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CSLee3 has 10 years experience and specializes in Instructor/ER/Sports Med.

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  1. CSLee3

    Relocation to Austin.....any advice?

    oh yeah, Texas Orthopedics is always looking for good pacu nurses, they have several surgical centers in austin area.
  2. CSLee3

    Relocation to Austin.....any advice?

    prob 25-30 hr plus diffs. You will have to barter with them. Also, those hospitals take a while to get through HR. Another way to speed up process is meet dept managers in person or call/fax resume, kind of sneaky around HR. Check www.statesman.com for jobs and craiglists.
  3. CSLee3

    Relocation to Austin.....any advice?

    Hi....Austin is an awesome and beautiful town. Healthcare jobs go up and down, but there is always something for experienced nurses. Lots of agencies and home health. The big hospitals...St. Davids (HCA owned!!!!) Seton (Catholic owned, not for profit) S&W Hospitals (not for profit research/med school) have campuses all over. I live Northside, like it better than south. Also you have UT health center..big. Heart Hospital, Ortho places, lots of surgical centers. I have worked in all three at one time or another, the non profits S & W and Seton are much better in my opinion. Seton has magnet status. Look at Round Rock Seton WIlliamson hospital and Round Rock Scott and White Hospital, you will love them. Just run from the HCA facilities. understaffing and corporate bottom dollar at its best. You can PM me for more info. Happy hunting, go get them. Brackenridge is the Trauma Center run by Seton, owned by the city if you like that environment. If you like BIG, go to Temple, just up the road to S & W. one of the largest level one hospitals in the state with med school ( A&M). ERDude
  4. CSLee3

    ASN vs ADN and another question

    There is no such thing as "ADN". It funny because nursing programs all refer to the ADN department or ADN program. The Degree you are pursuing is ASN or AASN. If you go to a University, you will be pursuing a BSN not BDN. See....kind of silly right. It actually takes away from the validity of the degree earned! ASN or AASN is a degree. ADN is just a generic term for 2 year associate degree program usually taught at community colleges and some universities. Hope that helps. Peace
  5. FYI, if anyone is waiting on TC, Temple College LVN letters of acceptance going out today. Good Luck to all who applied at Temple and Taylor campuses.
  6. CSLee3

    round rock texas s&W

    Scott and White in Round Rock is a great hospital. Everything I have seen about it....as a patient and nurse. They do hire frequently RNs mainly, however, some LVNs slots and clinic slots throughout the building and an annex across the street. My preference (and it is just an opinion...no offense here to anyone)...is non-profits like Scott and White and Seton (Catholic) are better to work for with less stress than say...St Davids....which is owened by HCA and the all mighty dollar is the only concern. Best of luck to you. ERDude
  7. CSLee3

    Austin Community College - ACC - Spring '11 hopefuls

    If you get tired of fooling with ACC, check out Temple College @ Taylor, just up the road in Willimason County. Excellent School and track record. Cheaper, smaller classes, more clinical time in more area and 4:22 faculty teaching ratio.
  8. CSLee3

    I'm in Austin.....please read

    Temple College @ Taylor has the one of the best if not the best LVN programs in the state with an unparalled nclex and hesi pass rate. No traffic as you are going away from Austin. Small classes and excellent clincial sites. Tuition is reasonable. Nursing Faculty to student ratio is about 4:22 Hope that helps... ERDude7
  9. EC grad here....funny how people ramble on about EC.....HELLO, they started distance learning and have been doing this since 1973! Now all the major Nursing programs in the USA have some form of distance learning and brag about their program and how they are "leading the way" or "new technology"....please! EC grads show the world every day...we can... and do ...prepare for just about anything!!! We rock! ERDude:)
  10. CSLee3

    Scott and white Temple Scrub colors

    LVNs at Scott & White Hospital have to wear Royal Blue scrubs. Not sure about S & W UMC (Round Rock ) Hosptial. ERDude
  11. CSLee3

    The RN-BSN self-torture comes to a close ...

    LUNAHRN....since so many of us did A & P and Micro through EC....look at University of Texas @ El Paso (UTEP). The give RN's (regardless of where you got your ADN) lots of credit, NO MATH, A&P or MICRO! The Distance Learning Department is really nice and will actually talk to you on the phone, email. etc... http://nursing.utep.edu/onlinenursing.html ERDude
  12. CSLee3

    FNP Program?

    Texas Tech Health Science Center University of Texas @ ElPaso UT @ Arlington Texas A & M @ Corpus Chrisit
  13. CSLee3

    College for nursing

    MamaX2...here is my 2 cents....Look at the tuition cost per school. 2. look at the driving distance to each from your home and or work. 3. check with your state board of nursing and look at thier pass rates (nclex) for each school to see if there is a school that consistantly puts out higher scoring students.4. Look at their clinical sites, compare the experiences you would be getting at each site.5. Do they have an up-to-date Simulation Lab, Computer Lab and Smart-Classroom, Pod_casting, etc. for student support? 6. Check the reputation of each school with REAL practicing people like nurses, therapists, mangers and such. With all that you can make a choice. One I didnt mention, but depending the competition level is what are your odss of getting in to school A versus School B. Getting in to a sunpar school and becoming a nurse is better than waiting on a waiting list somewhere for a dream school. Good luck. Don't let anything stand in your way. Go for it!!! ERDude
  14. CSLee3

    TEAS at Weatherford College

    Very similiar to HESI but more thorough and more difficult. A good tool used by schools! Try this website, they might have something for you....free. www.testprepreview.com ERDude
  15. CSLee3

    I cannot do med/surg anymore

    Zoo*mom...you need a vacation...well deserved I am sure. Think about teaching LPN, CNA, etc. Sometimes you do not need BSN or MSN depending where you are at. Also consider school nursing, which is a specialty in it's own. The beauty of nursing is....you can do various things as you know. Just hold your head up high, as you have done the lords work. Med-Surg is the backbone of nursing and one of the most important roles in the biz! For every good med-surg nurse, there have been numerous new nurses, students and the like mentor and train and learn from that one good nurse.....the cycle continues. Don't give up. We need you in the business. God Bless you... ERDude
  16. CSLee3

    Pa Vs Np?

    Here is the best article I've seen about the two. Hope that helps. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/10/jobs/10starts.html?_r=2&em&oref=slogin&oref=slogin