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    Hesi Exit Test

    Hello fellow educators....I am dealing with a dilema which I have no control over as I am a staff member, not administration, but it is just eating away at my concious. My community college uses the HESI exit exam for the ADN and LVN programs. Regardless of how good your GPA is, clinical performance and so on....along April or so, you have to pass a "exit exam" with a score of 850 or better in order to "Walk with your diploma". If you fail to pass the test you are allowed to take it again. If you fail again, you are out. Don't pass go, don't collect you monopoly money!!!! The problem I have with it, and I am not alone in this, IS>>> a couple of students each year per program, fails the HESI, despite being quality nursing students and according to the census of most instructors would pass the NCLEX with no problems. Other schools in our area use the HESi,but as a tool to help the students focus on their areas of weakness. I feel we should not leave it up to a third party vendor to make or break these kids, who have put their lives on hold, pawned everything they own, just to be one of us. Am I normal to feel this way? I have discussed it with other staff and told it is the policy of the college network, DON'T go there...etc. Your viewpoints would be appreciated. I just want my students to all have a shot at NCLEX after proving themselves to me, not a private vendor. ERDude
  2. Greetings...Has anyone in Texas received notice from The College Network that they failed to collect sales taxes for years of doing business in this state and now are trying to collect from former and current customers? They are sending out letters, and several of my coworkers at the hospital have recieved them, asking for unpaid sales tax. WOW, this is sad and shocking. Imagine buying something from home depot or walmart and they failed to collect sales tax, then years later call you and say they failed to collect taxes and pay the state of Texas, therefore you will have to pay. INCREDIBLE... ERDude, RN
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    TEAS at Weatherford College

    Very similiar to HESI but more thorough and more difficult. A good tool used by schools! Try this website, they might have something for you....free. www.testprepreview.com ERDude
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    I cannot do med/surg anymore

    Zoo*mom...you need a vacation...well deserved I am sure. Think about teaching LPN, CNA, etc. Sometimes you do not need BSN or MSN depending where you are at. Also consider school nursing, which is a specialty in it's own. The beauty of nursing is....you can do various things as you know. Just hold your head up high, as you have done the lords work. Med-Surg is the backbone of nursing and one of the most important roles in the biz! For every good med-surg nurse, there have been numerous new nurses, students and the like mentor and train and learn from that one good nurse.....the cycle continues. Don't give up. We need you in the business. God Bless you... ERDude
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    Pa Vs Np?

    Here is the best article I've seen about the two. Hope that helps. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/10/jobs/10starts.html?_r=2&em&oref=slogin&oref=slogin
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    Austin - Accelerated BSN programs????

    Texas Tech @ Hill Country has accelerated BSN program. All distance. They also just signed partnership with Temple College in Taylor (just Northeast of Austin). Tarelton at CTC-Killeen, UT AUstin, UT-SanAntonio ERDude
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    Austin nurses!

    I too, worked for Brack (Seton system)...hated it. The not-for-profit status means less money, cutting corners and ducking benefits to stay afloat and continue to serve a large austin population that doesn't pay, make an attempt to pay, and in fact abuses the system. If you take that residency, you will always regret, what might have been. On the other hand, experience is awesome. I also worked for St Davids, for-profit, so they have their own problems. I will say this.....if Labor and Delivery is what you want to do.....then jump at the chance. NAMC is a nice, newer hospital. The equipment is top notch and employment with St Davids is what you make of it. Kind of like the army....make it work or hate it. The benefits with such a national company is so-so but they are national. You can go to any state and find an HCA owned facility for the most part. Just my two bits. I was once offered a job in the ER and I jumped on it. I never looked back. It something is calling your name...jump on it. The nice thing with NAMC is if you hate that facility or the personnel, you usually can transfer to Round Rock or Georgetown. My wife is a L & D nurse with St Davids..for 21 years. Good luck, Austin is an awesome city with it's own culture. You will no doubt like it. ERDude
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    I wonder how Tracy and Firemedic are doing!

