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  1. blondielocks

    choosing a state

    Hi there, I live in WA and I know the DOH (we don't have a board of nursing, ours is thru the Dept of Health) takes the position that they cannot truly give you an answer until you actually go to apply for your license. That said I would probably still call and talk to someone. :) good luck and keep us posted. :)
  2. blondielocks

    Seattle U or Mass Gen IHP (Boston)

    I do not have an opinion to share but wanted to say I'm glad to see someone considering Seattle vs. Boston because I'm working on pre-reqs now & planning things out (financially speaking), and have pretty much determined I want to go to school here in WA or want to move to New England for school, and am looking at both Boston College & MGHIP. I'm excited to see what others have to say. Good luck either way on what your decision is, and please keep us posted!
  3. Hi everyone, was wondering if anyone has any experience, or knows, whether or not where you get a job is affected by where you went to school? I am currently in the Pacific Northwest & recently decided to start considering direct-entry master's programs. I am interested in becoming a PMHNP. I have kind of narrowed down 2 schools that really stick out for me - Seattle University & Boston College. Obviously these are 2 places totally opposite sides of the country. Would going to either school impact job offers, geographically speaking?
  4. blondielocks

    Lowest-cost online science pre-reqs?

    Hello, I'm trying to gather what my best options are for taking pre-reqs online. I need the following: Chemistry (general) w/ lab A&P I and II w/ lab Microbiology w/lab Pathophysiology I have found them for $215/credit hour @ Rio Salado Online. Anyone else found these courses online? I am paying OOP for all of my pre-reqs and trying to get my consumer debt (including car loan) paid off before I begin applying to NS, so I am really hoping to keep the bill for these down as low as possible. And I know taking them online might not be the most ideal situation however it is an absolute must for me because I'm unable to have a set schedule w/ my employer, so cannot take in-person courses.
  5. Hi everyone, Wow, I can't believe it has been six and a half years since I first joined this site. I ended up completing my BS in Sociology from Arizona State. But, I *still* want to become a nurse!! A lot of things happened over the last 6.5 years for me but I just can't shake this feeling of really feeling I am meant to become a nurse. I have considered APN - CRNA, PMHNP, etc. But I have realized that more than anything I want to be a NURSE first and foremost. I decided I would look at ABSN & EL-MSN programs. My God!! They are SOOOO EXPENSIVE. I cannot believe how much money these things cost. I am already in debt for my first bachelors degree. I do not want to go into much more debt for another one. I am 27 now (turn 28 in May). I have made some major changes in my life that I think will allow me to do what is necessary to become a nurse. I've downsized my living expenses (gotten rid of smart phone plan, moved to 500 sq ft apt) and am working aggressively at paying off some CC debt I racked up in college (a few thousand) + paying off my car loan (had my past car for 11 years and it took a dump on me a year ago). I think if I save up enough to pay rent for 2 years then I could work p/t in NS to pay other bills. But, I still need to do my pre-reqs. I have calculated it out and can finish the science pre-reqs in 1-2 years depending on my current work schedule and when the classes are offered at the local community college. Then I would apply for the ADN program *at* the community college. My local CC does things via a lottery so I would possibly be accepted to start in the Fall of 2018, but maybe not? The pre-reqs will cost me $2k out of pocket and then NS would be about $7-8k and I would graduate in 2 years w/ my ADN. My state now offers a direct-transfer program w/ state universities so I could get a job as an RN and hopefully my employer would pay for me to do a bridge RN-BSN thru Washington State University (its mostly online). And then I could work for 3-4 years as an RN and decide after that if I want to go into advanced practice nursing or not. The thing is, that is looking at possibly 4 years until I would be an RN, plus another year for my BSN which I understand is very much highly-regarded. I feel I'm not getting any younger but I can't imagine spending 50-100K (going in debt bc I would have to take loans out) just to become a nurse any faster. I have become very much averse to taking on more debt. My 1st undergrad degree was very expensive b/c I went out of state. So, I guess my question is - it this silly? Am I stupid to waste additional time (years)? I really want to be a nurse. I want to help people. I feel 4 years is a long time but then I think, I've been wanting to do this for 6 years. Where will I be in 4 years if I dont pursue this now? I just can't see going into so much debt to get it done any quicker.
  6. blondielocks

    Switching careers and interested in psychiatric NP

    Don't MDs have 4 yrs of undergrad + 4 yrs of med school? To be an NP, especially if you are doctorally-prepared, you have 4 yrs undergrad (more, if your degree is ABSN) and 4 years of graduate preparation? I don't advocate for equal pay for NPs and psychiatrists, because NPs are designed to be midlevel providers, but I do think that in terms of length of education, it works out to be within 1 year of each other.
  7. blondielocks

    Getting the "feel" of different direct-entry programs?

