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  1. Excelsior.edu Log in and go to register for exams and choose the practice exam registration
  2. Excelsior

    I've had instructors that did nothing but read the powerpoints from the screen and didn't teach me a thing, I had to read and learn the subject myself. If you study you will learn, you can teach yourself and you will remember and use the stuff you l...
  3. LPN

    Read through the nursing catalog from Excelsior. I don't think you need to be enrolled to take pre-requisite courses like anatomy and micro and english, but the sciences must be taken through Excelsior or an accredited college. Look at geneva colleg...
  4. LPN to RN in Michigan with Excelsior

    Review sciences for the teas, there are some good videos on YouTube by Mandi Parker and AnatomyGMC. That should get you through the teas with no problem. If you need any pre-reqs look at CLEP exams. Information Literacy English 103 at Davar academ...
  5. Texas

    The added Lubbock back in!!!
  6. Help with Cpne

    They just added another site back in so the wait times may go down somewhat.
  7. Books for FCCA

    I used sg with no problems. The books are all the same ones you use for the nursing exams.
  8. Health Safety Exam

    I used study group101, EC practice exams, and got an A on health safety.
  9. Excelsior RN enrolment

    4-upon enrolment and reading a lot about the program here, i finally chose the multi option and was expecting to be able to pay the 8 remaining tests at about $365-395.each. i saw the price of some of the tests at $1600-1900 each. Am i missing any...
  10. Excelsior to boost undergrad gpa?

    Only California does not accept the Excelsior ADN, but the BSN is accepted by them.
  11. Passed health and safety

    I read somewhere the other day that the opinion has changed on the order. I think is was studygroup101 who suggested Health safety before the transitions because of the changes to the exam for this year. I heard the new transtion has 25 sata questi...
  12. Reproductive Health

    I though reproductive was one of the easier ones. I used the content guide, practice exams and studygroup101 and got an A.
  13. English comp for nursing professionals

    straighterline has an english comp thats supposed to be accepted. It might be easier than the exam but I don't know. Excelsior College Course Equivalency Guide | StraighterLine
  14. Microbiology exam Excelsior college

    I think she meant the workbook that goes with the textbook.
  15. A&P in one test or two

    I scored a 50 and a 54 on the practice exams on this one and got an A on the real exam. Its doable!!!