  9. FAMILY GUY...BOY YOU KNOW HOW TO OPEN A CAN! LETS GET ONE THING CLEAR....There are THOUSANDS of EC grads working in California right this moment. Until a few years back, when the State of California noticed EC had an enrollment of over 5,000 student nurses from California, that they decided they would rather keep the TUITION money in the state and therefore denied further EC recipriocity students, however, if you are educated in the faulklands, russia, phillipiness bosnia, etc. have at it right. The "no clinical" roation is a smoke screen put up by noninformed individuals. EC has no "clinical rotation" but rather the CPNE, which I am sure you and the Stanford lady on the plane could not pass. Nonetheless, there is no clinical rotations as the EC student has already proven themselves by being an LVN/EMTP/Corpsman/foreign educated Doctor. THE CPNE is to qualify their skills, which takes months of practice to even consider applying for. IT is funny that a state with mandatory staffing levels and chronic nursing shortages is dictating where you can and cannot go to school from. We all pass the sames NCLEX boards and walk to the same drum beat. Isnt it funny that EC is rated Exemplary Nursing School and most community college and universities are not. Gee, I suppose they paid them under the table for that one. Isn't it funny that most LVN/LPNs schools have more clinical hours than ADN and BSN programs, and isn't it funny that ADNs pass the NCLEX at a higher percentage than the BSN grads... (source, NCLEX and Tx BON). I personally know of 5 or so great nurses that have worked recently in California doing travel gigs and all are EC grads prior to 2005. IF EC was so dangerous, why can't people prior to 2005 be banned too. Politicians my friend. A fact of life. Ca Politiciansdont want tuition money to leave thier state. ...Like Excelsior College's motto says...."what you know is more important than where or how you learned it" ERDude, RN
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    I wonder how Tracy and Firemedic are doing!

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    Texas LVNS doing Excelsior College

    CLASSICDAME, I CAN'T BELIEVE A HOSPITAL PAYS YOU TO BE SO MISINFORMED!!! Excelsior College is part of the New York State University System and it's nursing program is over 35 years old! Not only is it NLN accredited, it is "Exemplary", is your alma mater "Exemplary" or merely accredited? EC has a very a strict Clincal Performance Exam (CPNE) that is very tough and designed to test the knowledge of potential Graduate Nurses. They offer ASN, BSN and MSN programs. The education is not "Spotty" unless you are "Spotty" as your courses are all done independently. They pass the CLINICAL Rotation minimal hours test in Texas as well as the nation because.....to qualify you must be an LVN/LPN or Paramedic, D.C., DDS, or other qualifying licensed individuals. Therefore, you already have say 900 (Texas) hours of clinical for the average LVN, so Excelsior verifys your license and your experience. BTW, LVNs in Texas almost always have more clinical hours than most ADN, BSN programs, usually around 1000-1200, plus 900-1000 classroom hours crammed into a year or 18 months. EC students must go to one of only a handful of Regionally accredited Testing centers at major hospitals with University affiliations. For instance, I traveled from Texas (Plano and Amarillo are Texas sites) to Racine WI, just to TEST. The Clinical Examiners are FULL TIME INSTRUCTORS for University of Wisconsion, at least when I went. Your are soooooo not informed. So before you further damage the reputation of the hospital you work for any further, please do a little research. You might be surprised how many bosses you have that may be EC grads! I know FNPs and MDs with EC degrees. EC is a college of choice for the US armed forces and a leader in Distance Education. Their NCLEX pass rate surpasses most institutions and only the strong survive. You wont find a better bunch of nurses than EC grads. LUBBOCK GAL.....welcome to the site, great question....is EC for you....hard to say.I am an Odessa boy and sure miss Taco Villa and the Red Raiders!!! If you are a indepedent learner and don't want to sit in a brick and mortar building for two years...jump on it. The thing you will find about EC is that there is a ton of networking, students helping students, alum helping students and so on. EC is great to work with and the cost IS NOT any more than a traditional college. I should know, I teach for an accredited nursing program. When you add up your tuition, gas, books, lab fees and such, you will run 10-20K at most public schools. I paid around 10K total, in which EC lets you finance part of your fees by spreading them out, plus you pay as you test, not all at once. Pay to register, then pay to test. Please call them and talk to them, the phone call is free. Visit their website www.excelsior.edu ERDude,RN:yeah: Excelsior College motto..."what you know is more important than where or how you learned it"
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    Austin Community College (ACC)

    WELCOME to the site! ACC is a large program and does serve a huge city. There waitlist is been getting shorter and shorter. It used to be years to even gt on the list. A lot has changed in the past year or two. Personally, I say check out Temple College, they have a campus in Taylor (only 20 miles from Austin). It is well worth the drive and less applicants to compete with. Their pass rate is better than most schools in the state and they do require HESI score of 850 or you cannot graduate either the LVN or ADN programs. Check it out and compare. Sorry I can't a be more specific with ACCs wait list but a friend of mine teachs there and I know they have be increasing their classes each year to accomadate more students. ERDude,RN:cool:
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    The College Network-collecting sales tax

    YOU GO SPADEQUEEN!!! Those people should be in jail for extortion. Crazy pricing, crazy interest and taking advantage of people. I am glad I used Chancellors when I was in EC. Yes, I paid a lot of money but at least it was interest free and I have the week long careplan practice lab in Indy, paid for. BTW, it was awesome week and really prepared me. I know Chancellors and the like aren't for everyone, but the difference between them and TCN is you know what you getting with them at half the cost of TCN and no interest. PLUS they send you a book at a time, whereas TCN sends them all up front so they can say you have all the "merchandise" not "pay up". What jerks. I hope the taxmax gets them soon! How is YOUR Studies going SPADEQUEEN? Hang in there. One of my Pals, TraciLVN is in Racine today! Wish her luck. I taught her "everything" she knows...LOL ERDude,RN:clown:
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    Would my LPN nursing books help? Fundementals of Nsg?

