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VICEDRN has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

Proud ER RN and student nurse practitioner

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    Patient Entitlement

    all time favorite? the lady who stood outside of the room watching us intubate a crumping family member complaining that we weren't take her dad to his med/surg bed fast enough.

    Everything is our responsibility. Rant.

    Imagine if you responded, "Oh! I'm sorry. My badge wasn't facing outward! I'm a nurse. I don't work in engineering. Do you need that number?"

    ADN vs. BSN - patient mortality rates

    You constantly say but of course ignore that no study ever really directly links anything to anything else and in this case, it would be impossible to do so because doing so would be unethical and impossible given the complexities of every single individual patient. The fact is that over 300,000 patients were involved in the several studies and metanalyses that were done and the proof is definitive. More BSN prepared nurses on a unit mean fewer patient deaths. The studies aren't flawed. I should have added: The studies even crossed international lines: One study was done in Canada which helps to control for socioeconomic problems in patient populations. For the OP: There are many lengthy threads on this topic. Also, ADNs have been shown in other studies to be better prepared to "do stufff" their first six months of practice. After that, the BSNs skills catch up and their critical thinking carries them the rest of the way on towards better nursing practice. Am sure you can find those studies as well.

    Nurses laid off - Thanks to Obamacare

    Agree that its just scape goating the ACA. A local hospital here just went on a hiring freeze since they projected a $50 million shortfall next fiscal year due to fewer payments for chemotherapy that was billed as inpatient but reimbursed as outpatient. Well, ummm...that kind of makes sense to me. If can be done outpatient, why bill as though inpatient and the hospital is plenty wealthy enough as it is.

    Everything is our responsibility. Rant.

    A student xray tech told me the worse job in the hospital must be RN because, he said, "The answer to everything is get the pt's nurse." He even remarked all wide eyed and newbie like, "And everyone says the same thing about the nurses!"

    Like np role more than bedside?

    Every time I say I'm gonna drop out of this expensive program, in fewer than three of my friends who have made the switch tell me that they never regretted it and neither will I. Lots of bedside nurses I know look down on it for the limited scope of practice but on the flip side, the np converts seem soooooo much happier with their work!

    Getting into emergency nursing

    Plenty of similar threads on this topic. Simply utilize the search box in upper right hand corner...

    Getting burnt out with non urgent patients

    Frankly, most of the non urgent visitors to the er actually don't have coverage in my experience. I feel sorry for them a little bit. They come with high but unrealistic hopes of getting care. Because they won't get it and end up with a huge tab, they are nasty to work with if you don't manage them the right way. How to deal? Well, lets be honest. Only a handful of us would have jobs if the er only got actual emergencies in the er. Further, it's probably a great basis for a variety of practical skills. What icu nurse knows the sound of various coughs, knows which insect bites need i&d and which don't, what needs sutures and what is obviously broken. Those are skills you take everywhere with you but most importantly straight into an np program. Haha

    Everything is our responsibility. Rant.

    Yep...my personal favorites are having to trouble shoot every piece of equipment and being responsible for maintenance. Ummmm....isn't it bioengineering's job to make sure the equipment functions properly and to keep track of equipment and when it needs to be retagged, etc.? Manager actually said to me, it's not like we can expect them to come down here and know how to use our equipment. Why yes, actually! That's the whole stinking point! They are supposed to!

    Help needed for trim 6'6" male

    Hubby has corrected me. He has a 37.5 inch inseam and a 34 waist.

    Dropping Magnet

    I worked at a hospital that dropped its application process. My husband worked at another hospital that also dropped its magnet application. My old hospital simply did market research that revealed its patients didn't care what qualifications the nursing staff had. They were interested in two things: their doctor and proximity to their home. The hubby's hospital dropped it application due to excessive costs. As an er/icu nurse pair, we both felt there was nothing in it but aggravation for us. The only thing it seems to add are costly management positions that create dramas out of nothingness, I briefly worked for a magnet hospital when we moved to our present city. It was the worst er I have ever been in and I left after a week! I will never go back to a magnet organization. And yes, I think the bloom is off the rose for most organizations.

    Not many people that I can talk to about this...

    Does anyone actually like working neuro? Anyone? As for "needing" med surg, I think that's a croc. Transfer when you can.
  13. The delay will mean congresspeople and governors don't have to run on being anti aca. Meanwhile tens of thousands of people suffer through a crap economy without insurance. All for politics! In a few years, the aca will go as Medicare itself originally went: every state will eventually join. They just don't know it yet. And it will be hugely popular and no one will know how we lived without it just soc security, Medicare, snap, cobra and hipaa. Thank you democrats.

    Denied from np program

    Ummm if you are interested in psych, maybe it would help if you worked psych?? Sorry it didn't work out. Keep trying!

    Registered Nurses: Do you like your jobs?

    No. I am not remotely glad I went into nursing. Yes. I still feel compassion for people. Probably more so than ever. I still like people though I feel I understand them better than people who don't work with the public or with the huge variety of people we nurses see. I go back because it pays me though again it wasn't the money I thought it was gonna be and it definitely underpaid for the slave labor management demands from us.

    Pt. belongings in the ER

    Agree with posters above. We document every single item one by one in chart with two rns. Ems is supposed to do the same. We are responsible only if ems documents they had something and we claim we didn't. I absolutely hate this part of my job. Think security should do it but yeah it's been an issue.