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  1. The real answer was “if you can afford it, talk to a lawyer.” This was slander. Resulting in a serious blow to her employability. a lot of lawyers would probably say “you’re SOL.” But a few might say she has a case considering that she made her own ...
  2. This answer was a joke, right? ”Think about your role in this conflict”? When she was falsely accused and wrongfully terminated.
  3. How to best handle this situation with my instructor?

    I for one am shocked but not surprised at the responses you’re getting from other nurses here. But it makes sense. Nurses tend to be less forgiving of students’ mishaps. The mistakes you made were fairly minor. Yes, you need to knock on patients’ do...
  4. How long does it take to feel comfortable?

    I'm about 18 months into PCU/med/tele nursing, and I still don't feel completely comfortable. Definitely more competent and knowledgeable than when I started, but I'm not a "grown up nurse" just yet My preceptor told me it probably won't be until 3 ...
  5. Housing woes!

    Ruby Vee, I'm sorry to be blunt, but this is terrible advice."just avoid your own home" is simply awful. Your home should be a place where you take a deep breath and think "I can relax now." Work, relationships, and life in general are stressful eno...
  6. Best Travel Agencies? Worst?

    AB staffing-definitely avoid. They do a lot of contracts with Native American reservations. I interviewed for a clinic position on a reservation in New Mexico, got accepted, then the contract was canceled a couple of days later. I figured it was just...
  7. Be honest, what pt behaviors do you find annoying?

    I'm not sure if it's annoying, but I'm always surprised when grown men and women complain about very minor issues. Like an ID bracelet that's just a little bit too long and occasionally slides down their arm an inch Or they coughed twice and now wa...
  8. Why nurses don't want to talk to a ward psychologist?

    Has anyone said they trust their employer yet? I like my current job. My coworkers and charge nurses are all kind. The nurse managers are supportive However, my first real nursing job was a train wreck. That particular institution did a whole song a...
  9. Fired from my first RN job after only 2 weeks.

    Only two weeks orientation? For someone brand new to nursing? Sorry but that's just nuts.
  10. Any jobs when your no longer licensed?

    I worked as a mental health worker in a psychiatric hospital before nursing school. I handed out medications, offered basic therapeutic intervention, and called doctors and other providers if the patients had medical problems. it was low paying--the...
  11. Rural Nursing - How long do most nurses stay?

    I'm currently a new grad who got her first job at a regional hospital. I got two months of preceptorship and then I worked on the floor on my own. How was I consuming a year's worth of educational resources?
  12. Annoying words/behaviours during report

    I really don't care how nurses choose to say it, as long as they give me the info. it seems pretty petty to laugh at "fluffy" or "for me." You're able to do your job, aren't you?
  13. Nurses Eating Nursing Students

    I'm not sure why people are outraged at the ideo of a student "volunteering their services." That's what I did in nursing school. Act as an extra pair of hands to my nurse mentor (taking vitals, answering call lights, changing diapers).
  14. Where are new grads being hired right now?

    if you want to talk about oblivious nursing schools, honey, look no further than my alma mater. A big-name New York City nursing school. I graduated this past May, was license shortly thereafter, and it has taken me almost exactly a year to find a jo...
  15. Where are new grads being hired right now?

    Mississippi and Tennesse are good for new grads. I also heard rumors about some parts of North Dakota.