    TASHA, I happen to teach LVNs in Texas and I can say that your Fundamentals book is just fine. You would be shocked to see how little the LVN and RN program curriculum differ. Yes, the ADNs get more didactic in disease process, management, more projects and more non-essential nursing lessons. Nursing is Nursing. Some might disagree what I am about to say, but here it goes. I have seen this first hand in my computer lab. LVN student "accidently" signs on the RN hesi exam or NCLEX practice exam, and of course, passes. A good LVN can pass RN NCLEX any day, nursing is nursing. It is the little sheepskin that seperate the two jobs. Although I am an RN, I am always reminding myself where I came from and a strong advocate for LVN practice in this state. LVNs in this great state receive around 800-1200 hours of clinicals, depending on the college. This exceeds the ADN programs usually, in fact, usually exceeds the BSN clincals as well. I always say if you can pass LVN in 12 months (all that curriculum crammed in your head) then you can pass RN program with ease. Excelsior, On campus school, whatever. Use all your old books you can, save money CPNE, classes, CLEPs whatever. CPNE is an awesome experience and I am proud to have done it with no repeats. In fact, everyone in my group (8) all passed with no problems. Great bunch of LVNs and Medics we were! And when you get rolling and you need some CPNE lab help, I am not far from the "hood", feel free to PM me. ERDude,RN
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    CPNE sites?

    I live in Texas, near Ft Hood, but went to Racine Wis. Short wait, heard good things and "surenuff" as we say down here...it was an awesome site. Many coworkers of mine ended up in Racine and all passed and of course loved it. Small Hospital, small town and great people and staff. Funny thing is that Plano Texas has been doing this for a long time but lots of Texans end up in other places. Two girls I work with failed in Plano, not once but twice, then they went to Racine and passed. You will always hear stories about different places but they all are fair if you do your part. Best of luck. Pick a spot and practice, practice, practice. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It it the best feeling for which I cannot explain, when you get on that aircraft headed back to Texas, knowing you are a GN and ordering all the drinks in the airplane!!!:chuckle
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    Online bachelors degree

    check out UTEP (University of Texas @ El Paso) all online and they give RNs CREDIT for algebra, statistics, micro, chemistry, etc. FOR BEING an RN from accredited ADN program. You can print the courses required online and check out cost. VERY friendly and effective website. Know 2 grads and one current student there and they all love it. ERDude, RN:loveya:
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    New Nursing Student With Excelsior

    Congrats on getting enrolled! EC is a great program and it is what you make of it. That being said. I would recommend buying a "Chancellors" study guide online (ebay) or even new from Chancellors. Or you could buy The College Network, Rue, etc. These study guides are excellent and a shortcut to big text books. HOWEVER, you could pick up the recommended text used from amazon or yahoo discussion groups. What you will find is former Excelsior students helping new Excelsior students. Kind of Pay-it-forward mentality. At least it has been my experience. I completed EC years ago and wouldn't trade my experience for the world. There is support out there. Join EC dicussion groups, search ebay and other stores like amazon, half price books, etc. NOW, there is a lot of debate and basically opinion as to wether you should use a publisher, like Chancellors, to purchase your study guides from. Personally I purchased all my guides from Chancellors and never bought one text book. It was worth the money to me. Yes it is expensive, yes they finance and maybe yes, it is not necessary. But I prefered to have someone act in my best interest, keep my updated, sell me the most current stuff and oh yeah, provide me a week of CPNE training (boot camp) prior to my clinical exam (CPNE). Do what you think is right for you. I would buy a used guide first and see if it is a fit for you and you learn with that style. EC has pretty good telephone advisors that can answer most of your questions too. Good luck and hang in there. ERDude, RN
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    Hesi Exit Test

    If you really want to know the specifics of the HESI debate, find the article written by Dr. Spurlock titled "Do No Harm" High Stakes Testing in Nursing Education or something to that effect. He is an instructor with Mt. Carmel School of Nursing and researched this very topic extensively. I have purchased a copy of this and encourage everyone to do the same. Very informative and well written. Hats off to Dr. Spurlock! ERDude:bow:
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    Needing a Tubex!

