sakes, do they have to write your allergies on EVERY order sheet?? That seems silly.
  8. KeechieSan

    Do Nurses Still Make *Real* Beds?

    We change our patients beds q shift. Mostly the CNA's do it, but if I see a patient up the bathroom I'll run in and change the bed. We have fitted sheets though, and I don't tuck in the bottom of the sheet/blanket because it creates a fall risk with SCDs.
  9. KeechieSan

    Holy Abscess! Not for the faint of heart

    Man, how come I never see this stuff in person? That is so awesome!
  10. KeechieSan

    Housekeeping wish list

    Just a little pet peeve...we have very long phone cords in our patient rooms and I keep finding them wrapped around the end of the bed. Everytime there is an emergency and we're trying to move the bed out of the room, I have to stop for 3 minutes to untangle a phone cord. It has happened at least 5 times! Other than that, I have no complaints.
  11. KeechieSan

    What is the silliest thing you've heard a nurse say?

    I swear this is true..I had a senior level charge nurse ask me what MI stood for.. lol she obviously knew what an MI was, but for some reason wasn't familiar with that terminology. She was from Canada I think, perhaps they don't call it that up there?
  12. KeechieSan

    Panicked!!! HIV/AIDS, HepB, HepC risk?

    Lol, are you serious? This is a joke post, right?
  13. KeechieSan

    *Easy* things I just hate doing

    My list: 1) Accuchecks 2) Neuro checks at 4 am 3) Bathing patients 4) Spoon feeding patients anything 5) Walking patients to the bathroom Lol, by the look of my list you'd think I hated patient care. I really don't, I just hate tedious tasks that I have to repeat constantly.
  14. KeechieSan

    Magnesium for torsades

    Push! The patient is dying.
  15. KeechieSan

    Work calling 3-4+ times a week to come in

    Some days I get 3-4 calls a day from an automated message asking me to work the 7p shift. I never, ever, ever answer the phone. Well, I do answer it if I'm in the mood for OT (almost never). If everyone stops answering, they'll get the point that we are understaffed and hire more people... yeah, right :)