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  1. GSU Fall 2012

    breezy! can you ask him about the point system like what gets you 10 points for the TEAS and GPA because I'm not sure who to ask.
  2. GSU Fall 2012

    @mybebe001, are you applying for ACE or traditional?
  3. GSU Fall 2012

    how do we send our scores?
  4. GSU Fall 2012

    aww i wish we could've met! I got a 92 the first time but i decided to retake it because my science was lower than the rest of my scores plus im only a freshman and ill be competing with other students with the same or better GPA and have more pre-r...
  5. GSU Fall 2012

    i was in the second row! i was soo tired too but i didn't think it was too bad. you choose the one you want them to see on the application so it doesnt really matter. :)
  6. GSU Fall 2012

    hey breezy! i took it today again too. where were you sitting? and do you know if our scores are automatically sent to gsu since we took it there?
  7. anyone applying to Georgia state Spring 2012 program?

    Does ATI directly send it to the school you are applying to? I'm always paranoid that my scores will get lost. Also do any of you guys know if you need to have SPECIFIC classes done before i'm allowed to apply?
  8. Biology instead of Chemistry?

    I think your schedule is too much. It's 17 credit hours. Do you work as well? Doesn't each math class require 3 hours a week at the MILE? I think you should drop a math.
  9. ADN after graduating?

    Where I live ADN programs are just as competitive as the BSN programs. There are so many people that want to get into nursing now so they only let the best of the best get in. Some look at overall GPA and some only look at pre-req GPA. you really nee...
  10. How does this plan of action sound?

    I think that sounds like a good schedule! You really need a 4.0 in all those Fall classes and a high TEAS score. Cause those are the only grades the advisors will see and give you points for. I'll be applying for fall 2012 too, hopefully we both get ...
  11. Making a career change and I'm nervous

    Ummm well I'm only a pre-nursing student but I can sort of answer your question. No, it's not going to be easy to find a job after you graduate. There is a huge glut of new grad nurses and I know a new nurse who graduated in 2009 and still can't find...
  12. Finally found my dream, but...

    Oh yeah i know some professors do that if you show how interested you are/how much you need the class. I'm taking robertson for English. btw what do you know about FLC's? Were you in one? I joined the Pre-Nursing 1 FLC so I had all the classes reserv...
  13. Finally found my dream, but...

    you need to check constantly, because i always see people dropping classes. I'll be taking A+P 1, Chem 1, English 1 and College Algebra. I'm so excited to begin. We'll be in the same class if you get into Anatomy!
  14. Finally found my dream, but...

    Congrats! Are you going to take your pre reqs at gsu? Cause I am starting this fall and we might be taking a class together.
  15. Finally found my dream, but...

    I'm pretty sure that community college is much cheaper than georgia state. You could always take your pre reqs in a cheaper place and then transfer.