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I was so impressed by this nurse I met, she works at the hospital next door to the clinic I work at. I recently found out shes married to an NBA player, I asked her why shes working if shes married... Read More

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    I'd work per diem. I'd also do a ton more volunteer work (and maybe start my own charity) if I had the means. Those are some dreams of mine....maybe some day.....

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    I like to travel often. If I had the means, I'd work PRN. I do enjoy nursing, but not enough to work full time if I didn't need to. There are many other ways I could occupy my time. Education is another interest. I would enroll in school and take courses just for the fun of learning something new.
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    I don't have to work but I do work prn 1 sometime 2 shifts at most per week. My husband is not a basketball player but he does well for our family of 6. I like to be home as much as possible for all of the children's activities. I attend everything possible for all of them. I am also now a full time BSN to DNP student but that is just for me. When I finish I will only work part time as an FNP.
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    Absolutely not! I would still work part-time (non-nursing), something that I enjoyed and that was not stressful, like go back for an arts degree and teach ceramics or something like that.
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    Oh hell no!
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    Married to a rich man means just that. Not that I am rich. ... If it ends, then what? Although, I suppose I could take a refresher job and try to get back into nursing if the need arose. Like another poster said, it is an investement in yourself. Now, if I were independently wealthy or won the lottery. HELL NO. I would quit by email. Maybe even text my manger's cell phone.
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    Yeah, right, I'd still go into work at the nursing home after winning the lottery or landing some rich cougar. And then the universe would implode.
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    I'd work per diem. I get really bored with two much free time so I'd need to have something going on. I'd be pretty picky about where I worked tho. Definitely would not stay at a job unless it was a 100% great fit.
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    I don't consider being married to someone who is rich to be a reason not to work. That's for ME personally. I wouldn't be too happy if my husband decided he was going to quit his job and live off my income so why would it be okay for me to do the same? Even if I was told that I didn't have to, it would make me uncomfortable.

    Besides, life isn't a fairy tale, and marriages don't always last forever. I like knowing that I can support myself and my children without a man or his money. That's just me though. I've always thought it was kind of funny when a woman would buy her husband some lavish gift and boast about it. It's bought it with his money so why so much pride?

    I've never been a fan of the "traditional roles" either though. I know that some people enjoy staying at home with their children or whatever, but even then, I think the person who stays at home should have an education at LEAST so they have a means to support themselves if the situation arises. When things are good, they're really good, but when things are bad you'd be surprised at how quickly things become "MY house, MY car, MY money."

    I would have to work even if I became rich though. I hate staying at home. I about went crazy just during the short time I was on maternity leave long ago.
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    I have been very fortunate, but I don't have to work, I WANT to. My husband and I aren't rich but I don't have to work. I had always wanted to be a nurse so I decided to go back to school and got into an accelerated RN program. I finished the program in September and I'm soooo excited to start working...but I haven't had any luck in the job department because I am a new grad I am only 28 and I work part time in the Air National Guard, because I love helping people and serving my country. My husband keeps telling me not to worry about getting a job, we can completely manage without me having an income, I just want to work! I'm getting bored at home, and I worked so hard to get through school that I can't wait to start seeing new fun things and helping others!!!

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