    I am looking at psychiatry. There are a few programs that offer a dual FNP/PMHNP track which I am interested in, because I feel that the FNP portion can help me be a better provider when it comes to the psychiatric side of things, but if a school did not have the option to go dual w/ FNP, I would be ok with that. I am especially concerned because it seems most programs offer the psych portion at a distance. I know Vandy does...which is a shame because I think I would really like Vandy. Another school I'm considering is OHSU in Portland (I want to be able to get a DNP). Even though you are going into a different specialty than what I'm interested in, bbcc, what has been the "feel" you got from Vandy? Does it seem like the nursing school functions in a more traditional manner?
  8. Hi all, Hopefully this is the right forum for this question. I'm finishing up pre-reqs in preparation to apply to direct-entry programs for summer 2014. I will be completing a BS in Sociology this summer from Arizona State University. I have been considered an "on-campus" student for tuition purposes but have taken all but 2 of my classes online. I have not really enjoyed the online "learning" environment. I see that many of the direct-entry schools teach the RN portion in-person but leave the graduate portion to be taught online, available "at a distance." I do not want that in a graduate program. I really want to attend a school that is somewhat tight-knit, where the professors/teachers are approachable and care about students. I want to attend lectures and take notes and study in the library. I guess I want to do all the things that I didn't get to do in my undergrad because I honestly feel that my undergrad education is lacking because I have taken online courses. Can anyone recommend how to get a "feel" for different grad programs so I can attempt to narrow down my applications?
  9. blondielocks

    Interesting Physician Perspective On NPs

    I know this thread is a little dead but I wanted to add a coment re: the South, cost of living, and low salaries. AZ and NM are both indy practice states with equally low, if not lower (esp. AZ) cost of living than the SE. Also high salaries. Sad, because I love the south and would love to live there but as a future PMHNP hopeful, I've just completely crossed it off my radar.
  10. Hi all, I am beginning to narrow down my school applications. I am looking for direct-entry PMHNP programs. Is there a comprehensive list anywhere? I have tried searching google, but to no avail. Maybe we could start one, and include details on if it's adult/family and if it offers DNP? Here are the ones I know of: Seattle University - MSN; adult (addictions focus) OHSU (Portland, OR) - MSN or DNP; family
  11. Hi all, I have a question for anyone with insight/experience/etc - does where you go to NP school (geographically speaking) affect where you can practice? I know it would not legally affect it, but I mean, in terms of jobs. I want to practice somewhere with mild winters and frequent sunshine/warmth - somewhere in the southern half of the US, most likely. If I attended school in my home state (WA) or somewhere in the midwest/northeast, do you think I would have difficulty garnering employment right out of school that was far away?
  12. blondielocks

    Seattle U - APNI 2013

    Sandrabeth - thank you for the feedback. It is much appreciated. I have just accepted a position in DuPont where I will be working until I get into nursing school - hopefully Summer 2014. I've been thinking A LOT about this because I'm a planner/type-A, and despite the money saved, I think everyone's advice is right when they say to just suck up the cost and find a way to have a studio/crashpad in Seattle. Good luck to everyone who is applying for the 2013 cohort! :)
  13. blondielocks

    Geographic Mobility as a Psych NP

    Hi all, I am finishing up my pre-reqs right now. I'm undecided on what type of nursing program I want to pursue. Originally I thought CRNA but after some soul searching I decided that's not really where my heart lies. I have a strong interest in psychiatry and integrative medicine. I'd like to some day have my own practice, and I really feel that becoming a Psych NP is where I would function best and most enjoy. My question is this - what kind of geographic mobility is allowed for NPs, specifically, Psych NP? Is tele-psychiatry popular enough that you could base a practice off of it? I have spent time in Washington state and Arizona, and my heart is so torn between these two places, that ideally, I could spend half of the year in WA and the other half in AZ. Is this feasible? What about travelling - do psych NPs travel, like travel nurses do? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  14. blondielocks

    Seattle U - APNI 2013

    Hi everyone- I am looking at Seattle U for a 2014 start. I currently live in Olympia, and am finishing pre-reqs at SPSCC. I also am finishing my last semester of my Bachelors degree at Arizona State. I'm interested in the Psych NP program. I know it's obviously early for my time but I wanted to reach out and wish everyone luck. Also, I have a question - will anyone be commuting? My SO and I do not have to pay rent or utilities because he gets housing through his work. It just seems like such a far commute from Oly to Seattle, but the whole "free rent" really makes me wnat to stay down here. I've considered renting a small studio in Seattle but even that appears it will put me back about 800 a month. What is everyone else's living/commuting situation like?
  15. blondielocks

    Trying to become NP or DNP educator with BAD background

    I am not a nurse yet (still taking my pre-reqs) but I just wanted to say kudos to you for being responsible and logical about everything, and I wish you the best of luck.
  16. blondielocks

    How to pay for nurse anesthetist school (CRNA)?

    You will more thank likely have to take out loans. There are federal loans for grad school (Grad Plus, I think?) as well as private loans to help with the cost of living expenses if necessary. Will your husband be able to support the household on solely his income while you are in CRNA school? That will be a determining factor in whether or not you take out minimal loans or a maximum amount. Some will say you need not worry until you are at that point however from a purely financial aspect - worry now. Better to worry now and plan, than wait until two days before you start the program. Try saving if possible, although for most people, it is difficult to save enough to cover all costs. I've been interested in CRNA school for about 3 years now, just been trucking along and keeping updated on it for myself, knowing that one day it will happen. In that time, I have not come across any grants or scholarships available. You could contact the prospective schools and ask them. The FA offices there should be a big help. Also, keep in mind state v. instate, private v. public when looking. You have other options to - military and USPHS (they are not military, but they are a uniformed service who will repay loans up to a certain amount, under some circumstances). What area of the country are you in? What is you and your husbands financial life like now? Not to pry or be rude but just trying to help you out as much as possible. Unfortunately some people are not polite about CRNA inquiries on here :)