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    Prescriptive Authority for Nurse Practitioners

    Well written, Thank you for the thoughtful content and study citations. This is an intriguing topic and I appreciate your insight. I agree with the poster above, there are too many programs taking too many RN's money and not giving them adequate preceptors and experiences to qualify them. In this way, I am afraid APRNs are short changing their future.

    My Reasons For Avoiding The Acute Care Hospital

    I can't disagree with this sentiment. I was an EMT before becoming an RN and I have to say I can't believe all the drama the joint commission brings to bedside nursing. For example, the drama with the glucometer. Its over the top! More and more, I think about leaving for grad school and a private practice where I eat lunch, work at a steady pace and don't have someone "watching me" all the time, whether it be handwashing or chart auditing.
  3. I remember the year my then second grader had three kids in his class CHOOSE to get pertusis. They were all immunized but a recent influx into our county that weren't immunized ended up sending it around the schools around here.

    Dear Family Members

    Your article is well-written and I agree with the sentiment with one exception. I have to say that I disagree with the idea that the bulk of these visitors are visiting because they love the person in the bed. I know this is cynical but I honestly have come to feel that many of the visitors are really here for one of two reasons: a) they love a good drama and this one is no exception or b) they are curious about the ER world they saw on tv and want to stop by to check the scene out.
  5. You can keep repeating the "black market" argument even after I told you that there is no secondary market is the uk or Germany because in fact, they are perfectly satisfied with their care. As for your points a and c, the fact remains that you can make excuses about why studies you "analyze" do not apply to Americans but the truth is it boils down to the fact that you are smart enough to see the truth but want to make excuses as to why it's not true. There is no heavily supported proof that our pay for play system has better outcomes. In fact, we spend more money and have poorer outcomes than countries with universal coverage systems.
  6. Frankly, there isn't a point in splitting hairs over lecturer and professor. One is tenured; the other is not. The fact is the man teaches law to law students and his area of expertise is constitutional law. Ridiculous to argue with a scholar, especially as lay people.
  7. We publicly fight fires because it can spread from house to house as health epidemics do. No point in vaccinating your child if the 19 other kids in the class doesn't have a vaccine. The theory is exactly the same!!
  8. Again, you pick and choose what you respond to. You said people would game the system of they could and I tell you that they don't but you ignore them. As a consequence, I am not surprised that you pick and choose what you want to hear about research as well. The fact is patients get better care when they are funded and further studies will simply demonstrate that. As for causation and correlation, you have a background in epidemiology then you already know that causation is almost impossible to prove in research. Correlation is pretty much as close as we will get most of the time. I think munorn and I just had this discussion. Shocking how many people do not understand this basic truth of research! Another example: women who have completely free access to birth control as teens have incredibly lower birth rates. (A study done in Missouri). How are any of you (who are all sadly nurses) planning on addressing public health problems like herd immunity/vaccination? How about the societal costs of disabled children of mothers who get no prenatal care? Bottom line: 98% of the world knows that care is cheaper when we pool resources. Just one we do with fire and police as fires are a public safety concern.
  9. Did you look at England and Germany? You can buy private insurance in England. About 8% of people do. It really isn't worth it to them to do so. They are generally satisfied with their care. In Germany, when you reach the top income tier, you opt into another level of insurance but Germans actively try to avoid this or they don't take advantage because it embarrasses them to act like health care is more than a right. Let me know when you had looked at that study regarding health outcomes for funded Americans.
  10. Look at the study done in oregon when they did a medicaid lottery. there are better outcomes here in this country for patients that are funded... second, arguing the legality of the law is kind of silly when the president is a professor of consitutional law, don't you think?
  11. Please do not call 911 like ever. We fund "this or that" police and firefighter services. Also, when your house catches on fire because your neighbor's is also on fire, please do not call your homeowners insurance first off.
  12. Showing some solidarity with squatmunkie. Hazing people isn't ok because someone did it to you. It isn't necessary to give people "tough love" to help them learn. In fact, people learn better when tough love is not employed. Also, its not okay to leave your student on the floor while you grab what is probably a not so quick bite for a coding patient and frightened orientee. If you are not on the floor, they shouldn't be either.

    Do Nurses Earn Big Money? You Decide.

    Drives me crazy... My mother is a flight attendant and makes twice what I do in a job that requires no real training whatsoever. And I earned more as a paralegal which also requires no training or licensing exam to do. We really settle for too little in this profession and horrible working conditions to boot!

    Can't We All Just Get Along?

    I think sometimes arguments in online forums are fueled by lack of facial expression and tone of voice and a lack of context for the person you are talking to. People seem more readily offended because a sentence can be read and interpreted many ways when not accompanied by facial expression, Etc. Online forums also cause us to come into contact with people we wouldn't otherwise speak to. It is true that especially in politics, I can read posts and just think to myself, "there are idiots out there that think this stuff?" But the great joy is that I have learned through the years that hearts and minds are changed with a short patient post, even if I occasionally lose it and go off.

    The 'De-Skilling' Of Nursing

    I've said it before around here and I'll say it again now: experience just means you have practiced doing it many times over and not necessarily the right way. Education is key for all of us.