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I have loved this site, but as I check , "Today's Posts", as is my wont, more and more, there are only student related topics. What has happened here? Has anyone else noticed this? I have no... Read More

  1. by   caffeinatednurse
    Well, I have one year of experience and I am also a formerly stale new grad. I feel like this forum is reflecting what is going on in my current workplace. I have oriented 3 nurses in the past 3 months. One of them stayed for three months and then put in her two weeks notice. Another has been there 2 weeks and is already looking for greener grass. The last one stuck his badge and a written notice in our manager's mailbox at work.

    Then there's jaded ol' me, sipping on a protein shake and watching/listening to it all...much like I do here.
  2. by   Julius Seizure
    Quote from Farawyn
    I do tend to drift. I understand that, and it's not my board, so I have to Obey.
    The problem is, I thought it was OUR board.

    I recently learned that it is not.
    Darn you people for still being interesting and darn me for lacking a better social life.
  3. by   Wuzzie
    Quote from Ruby Vee
    You are.
  4. by   NutmeggeRN
    Quote from pixierose
    I missed you, Farawyn ❤️. I've always enjoyed reading your posts!
    Lucky us in SN forum, she is ours!!! And she is awesome!!
  5. by   Farawyn
    Quote from NutmeggeRN
    Lucky us in SN forum, she is ours!!! And she is awesome!!
    We all are. Love my SN friends!