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caffeinatednurse has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-surg, telemetry, oncology, rehab, LTC, ALF.

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  1. caffeinatednurse

    Air bubble (~0.5ml) in pre-filled syringes

    I always expel the air bubble before giving the med. Why take the risk?
  2. caffeinatednurse

    Should I stay or should I go

    Some floors have more drama and what I call “floor politics” than others. Not all units are created the same. Personally, I would advise staying out of it until you know what you’re dealing with. No need upsetting a good nurse who could be a resource...
  3. caffeinatednurse

    Is nursing right for me?

    Every new grad nurse feels this way at one time or another. I felt this way for a very long time, as well. You start feel like you’re investing too much of yourself with little return for your efforts. You think that how you’re feeling is unique and ...
  4. caffeinatednurse

    Preceptor Made Me Feel Like I Should Leave Nursing

    You probably have oriented a lot more people than me, but that doesn't mean that you're better at precepting...I think we've thoroughly covered that topic in this discussion. Experience does not always = better. I have already stated before that...
  5. caffeinatednurse

    Just Feeling Done With Nursing

    Me too. I left med-surg and the hospital entirely. Now I talk to patients over the phone. I imagine I'll eventually get tired of that, too, at some point. ?
  6. caffeinatednurse

    Preceptor Made Me Feel Like I Should Leave Nursing

    You're not directing your comments at anyone in particular, but you just (poorly) summarized my initial reply to her, which was thoughtfully constructed because yet again, I. don't. blame. her. for. her. preceptors'. words. Let me say again for the o...
  7. caffeinatednurse

    Unsafe loads

    It's definitely not worth it!
  8. caffeinatednurse

    Unsafe loads

    I hear you. I quit that job last month. I just couldn't take it anymore. I used to work LTC and I swear I took care of less LTC patients in that setting, compared to your typical med-surg unit now. Confused people wandering out through the fire escap...
  9. caffeinatednurse

    Anxiety, depression and job hopping

    Just wanted to pop in and say that I hear you. Kudos to you for knowing when enough is enough. I hope your next nursing adventure is worthy of your time and efforts.
  10. caffeinatednurse

    Preceptor Made Me Feel Like I Should Leave Nursing

    I'm not making excuses for anyone's bad behavior. In fact, if you go back and read through my reply, you'll see where I freely state exactly that. I've also been bullied as an orientee in a setting that was not nearly as stressful as ICU, so I know w...
  11. caffeinatednurse

    Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    Thanks for getting it back on topic. Also, thanks for the statistics. I'm glad that nationally, things are much brighter than they are here.
  12. caffeinatednurse

    Preceptor Made Me Feel Like I Should Leave Nursing

    I've been on both sides of this situation. Obviously, I was a new grad at one point. I had a preceptor who was nothing short of a bully. I ended up leaving that floor not long after I started and took a break from hospital nursing altogether for...
  13. caffeinatednurse

    Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    This statement doesn't even make sense. You're doubting that vaccination rates among nurses are low in the rural south, even though, in your words, southerners have "elected" to suffer? (By the way, I don't think anyone elects to suffer from COVID, e...
  14. caffeinatednurse

    Advice please

    Here’s the thing. I’ve had two jobs in the past where the manager tried the same thing. I actually had not told either of them anything, I was just applying and was doing interviews but they must have sniffed it out. In both cases, it was an attempt ...
  15. caffeinatednurse

    Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    At the hospital I just left, only 30% of the nurses were vaccinated. This was just before admin mandated the vaccine, so I imagine some will accept it and some will not. But no, most nurses are not vaccinated, especially in the rural south. Many don’...