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shamrokks has 10 years experience as a ADN, ASN, RN and specializes in HIV, Psych, GI, Hepatology, Research.

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  1. shamrokks

    WGU Nurse Educator Program

    I am interested in this program as well. I hope some people respond.
  2. shamrokks

    Pay in Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater?

    Apply at Baycare. Work mobile pool if you can. It’s $45/hour. Night shift is $5 more shift differential for any nurse. You can easily make $35+/hour dayshift with experience. It depends on specialty. They pay well.
  3. shamrokks

    Galen January 2013 LPN to RN role call...??

    They are sticklers for time so try to get your employer to work with you regarding timing of classes. All of my clinicals were 6:30am-6:30pm so it had to be on a day off. I did work full time but luckily I had PTO to use when needed.
  4. shamrokks

    Galen January 2013 LPN to RN role call...??

    On quizlet I searched hesi and nur280
  5. shamrokks

    Florida RN Salaries

    I've thought about Urgent Care, especially maybe PRN. I didn't know they paid well but it seems they do. I'm in psych now but don't want to get stuck as a "psych nurse".
  6. This was the option I was looking for
  7. Just an FYI in case it hasn't been mentioned - the StaRN positions have been posted again for HCA. I seen it listed on Indeed.com. I was looking in Florida and seen it listed for Largo Medical Center but it said it is for all regional HCA hospitals.
  8. shamrokks

    10 Worst Employee Excuses For Missing Work

    ME TOO!!
  9. shamrokks

    Need some comic relief from all this Ebola-ness?

    This is great. I love that we can laugh no matter what the issue. Life is too short.
  10. shamrokks

    Galen January 2013 LPN to RN role call...??

    marshandaly - to study for NUR 280 comprehensive exams and the HESI exit exams I used the nclex study guide that is going around the internet and can be found on this page https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/nclex-study-guide-622449.html (copy and paste link). I used LaCharity PDA book because there were a lot of questions pertaining to prioritization and delegation. I searched NUR280 and NUR 280 on Quizlet and read through what people had put on there. I also used the NCLEX Mastery app which I purchased when it was on sale for 19.99. I also got the Lippincott Alternate Format Questions book which I used for NCLEX study more then while in school but it was helpful. Then I also used all of these to study for the NCLEX (except quizlet). I really read over the strategies in the beginning of a few books. These helped me when answering a lot of questions. Some that I really wasn't sure of I was able to get right because I used different strategies. Almost all of the textbooks for test prep have these in the front. I read over Kaplan, Saunders, and Lippincott. There are 2 groups on Facebook - NCLEX and NURSES run by Joan Palmeri. She does workshops on strategy (this was the only one I took and I did not pay for it because she had a contest but it was very helpful and I used her strategies at least half dozen times during NCLEX - wish I had taken while in school), she also does select all that apply workshops and a couple of others. The groups are great by themselves because others post questions all day long and then post the answer and rationale. It is usually the harder questions that have stumped others that get posted so it is a good learning tool and an excuse to be on Facebook :). I also looked over videos on YouTube to refresh the basics of different disease processes and medications. I like the Michael Linares videos from SimpleNursing. I am a visual learner so seeing and hearing the information helped me retrieve it during exams. Good luck!
  11. shamrokks

    Galen January 2013 LPN to RN role call...??

    I don't remember exactly but it was similar to that. You have less you're graded on last quarter.
  12. shamrokks

    Galen January 2013 LPN to RN role call...??

    In quarter 6 we have two exit HESI's and 2 comprehensive exams. The first exit hesi is worth 30% of our grade and so is each comprehensive exam. The last exit HESI is worth 10%. All of the other work is worth small percentages. We have management quizzes online in lab that we do from home. They started week 3 I think. These are fairly easy but also not worth much. In clinical we had a large journal paper due and we give verbal care plans every other week. These may depend upon clinical instructors.
  13. shamrokks

    Galen January 2013 LPN to RN role call...??

    So far so good. Just a lot of self studying. Since I am online I continue to do weekly discussion posts and so far there have been two per week. We are doing group projects in lab that are mostly management type things. My first exam isn't until 5/19 and my first exit HESI is 5/13. Clinicals are ok, my group is different so I don't know anyone other than my instructor. I can't wait to be done. 6.5 weeks left!!!
  14. shamrokks

    New job with Humana, WAH RN case manager

    2 of my instructors went to work for Humana. I love in the area you are referring to. I always wondered how they like it. There are several companies who hire from home case managers and they are all in this area.
  15. shamrokks

    ROLL CALL - Case Managers!!!

    There are LPNs doing case management positions so you do not need any specific degree or certification. For specific employers you might but it is definitely possible to do without furthering education if you are a nurse currently. Check into Conifer and JSA Healthcare.
  16. shamrokks


    She will probably pay more for her BSN and you will be done sooner with an ADN. She may start at $1 more per hour for a comparable position (from what I hear that is about the only starting pay difference) but by that time you will already have two years experience and have received more than one raise (in a perfect world and assuming that you both started school at the same time). You can always get your BSN while working and will be giving a pay raise at that time accordingly.