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KeechieSan has 8 years experience and specializes in ICU, MICU, SICU.

Married. One kid, two cats.

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  1. KeechieSan

    Ok, this one hasn't been done in a while....

    Mine is my last name in Japanese...at least thats what my friend told me 10 years ago.
  2. KeechieSan

    Orienting woes!

    Update: I read most of the replies here, and most were helpful. I probably should have mentioned that I have already had numerous personal conversations with this girl about her performance to no avail. I actually really like her as a person and we have a friendly relationship. I would never put her down or yell at her, but it was just so frustrating. Oh, and I know that there is IV Tylenol out there, the situation I was referencing was she had two actual Tylenol pills in her hand and asked if she should give them IV. So here is what I did. I had another sit down with our manager, this time I included my orientee. I laid out all my concerns to her and my manager and it went well. Megan (don't worry, fake name!) admitted that she was having a really hard time dealing with the "reality" of nursing vs. what she was taught in school. She feels like our floor is too much for her and doesn't wish to continue with orientation. She was offered another preceptor and an additional 4 weeks of night orientation, which she turned down. She is going to pursue Hospice, which has always been what she wanted. She thanked me for being kind to her, and she said point blank "I just can't learn here. It's too much". I feel bad that she had to quit, but I also feel a huge relief that its all over. She's a very nice girl and I'm sure I'll see her soon on a hospice consult.
  3. KeechieSan

    Orienting woes!

    Five weeks ago I started orienting a new girl to my unit (IMC step-down). I have oriented 5-6 times before without many problems, but this girl takes the cake. I was already upset because I wasn't asked to orient her, she was just handed to me one day and they said "oh this is Megan, she'll be with you for EIGHT WEEKS". I like to be notified ahead of time so that I can get eduation stuff together and prepare myself for a few weeks of difficult shifts. But fine, whatever I've done it before, I'm sure I'll do it again. Since she is a brand new grad who has never worked in a hospital I let her just shadow me for a few shifts, just to get the lay of the land. I started her off slow with one patient and me being with her every step of the way, and here we are five weeks into it and she's getting worse! She cannot handle one patient even with my help. I literally have to watch her every second of the shift, I'm terrified she is going to do something without asking me. She's a very nice girl who clearly wants to be a nurse, but I'm beginning to think she has a real inability to learn. I have always stressed the "ask questions! ask questions!" mentality but she's taking it to the extreme! Five weeks in and I'm getting questions like "Do I give this Tylenol pill IV or by mouth".. YES, she asked that last week. She turned off a Heparin gtt yesterday because "the patient said it was done". She makes the same mistakes over and over again! I must have told her at least 20 times that Lovenox sub-q does not go in the arm and that you need to check a BP when giving SL nitro, yet she cannot seem to remember those simple things. She and I have had numerous conversations about her performance and she always says she will improve but so far no luck. The nurse manager and I have had a few talks about her, but so far nothing has changed. I'm actually afraid for patients safety at this point. I've tried to be nice, I've tried to be stern....heck, I have tried every technique I know of! She is supposed to go to day shift this week for two weeks and then come back to nights on her own after that. I am actually sick to my stomach over the thought of this. My manager doesn't seem concerned, but all the floor nurses are terrified. Would it be inappropriate of me to go to Human Resources? Who else should I talk to about this??
  4. KeechieSan

    Fired from my med/surg job after almost 3 years

    oops, wrong thread
  5. KeechieSan

    Is this professional?

    Perhaps she is trying to keep her hair out of her face in a stylish way? Haha. It isn't a big deal, let it go. I'm sure you do things that people find irritating and think "is that professional"? Would you want them posting it on here for the world to see?
  6. And would you want to do clinical time in a facility that has a new grad as a director? No, you wouldn't. Policies won't be enforced because the person who is tasked with enforcing them doesn't understand them. I'm sorry..it is exciting that you got this job since I realize that it is harder out there now, but reconsider. Its like the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is". A new grad has no business being a director! You don't even know how to be a nurse yet! Do you really think that the nurses under you are going to respect you or be able to take direction from you? Heck no! They might like you as a person, but really they know that you have no clue what is going on! If they need to come to you about problems that are clinical related, how are you going to give them answers? Sure, you can be trained in the administrative aspect of the position no problem, but you cannot be trained in the clinical part of your job (and believe me, no matter what they tell you there is a clinical part!) without hands-on experience. Oh, and this post is not written out of "jealousy" as a previous poster stated. I am truly concerned that they are not preparing you for what is going to be a very difficult and frustrating job if you don't have experience. Hell, its difficult even if you do! Please, reconsider!!
  7. KeechieSan

    Who is a professional nurse?

