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Hey everyone, As I stated earlier, I am planning on going the Excelsior route and am currently waiting for my transcripts to be reviewed. One of my friends told me that a fellow co-worker told him that Excelsior is a rip off... Read More

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    Utica and I loved it!! Small hospital and everyone who worked there very friendly and helpful. I also took Sheri Taylor's online and in person workshop and definetly could not have passed without it. By the time I did CPNE I could do each lab in 7 min or under and I could do care plans without the Mosby's-thanks to Sheri's help with care plans.
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    EC grad from 1988. We had 8 people at our exam and 3 did not pass. I did fail one of my pts, but went on to pass the second 'make up.' (I didn't re-assess the breath sounds after cdb a lol, because she felt like she was going to pass out. Had I told the instructor why I skipped that part, I would have been ok, but I didn't. MY bad), but I passed the first time. One did not make the first session with the IV's. Another with their pt's. They failed the first and the make up. It is nervewracking, especially when you are given a time frame to complete things.

    Also, back then, the BSN had to do the CPNE as well. I decided right there and then, a brick and morter would be easier, lol. At least you can have an off day at a clinical and not fail.

    However, if you keep your cool and focus, you can do it. I don't know if it's the same now as it was back then, but there was no break, that second day, taking care of pts. We went from one to another with zero break. No lunch, etc..It was like being on the job.

    Know the care plans, what their criteria is for EVERY skill. You have to be able to be recall it under stress. If you study, you will do fine.
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    The current pass rate for the CPNE is 61% (Exam Details for CPNE - excelsior.edu)

    However, pass rates for students taking Lynn or Sheri's workshops are 97% and up according to their respective websites, and I have yet to hear of or speak with a student who took a workshop and failed. I think some students go in with the attitude of "I've been a nurse for x amount of years, so I don't have to study". I certainly don't believe that Ec "fails you for money", but since you don't get clinicals, they understandably want to make sure that you can apply everything you learn in a clinical setting and *actually* function as an RN. There's only one way to test that, y'all. Frankly, I'm glad it so "hard".

    I am submitting my application today and my plan is to practice so much that muscle memory kicks in no matter how nervous I get. I also have the added advantage that to become a military medic, you had to go through a similar ordeal.
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    Quote from tnmarie
    ........I think some students go in with the attitude of "I've been a nurse for x amount of years, so I don't have to study"......
    EXACTLY! I was told this very thing by an excelsior grad who failed on attempt 1 then realized it wasn't about how long she had been a nurse in the hospital setting, but about her know what "excelsior" wanted her to know.
    Even though she failed before passing she had nothing but positive things to say about the program.
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    Quote from Raisin331
    I've passed 2 of the nursing tests so far and have been reading horror stories about CPNE (I know I shouldn't be worrying about it just yet, can't help myself!). So glad to read some positive experiences!
    I am in the same boat as you, Raisin. Two things are making me look past the negative I have read regarding the CPNE. First one being all the positive experiences I have read on this site (I'm so relieved I found this site)and my second being my devotion. I will pass all exams on the first try, I will pass my CPNE on the first try, and I will pass my state boards on the first try...I can do this and so can you! We've got this
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