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Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

  1. 14 EC grads,

    Post your year of graduation and your specialty/specialties. I'll go first:

    I've been a Level II/III Neonatal ICU nurse since graduation in January '06.

    Update 10/2015: I've worked for a large Level IV NICU since 2009, where I've had both bedside and staff development educator roles. Although I just finished a master's degree in nursing education (from EC), I am currently enjoying a role as a bedside nurse. I'm considering more school - trying to decide between the nurse practitioner route or the Ph.D./tenure-track faculty route.
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    Grad 2000 (I was a non degree RN, challened the board back in the days when you could challenge them with military training)

    I"m currently workin in a city ER. I spent the last 6 years as a Director of Nursing. I've worked SICU, Transport/flight, OR and even Urology.
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    1997- work as a NP in radiology.... did a bit of everything er, ICU but started working in radiology 1999.
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    Graduated in 99. Had been an LPN for four years before that. Have been primarily working in Dialysis, Home Care and Hospice for a year or so. Just began a Med/Surg position this week. Actually still in general orientation and can't wait to be finished with that.
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    I graduated in 1998 (LPN for the previous 20 years), and have worked in outpt oncology, administering chemotherapy, ever since (both in the U.S. and Europe). I am an OCN, and train lots of new nurses in the field...
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    Graduated in 2005 April. LPN since 2003. Working in telemetry. Now doing RN-BSN .Should be done by Dec. YUPPY
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    Graduated in 2004. Was a LPN for 8 years prior to that. Currently working in critical care, and as an adjunct clinical educator. Finishing up BSN at a brick & mortar, then on to MSNed.
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    Graduated 2005, NEVER regretted it....worked ER/ICU, teach LVN/VPN school, working on MSN!!! Congrats to all us "independent thinkers" !!!
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    Graduated from EC with my ADN in September 2003.
    I was an LPN/LVN for 7 years prior in med/surg and some LTC.
    Since getting my RN I've stayed in SICU, MICU, and more recently, PACU.
    I will graduate with my BSN from a local state university at the end of this spring semester.
    Counting down the days.
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    Graduated December 2006. Was previously a Respiratory Therapist for 15 years. I now work ER/ICU.
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    Sigh.. I feel old!!! I graduated in 1989 when it was Regents. :P Currently working as an RN in outpatient urgent care but I've worked pretty much every adult unit you can think of over the years.
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    Graduated in Feb 2007. I am an RN supervisor in a ECF/skilled facility where I was working as and LPN for the passed seven years.
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    i notice alot of ppl here have many years of experience under there belt.

    I am looking at EC but i will be a new LPN grad when I start... am i crazy?

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