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shamrokks has 11 years experience as a ADN, ASN, RN and specializes in HIV, Psych, GI, Hepatology, Research.

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  1. shamrokks

    WGU Nurse Educator Program

    I am interested in this program as well. I hope some people respond.
  2. shamrokks

    Pay in Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater?

    Apply at Baycare. Work mobile pool if you can. It’s $45/hour. Night shift is $5 more shift differential for any nurse. You can easily make $35+/hour dayshift with experience. It depends on specialty. They pay well.
  3. shamrokks

    Work From Home: Nurse Case Manager

    I transitioned from the floor into case management in March 2018. It is a lot different but I like it more and more as I go along. I work from home 4 days and in the office 1 day a week. It is a blessing. My pay basically stayed the same but I am no ...
  4. shamrokks

    Case Management -Humana

    Let us know how you like it.
  5. shamrokks

    Nurse's Week Gifts from Employers

    Events, contests, cookies, ice cream, lunch bags, steak dinner, Greek dinner, a year of CE direct...first time ever working somewhere that did this much
  6. shamrokks

    no more than 4 shifts in a row

    I think my hospital would let us work every night if we would
  7. shamrokks

    Any Psych NP's with advice???

    I was thinking the same thing
  8. shamrokks

    StaRN internship program?

    I've heard of it here in Florida with HCA hospitals. The pay is low until you're on the floor in your assumed position but then it goes to their base rate pay. A nurse I graduated with went into a CCU or ICU StaRN program due to no experience but if ...
  9. shamrokks

    Dosage answer on nclex 0.1 or .1?

    Always put the 0 before the decimal point ... Prevents a med error
  10. shamrokks

    High amounts of flatulence in Psych

    I notice it too but a lot of ours are homeless or basically always institutionalize do and seem to eat a lot and almost hoard food if they can so maybe a mix of that and the meds??? Some rooms hit me like a brick wall of funk when I open the door to ...
  11. shamrokks

    Problems with q15 rounds

    I'd leave. My techs always do their rounds as scheduled and it's never an issue. If I remind anyone they aren't vengeful and admin backs this up wholeheartedly. Patient and staff safety are a priority.
  12. shamrokks

    Nurse-Patient Ratio Adult Unit

    Dayshift and nightshift differs but for adult we have up to 1:16 at night with 2 techs ... On days they get 2:16 with 2-3 techs depending on acuity ... Geriatric is 1:8 with 2 techs day or night and pediatric is 1:10 with 2 techs day or night .. If a...
  13. shamrokks

    Galen January 2013 LPN to RN role call...??

    They are sticklers for time so try to get your employer to work with you regarding timing of classes. All of my clinicals were 6:30am-6:30pm so it had to be on a day off. I did work full time but luckily I had PTO to use when needed.
  14. shamrokks

    Galen January 2013 LPN to RN role call...??

    On quizlet I searched hesi and nur280
  15. shamrokks

    Florida RN Salaries

    I've thought about Urgent Care, especially maybe PRN. I didn't know they paid well but it seems they do. I'm in psych now but don't want to get stuck as a "psych nurse".