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My worse fear has come true. I recently got into a car accident after working a night shift. Thank God, the accident only involved myself, and I did not get hurt. However, it has really shaken me up... Read More

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    How is your daytime sleeping going? If you can't get a good night's sleep during the day, nothing will keep you awake. You have to get room darkening shades, ear plugs, and eye mask and GO TO SLEEP when you get home. For at least 6 hours.
    There's no other way to adjust to night shift, you have to make your body understand that the rules have changed.
    Good luck and I'm glad you didn't get hurt.

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    I have found that when I feel sleepy sipping a large orange juice on the drive home helps to keep me more alert - and unlike caffeine the effect goes away fairly quickly after you finish it. If you notice you are getting sleepy as you drive try pulling over off the road, get out and walk around swinging your arms and deep breathing - this works for a short distance. If that doesn't help pull over in a safe place and take a quick nap. (Set your phone to wake you up or you may find yourself still there at noon)
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    Power naps. I would doze off on my 45 min trip home. I would usually stop once at Starbucks, take a 15-20 min power nap and grab a coffee. If I was really tired, I'd stop again and nap. It's a pain, but I didn't want to have an accident.I also chewed sunflower seeds. Messy, yes. But it kept me awake.Good luck and stay safe.
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    When I worked nights I would drink a big glass of water during report or right afterwards. I didn't live too far but towards the middle point I had to use the bathroom.

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    I have had this happen after working 13hr night shift , then driving 5 hours to visit a friend. I stopped asap to buy a large iced coffee , rolled down my windows (15degrees outside!) and sang aloud to loud obnoxious rap music . you have to make sure you sleep during the day and maybe a caffeinated beverage at 4 or 5 am . so it might wear off by the time you are ready for bed
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    We have 14hr nightshift shifts as long as I get an opportunity to stretch or go to the gym after a shift I'm fine. I literally conk out. Phenergan is what I use very rarely if I'm really struggling but I'm also a slight insomniac so I've learnt to survive on minimal sleep
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    I blare my music and sing like a rock star. I also adjust my temperature so I'm not too warm.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    Quote from DoeRN
    When I worked nights I would drink a big glass of water during report or right afterwards. I didn't live too far but towards the middle point I had to use the bathroom.
    With my luck I'd fall asleep and pee in my car seat!
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    They did a study that was on the news. The TV guy had to stay awake all night and in the morning they put him on a test course and let him drive while he was hooked up to EEG monitoring. Even though he did not close his eyes, he did "fall asleep" for seconds at a time according to his EEG. Scary huh?

    I have co workers that usually will find an empty stretcher and power nap before going home. Many live 45 minutes away, at least. Like you, I'm just not a night person and all the caffiene, music and cold air never worked for me. I once took care of a trucker. He told me to hang a 20 dollar bill out the window. If you become drowsy, you would most likely let go of the money and nobody wants to lose their money. He said it worked for him.
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    I buy a box of mini saltines and keep it in the car for when I can't stay awake on the way home. I stop halfway home at a gas station and get a drink. Eating and drinking are the only things that keep me awake.
    The saltines are better than candy, or chips, and it's only three mornings a week.
    I really like the idea about drinking the big swig before I leave the hospital.
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