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ChristopherB has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MICU, SICU, CVICU, CCU, and Neuro ICU.

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  1. ChristopherB

    Pay in Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater?

    I'm an ICU RN with over a decade of experience. I was offered an ICU position at Tampa General in 2019. Their initial offer was lower than expected, around $33/hr, and after telling them that It was a huge pay cut from another state with a low cost of living, they raised the offer to $37/hr to start.
  2. I've been a critical care nurse for almost 13 years. I've been thinking for a while about going into Nursing Education or Nursing Informatics. I still haven't decided which one. Previously to going back to school to become a RN, I worked in the IT field. I started out with my own PC repair and building business. Then I worked for a consulting company and worked on Y2K projects(yes I'm that old), DOD contracts, mainframe computer code documentation projects, and some other things. After that I was the network administrator at financial institution and ran online banking, email, LAN/WAN at multiple locations, and also managed network security. After that I worked for Xerox at various customer sites doing work involved with network printing and UNIX. During that time I obtained some Microsoft certifications, but all of them are obsolete now. If I got back to school for an informatics degree, would it also be very beneficial to also obtain some Microsoft, Cisco, and/or IT security certifications to make obtaining a job after I finish a master's degree or is that unnecessary?
  3. ChristopherB

    SC Board of Nursing says I have to give up my NC license?

    I saw this in my old posts. It doesn't clarify anything. I was NOT a resident of a compact state at the time(PA Resident) and I didn't become a resident of a compact state until several years later. You seem to be completely missing that fact.
  4. As a man, I can say its not just men who sexually harass other men. I've experienced sexual harassment from female coworkers. Everything from inappropriate comments about my physical appearance and inappropriate sexual comments to inappropriate touching and grabbing. When it was witnessed by other female coworkers, they laughed and thought it was funny. It started within my first 2 months after graduating when I was still a new nurse on orientation. One of my preceptors looked up up and down then said to me, "You have strong legs. I like men with strong legs. They can thrust hard and give it to me hard. That's what I liked my husband at first." If I said anything close to that to one of my female coworkers about her physical attributes and sex, I'd be out of a job and probably facing a lawsuit. At that hospital I experienced several other incidents of inappropriate sexual remarks and a few inappropriate touches and grabs. I left to do travel nursing and continues to experience inappropriate sexual remarks and inappropriate touching and grabbing at work at several other hospitals. In addition to that I had an experience in the last week of one of my travel nursing assignments where a married female coworker sat on my lap, put her arms around my neck, and told me her husband was out of town. She invited me to come over that night after work and spend the night with her. I told her I don't get involved with married women. She said a few other things to try to convince me to come over that night, but I declined repeating that I don't get involved with married women. Later in the shift she told me the offer still stands if I change my mind.
  5. ChristopherB

    I keep getting sick at new hospital

    I've been at my current hospital for a little over a year. Previous to that I did travel nursing for many years. The first 6 months I worked at my new hospital, I felt miserable quite often at work. I was getting sinus headaches, coughing, watery eyes, occasional fevers, etc... I was coughing when I was at work frequently for the first 6 months. Everyone at work said its just the bugs of being in a new hospital. I tried multiple allergy medications, Sudafed, ibuprofen, etc... Also, I kept getting upper respiratory infections. I went to see the doctor and received prescriptions for antibiotics. I tested negative for the flu. I've taken more sick days in my first year at this hospital than I have taken in the previous 5 years. Things improved for a few months then got worse again. I started coughing, getting headaches, and watery eyes again at work. I also got more upper respiratory infections. The unusual thing is that sometimes when I leave the unit I work in for a while, I stop coughing. When I get home from work and take off my scrubs and get a shower, I stop coughing. Some of my coworkers aid they have had similar issues at work, but they haven't lasted as long as mine. I'm pretty sure its something at work making me feel this way. I'm not sure if its an allergy or a reaction to something else in the environment. I've tried to eliminate everything else. I scrubbed, mopped, vacuumed, and bleached everything I could in my apartment. I washed all my clothes, towels, bed linens, etc... in the sanitary cycle of my washing machine. I bought a new car(not because of feeling sick, because my car was 10 years old and high mileage). I worked 3 days in a row last week and have felt sick all weekend. I started to feel better Sunday afternoon. Sunday night, I did laundry and washed my clothes and my scrubs from my previous week at work. I started coughing when I was putting my clothes in the washing machine. My coworkers and unit manager are great. I also like the doctors I work with. Other than feeling sick often at work I enjoy working at my current hospital. The only thing I haven't done is see another allergy specialist for more testing to see if I have new allergies. In the past I only had allergies to certain pollen and mold. If seeing a new allergy specialist doesn't help me I don't know what else to do. I'm at the point where if I don't find out what is causing these symptoms at work that I'm going to have to look for another place to work. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what caused it?
  6. ChristopherB

    The worst job you had before becoming a Nurse?