    Chenospirit....yes that is what I am talking about. We order bulk from Pocket Nurse (I teach nursing) and they are very common in certain regional areas. For instance. Almost all narcotics in this area come in prefilled tubex's, so you need a tubex, carpujet or you can withdraw from the slim glass tubex into another syringe/needle combo. Pocketnurse sells different types and most to schools, ems and clinics. When I work in ER or ICU, I always have my own blue carpujet in my pocket, you never know what you might have to give. ERDude:coollook:
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    Needing a Tubex!

    We get ours from Pocket Nurse. It is a cool company and prices are good.
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    Temple College?

    No, it is not a necessity to have A & P 2 completed, just the three mentioned courses. However, all of the general ed course can be taken before hand and will actually lessen your load while in school! Pharmacology is a dept taught course once you are in the program. If I were applying, yes I would apply for the LVN and ADN both to get your foot in the door. TC as well as ACC have bridging or mobility tracks also distance learning is possible for LVn to RN. Both programs are competitive but the VN program is offered in WIlliamson and Bell Counties. The LVN program is 3 semesters, just one year! The LVn program selection is usually in Jan or Feb, and the A.D.N. is around April, May, so you have time to accept the VN and always decline in April if accepted to the A.D.N. program. Hope that helps. ALSO the computer science course can be taken online! Hope that helps. ERDude
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    Temple College?

    Cedar Park...nice area and yes, there are lots of Williamson County and Travis C unty students commuting to Temple rather than fight traffic going to Austin. TC has been around since 1926. They have one numerous awards and consistantly have some of the highest nclex pass rate in the state. Proof is in the pudding, public information, check at board of nurse examiners. Their simlab/mock hospital is unbeatible and their rotations sites the same (including the only level one trauma center outside of San Antonio or Dallas, Houston). With that being said, I commuted from Travis County and don't regret it. Awesome experience. Go to thier website to read the selection criteria. www.templejc.edu NOW to answer the question, Temple is 1/4 the size of Austin, therefore the number of seats available versus applicants puts you in better odds of getting in. At least in my simple mind and opinion. The biggest criteria is the NET test scores. Also, your prereq grades are taking into consideration. It does help to live in the Temple district, however half the classes are from South or North of Temple up the I35 cooridor. Usually people commute once you meet people in your class. Also all prereqs and general ed classes can be taken in Williamson County (Taylor Campus). Some are offered on the internet as well. It is certainly doable. Keep in mind that the available seats may be around 60-70 and the number of yearly applicants may be a hunderd of more, so the selection process is competitive. ACC in Austin has recently doubled or tripled their enrollment to accomadate the ever increasing applicant pool of qualified students. Call the college or visit the website and good luck.
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    Doing the Happy Dance!!!

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    Austin New-Grad Job Market

    NO...you won't have a problem getting a job. Austin has plenty of openings. Go to www.seton.net or www.stdavids.com they are the two Big players in town, with several hospitals to choose from, North, Central, South or the suburbs, Round Rock or Georgetown. PLUS, they are Three (3) NEW hospitals going up in WIlliamson County, Round Rock and Cedar Park area. www.sw.org is Scott and White's site. Austin is used to new grads...ACC and UT put out great nurses and they jump on them. There are even preceptor and internships for new grads. Check it out. One time someone said there were not many jobs in Austin, so I went to the above websites and counted some 156 RN jobs and 60 LVN jobs open in the area, thats not counting specialty hospitals, clinics, LTC facilities and State of Texas jobs (Austin has tons of state agencies employing nurses) Hope that helps.... P.S. The Austin area is awesome!!!
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    Forced Blood Draw? (DUI situation)

    In Texas, police officers and state troopers carry their own blood draw kit from the State DPS Lab, once the vial is filled, it is sealed with the cop, the nurse or tech as a witness and sealed agian in a green tube which is mailed to the main lab in Austin. Some Officers just get an "unofficial" result from the doctor and ask the DA to supeona the information. Voluntary consents are done at my hospital all the time, they bypass the ER and go straight to the lab for a "Legal Draw". In case of a Fatality or probably fatality (FELONIES) yes, cops know what is a felony....for instance, vehicular homicide, failure to stop and render aid, intoxicated manslaughter and so on....the draw is requried and a nurse, doctor or tech cannot refuse orders of a peace officer if they are told a fatality or probable fatality is to occur. I have actually seen two nurses handcuffed until a supervisor stepped up and drew the blood. The Officer reads from a small piece of paper that comes with the vial and "directs a licensed health care professional to draw this blood...refusing to draw this blood is a crime and you will be arrested". Austin PD is now seeking a warrant for "blood" via telephone from municipal judges at all hours of the night to force blood draws on individuals that refuse breath and sobriety testing on video. Luckily, the poor lab techs end going to court more than the nurses here. P.S. Case law in Texas has also upheld police officers getting their tube filled from EMS on the scene, so long as not etoh was used in the draw.