What are you really good at?

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    I'll be wrapping up my 10 week hospital orientation in about 3 weeks. I've worked with about 4 different preceptors. Each one of them has commented that my head to toe assessments are amazing. Most people also really like my documentation. I have to admit I'm thorough. I can't think of a time in my nursing career when so many people have raved about any of my skills. Makes me feel good!

    This isn't a thread to brag, but tell me what you're really good at. Nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back for a job well done!!
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    For me, I've gotten lots of comments about how I always look calm, composed, and under control. What makes people visibly stressed out, I seem to stress about less or just not show it. Even on days when I'm going crazy, I mention how I feel to people and they go, "Really? You look like you're handling it just fine." (not in a condescending way; they are genuinely surprised that I am stressed based on how I look)

    When I was in school, both my final two preceptors commented on how fast I pick up on things, like new knowledge or skills. I'm really grateful for this skill because the floor I got hired to work on after graduating has a very steep learning curve and, due to a lot of experienced nurses leaving around the time I was hired, I was forced to take on the more complex patients pretty fast >_<
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    I can draw an ABG like nobody's business. =P
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    My co-workers tell me I am good with people having behavorial issues. Maybe it's because I do not judge and feel that all of us have some kind of issue. Or maybe it is the "birds of a feather" effect!!
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    I can insert anything into anywhere with my eyes closed. IVs, catheters, NGs. I'm the gal they call for difficult IV starts -- I've always had a knack for them even when I was a new grad, do I ended up being asked to do lots and now it's one of those things I'm known for being able to do.
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    You all rock!! I love this thread! :-)

    I am diplomatic, clear headed, do not excite easily, and can start an IV in just about anyone.
    (and I am funny----well, I think I am anyways........LOLOLOLOL)
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    I can drop NG tubes like a master ninja at this point.
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    I am a new grad on my 5th week of orientation in L&D. I have been getting a lot of compliments from my preceptor and other nurses on the unit that I am a quick learner and have great assessment and critical thinking skills. Three nurses have come up to tell me that they have told my nurse manager about how great a job I am doing on my orientation. I also had a patient tell me that I am very organized and have a lot of patience.

    The positive feedback has helped me build more confidence.. although I know I still have a lot to learn.
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    I'm still on orientation in the ICU as a new grad (yikes) so I THRIVE on the little compliments here and there.

    I like to think that I'm a good thinker. I've also been told that I've got a calmness about me and that I'm more independent than most who start out in the ICU. I'll take it!
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    I pick up on things very quickly. I'm not necessarily the best IV starter but I have beautiful-looking IV sites. I have good assessment skills. I have also been good with calming patients down. We had a very distraught, newly confused patient who kept "escaping" from her room...so I walked around with them and eventually got them back into their room and calmed them down. We had another patient who was very upset with her nurse and I was in charge that night, so I went to talk to her...listened to her for an hour....but it calmed her down
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