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  1. Highschoolfuturenurs


    Definitely get your BSN. I see a lot of people on here say that getting your ADN is cheaper and you can just get your employer to pay for your BSN. But you need to be realistic, with this economy new grads are having a hard time even getting hired. Employers might have paid for your BSN back then but that is no longer true. I think getting your BSN will make you more competitive plus you can get more experience as a cna which will look better when you are applying for jobs.
  2. Highschoolfuturenurs

    What should I do? Can I get in?

    Most of the BSN programs in my area are really competitive and won't look at your application if you don't have a minimum of a 2.8 GPA. You should look for programs that ONLY look at your pre-req grades and make sure you get A's in all the sciences because those are the most important. You have a lot of C's in your pre-req grades which is not good. Some programs look at you overall (not just grades) so maybe if you get a lot of volunteer experience, a good essay and recs along with fluency in another language then you may have a chance. :)
  3. Highschoolfuturenurs

    How do I respond to a poorly written request to be a nursing student?

    The caps just make this message worse.
  4. Highschoolfuturenurs

    3+1 BSN programs

    1 year of pre-reqs and 3 years of nursing school versus the 2 years of pre-reqs and 2 years of nursing school.
  5. Highschoolfuturenurs

    3+1 BSN programs

    What are your thoughts on them? I always hear that what makes nursing school hard is the little amount of time for SO MUCH information. Does a 3 year program lessen that problem? I am undecided about going to a 2+2 BSN program or a 3+1 program. I would love to hear your experiences and opinions on both type of programs. Thanks
  6. Highschoolfuturenurs

    just venting ove my Chem grade...

    sorry for getting off topic. I feel like a lot of people have a difficult time with chemistry so its okay and you're not alone!
  7. Highschoolfuturenurs

    just venting ove my Chem grade...

    Yeah i figured that out and edited my answer when i re-read the question. I absolutely love chemistry!
  8. Highschoolfuturenurs

    just venting ove my Chem grade...

    Actually, K and I form an ionic bond. Potassium loses an electron to iodine and iodine gains one so the answer is D :) EDIT: oh and the reason you would know this is because Iodine needs only one more valence electron to complete it's outer shell so it will TAKE the electron from potassium while potassium only has 1 valence electron so it easily gives the electron away.
  9. Highschoolfuturenurs

    Very confused Nursing or MD?

    Well those doctors that knew their specialty since they were 15 years old were passionate about the profession. You made it clear that your only reason for wanting to become an MD is for the money. Come back here 12 years from now when your done with your studies and let us know if you made it.
  10. Highschoolfuturenurs

    Worried about not having a 4.0? DONT!

    I agree. A person going to a CC with a 4.0 GPA should not have the upper hand over a student going to a university like lets say Emory or Johns Hopkins and ending up with a 3.6 GPA. It just doesn't make sense. In high school I have worked my BUTT off to have my 3.8 GPA but I've also taken 10 AP classes which were extremely difficult. When I applied to colleges, they look at my course rigor. They don't just accept someone with a 4.0 GPA who only took on-level classes they ALWAYS give the uppernhand to the person who took the AP's but has a slightly lower GPA. The same consideration should be taken when someone is applying to a nursing program. Yes some CC's are difficult and I think it's a great place to go to save money but I don't think it would be right to say that a 4.0 GPA is equal to a 3.7 GPA at an extremely difficult university or an ivy.
  11. Highschoolfuturenurs

    Community College or University...that is the question

    Good luck with everything! :)
  12. Highschoolfuturenurs

    Georgia State University, Fall 2011 Application

    Thank you kel3! You were right. It's only for ACE not traditional.
  13. Highschoolfuturenurs

    Georgia State University, Fall 2011 Application

    Congratulations to everyone on their acceptances! Hopefully I can meet you all one day. I have a quick question though, I don't get what this means "Completion of core course requirements for a Bachelor of Science with a major in Nursing degree as outlined in the current Georgia State University Undergraduate Catalog." Is it saying that I have to have all my general ed courses done before entering the nursing program? Because in their Generic fall schedule it includes electives that we have to take in order to graduate so i thought i could do my general ed requirements while im in nursing school. i'm really confused.
  14. Highschoolfuturenurs

    Georgia State University, Fall 2011 Application

    couldn't you join an flc too, where your classes are reserved? I've looked at the course schedule and all of the core and nursing classes I need all have space available.
  15. Highschoolfuturenurs

    Can anyone please me I'm undecided about nusing and pre-med?

    Maybe no one on earth understands you because you aren't really making sense. Nursing is not like any other major that you can just take and then change to pre-med. It doesn't work that way. You will probably be doing PRE NURSING which is not the same thing. There's no way you can do the pre-requisites and nursing school in two years. So your idea about having nursing as a "back up" plan isn't going to work. Just saying. I don't see why you HAVE to major pre-med if you want nursing as your backup, you can use a nursing degree and still go to med-school without doing pre-med.