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Hey everyone, As I stated earlier, I am planning on going the Excelsior route and am currently waiting for my transcripts to be reviewed. One of my friends told me that a fellow co-worker told... Read More

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    I know the original post is older, but I had to respond.

    If everyone was failed during the CPNE, then no one in existence would be able to call oneself a graduate of Excelsior's ASN degree program. So, since many people have earned the ASN degree through Excelsior, the assertion that everyone has failed the CPNE is blatantly false.

    The number of people who have passed the CPNE on the first attempt is numerous.
    /Agree. First time passer here, no workshop beforehand either. Didn't fail a single PCS or station and did the whole program in 6 months. This is before the FCCA and other added courses, back in the stone age when California was still OK with excelsior. :P
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    Quote from katy c
    does anyone think their experience as an LPN has helped them in the cpne settting?
    I was an LPN for 19 years, worked on a very busy rehab floor in LTC & was the MDS/care plan nurse at the time. This combination was invaluable to the CPNE. Seemed like everyone in my group struggled thru the care plans but me. I did not take a workshop. Nearly had the Excelsior study guide memorized & passed everything first time. I had no ideas if the others passed because I was the first one to leave Sunday. I was way more nervous than I ever get over anything but in hindsight, it was actually pretty easy.
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    Like the others from the stone age, , no study guide, just the blue book. I dIdn't find it easy because of the pressure to get it right the first time, and time constraints. But excelsior doesn't ask a nurse to do challenging tasks at the actual bed side.
    Study care plans, so you can rattle them off quickly.

    Out the six in my class, two failed. Two others failed a portion (lab and patient respectively) but passed the second attempt.
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    Quote from tokmom
    Like the others from the stone age, , no study guide, just the blue book. I
    I wish I still had my blue book. Would be fun to go back. And my VHS tape.
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    I read somewhere that the EC pass rate is 61% but that people who use social media for peer support and take a workshop are at a 83% pass rate.
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    Hope the numbers are accurate because that is very encouraging
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