    I was a bottle cap inspector one summer during college. Yes that's a real job description. I worked in a chemical plant. I'd open a box of 1,000 battle caps and inspect them under a magnifying class for dirt and damage. Then I'd put them in another box. Apparently, if there was dirt in the bottle caps and the bottle caps were used on sulfuric acid battles, the dirt would fall into the bottle and make the bottle explode. Do you know how boring it is to look at bottle caps under a magnifying glass for 8 hours a day?
  7. ChristopherB

    Internet and Cable on the GO for Travelers

    I haven't had an issue getting Comcast or whoever else was the local cable and internet provider to come and set up cable tv and internet at apartments for travel assignments. Often, you can also get new customer promotions when you sign up that include a discount rate.
  8. I've been thinking about settling down to one hospital again sometimes in the next 6 months. However I've run into a few issues and I feel that I'm sort of "stuck" travel nursing now. In most places, it would be a huge pay cut if I were to stop traveling and take a regular staff job. I've run into the issue with some hospitals that due to hospital or union rules, I'd start at a low salary because I'm "new" to the hospital even though I have almost 8 years of experience as a nurse. In the areas where it wouldn't be a huge pay cut, the cost of living would be high. Many of the hospitals I've enjoyed working at don't pay well compared to the cost of living. Many of the areas I've enjoyed living in have high costs of living compared to the pay for RNs. I've grown tired of the winters in the northern U.S. so that limits my choices as far as where I'd want to "settle down." I prefer working day shift. After working night shift for a few years, I rant into the problem where I had trouble sleeping during the day. I tried night shift for short times while doing travel nursing assignments and ran into the same sleep issues again. However most open staff positions I find are night shift. So, can I find an area where I won't have to deal with much winter weather, where I'd be able to get a day shift position without a large pay cut, and the area doesn't have a high cost of living?
  9. ChristopherB

    Is RN Network a decent agency ?

    I use to travel with RN Network. However I stopped doing assignments with them. My recruiter was great. Everyone else I dealt with was awful. Also the agency started to become really penny pinching and looking for ways to bill the travel nurses for every tiny thing that other agencies covered as part of their costs. Several times I was payroll deducted for things they "forgot" they were going to charge me for from previous assignments. A few times I was successful in getting the money back from them. After they billed me for an $0.18(yes 18 cents!) overage on my electric bill allowance from an assignment I finished 6 months ago, I decided that was the last straw.
  10. ChristopherB

    Magnet(TM) Certification- Cost-effective?

    Magnet is just another marketing tool. Hospitals believe they will attract more patients/customers and more doctors to bring patients to the facility if the hospital is magnet certified. Otherwise, the hospital would not pay for the certification and re-certification. I've worked at magnet hospitals, non magnet hospitals, and went back to a non magnet hospital after it was magnet certified. I really see no difference in my day to day working environment between most magnet and non magnet hospitals. If magnet was truly about improving patient care and improving the nurses working environment and skills, the requirements would be completely different. That has been covered in other posts on this forum.
  11. ChristopherB

    Travel Nursing in Philly

    In my experience, there aren't a larger number of travel assignments in the Philly area and the few that I found paid below average for the area. Within an hour of Philly you can find assignments in Trenton and Camden that pay well. The issue is that the Philly area is flooded with new grads and experienced nurses. Also at least one hospital closed in recent years that put a lot of experienced nurses in the job market. In addition to that, the hospitals have a large pool of part time and per diem staff available.
  12. ChristopherB

    Dropping Magnet

    I always saw magnet as a marketing tool than anything else. If Magnet was really about better patient care and better nursing, the requirements would be completely different. I've worked at both magnet and non magnet hospitals and never saw the difference in my day to day work or the patient care.
  13. ChristopherB

    What would you do if you got overpaid?

    When I was a staff nurse, I was overpaid twice. Both times I contacted payroll and was told, "Its more of a hassle to correct it than to let it go, so if you don't say anything I won't say anything." So, I didn't say anything and kept the money. Then a few years later, after I left to do travel nursing, I received a settlement check int he mail from a class action lawsuit against the hospital for not paying their staff properly for overtime. The check was the equivalent of about two weeks pay.
  14. ChristopherB

    Male Nurses on the Rise and They Make More Money

    Nursing education pays too little for most men. At least that's what my own personal experience and experience of my male coworkers has been. I'd love to do that, but if I did at most of the colleges around here, I couldn't afford to pay a mortgage. THe better paying full time faculity postitions are few and far between.
  15. ChristopherB

    OB Nurse wanting feedback on Fastaff

    I'm on my second assignment with Fastaff. I work in ICU and not L&D. Overall, I'm happy with Fastaff. I switched to Fastaff after having problems with my previous travel nursing agency. If you have any issues, the recruiters try to resolve them as quickly as possible. Fastaff typically uses extended stay hotels for housing instead of apartments, even for longer assignments. Both recruiters I've been with at Fastaff have been great. Fastaff sent me for the wrong urine drug screen for an assignment and after they sent me back a second time for the right urine drug screen, my recruiters said they were giving me a bonus to compensate me for my time. The next paycheck, I had an extra $100. Also, I did an assignment last year with my previous agency and now I'm back in the same hospital and same department with Fastaff. My pay is $10/hr higher with Fastaff.
  16. ChristopherB

    Short contract travel companies??

    Both Fastaff and Nurse Choice do 2 to 8 week contracts.

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