Struggles with finding a nursing job....

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    A nursing degree today is a total waste. You will not get hired due to a lack of new grad programs, oversaturation of new grad RNs and an influx of forgein RNs. You will end up unemployed and in debt without any skills that you can use in any other market. Look it up. google "RN New Grads unemployed". NOBODY WILL HIRE NEW GRADS. The scant new grad opportunities that exist see HUNDREDS if applicants for 10-20 positions. Do not waste your something else----------the RN ship has sailed----it is over.
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    May I ask you about where do you live? I hear things back and forth and it scares me! I'm truly sorry you have had such a bad outcome with everything you have done to get through school and passing the NCLEX! I wish you luck!
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    Who is going to take care of the sick patients at the hospital? Who is going to take care of the baby boomers? MD's, RN's, NP's, etc. will always have a demand because people will always get sick.
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    If you're a new grad having a difficult time finding a job, I do hope you get one. My RN ship is still docked and is waiting for me to climb aboard. The economy is bad for a lot of careers (not just nursing). So I shrug my shoulders, hold my head up and still press on.
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    Can you tell me a career that will have jobs waiting for all new grads coming out of college? What areas should I consider instead of nursing?

    The way I see it.. the job market sucks across the board. Nursing will pick up again.
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    Sorry you feel that way. My plans have not and will not change. As others have said, the economy sucks for everyone. I'm not worried. This is my 2nd career, It took a while to get my first job as a new grad when I got my first degree too. Eventually I did. For all those that want to be nurses, do not be discouraged. And yes I do know new grads that have been hired recently. It took some of them a bit longer than they would like, but they are working. Just hold on to your dreams and do not let anyone discourage you!
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    I have a lot of older friends that just graduated college guess what? they all dont have jobs. I think i have a better chance at getting a job as a nurse than being lets say a sociology major. I know some nurses who have gotten internships/externships during summer and got a job there after they graduated. So you never know. We just have to wait out this bad economy and eventually it will get better.
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    The job market sucks period. The new grad job market is even worse. That being said, it is not exclusive to nursing..its to all new grads.
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    If you're a new grad, and I'm guessing you are, I hope you have luck in finding a job. I think that being a new grad RN now is no longer just about passing NCLEX and holding an ADN or BSN in hand. It's about who you know, EXACTLY WHAT YOU KNOW, how you present yourself, being able to look like a better applicant, speak like a better applicant, and interview like a better applicant, than the next person. It's about researching the job market for current Nursing students, realizing what you're up against, and planning accordingly.

    As an example, I will be graduating in 2013 with my BSN from ASU. New grad jobs are hard to find in Phoenix. My husband and I are holding off on doing any house buying or starting up his own business yet, because I have stressed the importance of just how likely it is that we may need to move out of this city or even state.

    The ship has not sailed, but the economy is in the tank, which affects all jobs. In 10 years, some of the RNs that have held off on retirement will finally need to retire. New grads will have jobs. They will find jobs. It may not be the perfect job, but there will be jobs out there, and there are right now.

    Perseverance is weeding people out though, and I believe there is kind of a "survival of the fittest" going on right now in terms of new grads being hired.
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    Nursing degrees open up lots of doors. There are nurses getting a BSN just because they want to go straight into a MSN-JD or MSN-MBA program, or maybe there is a nurse who wants to go into Pharm sales. You never know and I just don't think it was very nice what you said.
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