    I have a huge tag on my badge that says "NURSE" and I introduce myself to every patient at the start of the shift, plus my name and title are on a white board in front of their face. I'm sorry if that isn't enough, but I *REFUSE* to wear color coded scrubs. I'll wear what I want, thanks.
  8. KeechieSan

    Magnesium for torsades

    Push! The patient is dying.
  9. Just practice nursing the way you want to practice it and you'll be fine. Don't harp on what others do wrong, it is a waste of time.
  10. KeechieSan

    What are some crazy things you've seen since being a nurse?

    Guess I'm a bad nurse... I rarely wear gloves when starting IVs. I cannot do it with gloves on, and believe me I've tried. I am not really adverse to getting blood on my hands, as long as I don't have an open cut or something. I would wear gloves when lancing a boil though, haha. Getting feces or pus on my skin is disgusting.. blood? eh, not so much. However, I do not put sterile instruments on the bed/table/etc.
  11. KeechieSan

    Why are some nurses so rude to students?

    99% of the time... we are just busy. Nursing students (especially really needy ones) can add 25-30% onto my workload for the day. It isn't personal, and one day when you graduate and have been a nurse for a little bit, you will completely get it. Perhaps this floor that you were on is under-staffed and overwhelmed. That being said, even though I am busy and not totally thrilled to have students, I am not rude. Some people just don't know how to be polite.
  12. KeechieSan

    Bored on night shift- should I ask for transfer?

    You are bored because you are on orientation. I remember feeling the same way.. oh man, I was so wrong.
  13. KeechieSan

    Your CALL LIGHT privileges have been revoked!!!

    Yeah, I've taken away call lights..but only on patients who I have eyes on. I really don't care if that makes me "bad" nurse, I'm a humen being and I shouldn't have to deal with the constant BEEP BEEP (thats our call light) all night when I'm trying to chart/eat/pee. I've never taken away an AAOx3 pt's light, but the confused ones heck yes. Sometimes they are too confused to even know what the light is for and they just push it over and over and over again for no reason. As long as I have eyes on them, they are fine without a bell.
  14. KeechieSan

    Sick Of Co-workers Calling In ALL the Time

    I guess I'd be one of those nurses who abuse the system...or at least the only one who will admit to it, lol. I get 5 sick day per rolling year and you better bet I use them all. It's either use them or lose them, it's almost like free money for me. I'm not saying I use them after a night of partying (too old for that), but I do call in sometimes when I probably could work. I just used one last month after two truly terrible shifts in a row, and I just couldn't face going back to those same (6) abusive patients. Big deal, its a personal day rather than a sick day. I have also been known to use them when I've not been able to sleep before a shift. I don't really feel very safe administering versed and fentanyl after having not slept for 28 hours. That is just my philosophy on it, and I don't fault others for using their time for whatever they please. I don't go over policy, I never have more than 5 call outs, usually one every two to three months. I guess that really doesn't make me much of an abuser. I do work with one girl who has FMLA for "back pain" who calls out at least 4 times a month which really drives me NUTS. It wouldn't be so bad if she really was calling out to stay home, but I'm pretty sure she has a per diem job in another state that she goes to instead.
  15. KeechieSan

    Putting in your own orders

    My unit has a secretary for my entire shift, but I do sometimes put in my own orders. I don't usually put in admit orders because they take up too much time, but if its a simple lab or diet order, then sure I do. It would take me longer to walk the chart, kardex, and med list down the hall than it would to just put it in myself.
  16. KeechieSan

    How to deal with those family members who are "nurses"?

    > Isn't that a little anal?? I mean, sure its the wrong way to do it.. but come on! Call the supervisior because someone recapped a needle incorrectly? Lol

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