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While I personally do not like the flu shot either.... I have been required to get a Hep B vaccine, MMR all current, etc etc .... so not sure how this is so different?... Read More

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    I think they are actually testing a medication that makes people more compliant to the US Govt forces. Am I right? Is this what you think too? :***:
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    "The swine flu vaccination in 1976 may have caused rare cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome. However, the swine flu and the regular flu vaccines used today have not resulted in more cases of the illness." from

    You may actually increase your chances of GB by not getting the flu vaccine, since a flu infection is a precipitating factor for GB.
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    An Indiana hospital has fired eight employees, including at least three veteran nurses, after they refused mandatory flu shots, stirring up controversy over which should come first: employee rights or patient safety.
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    my facility to fire everyone that didn't get one - but in the end it looked like it was same as last year - mandated flu shots and those that refused were forced to wear masks in patient areas. Never noticed anyone wearing a mask though and did notice that everyone had the same sticker on their badge
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    Quote from Laidback Al
    Instead parroting hearsay about preservative, adjuvants, etc. in influenza vaccines, I urge everyone to educate themselves to make informed decisions. Here are links to the package inserts for all of the approved vaccines for the 2012-2013 season.

    Package Insert - AFLURIA (PDF - 230KB)
    From pg. 13 of your first link:
    Thimerosal, a mercury derivative, is not used in the manufacturing process for the single dose presentations; therefore these products contain no preservative. The multi-dose presentation contains thimerosal, added as a preservative; each 0.5 mL dose contains 24.5 mcg of mercury.

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    Quote from ChristineN
    Yes I get that my employer doesn't care about me and my health. I care about what goes into my body. Has anyone on here ever looked at the ingredients in the flu shot? Most contain mercury, which is not something I am thrilled about putting in my body. Some contain other forms of preservatives as well.

    Sorry, mercury is old, old, OLD news. Hasn't been used in vaccines for more than a decade, although you'd never know it to read the antivaccine blogs.

    As for the rest, vaccines come in single-dose vials and do not contain preservatives. If you are concerned, ask to watch yours being drawn up.
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    Had I not been a nurse, I would have happily spent my entire life refusing flu shots. This year I was forced by my facility, as a condition of my employment. Actually I could have worn a mask for 4 months and refused. Not really a choice as far as I'm concerned.
    First we could refuse.
    Then refuse and wear a mask.
    I think the future is vaccine, or be fired.
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    Quote from CrunchRN

    I think they are actually testing a medication that makes people more compliant to the US Govt forces. Am I right? Is this what you think too? :***:
    I'm not bashing Olddragger, I just think this is funny.
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    Quote from olddragger

    As far as hospitals making the flu shot mandatory--why do you think this is all of a sudden mandatory? The flu shot has been available for a more than a decade. What changed? Why, all of a sudden hospitals decided to do this? If you think it is for patient protection--does that mean that during all those previous years the hospitals were not interested in patient protection?
    Really think about this Nurses--dont just react to it.
    Okay, I'll bite.


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