Pt's/visitors reading Fifty Shades of Grey??? Pt's/visitors reading Fifty Shades of Grey??? | allnurses

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Pt's/visitors reading Fifty Shades of Grey???

  1. 1 I am NOT a prude by any stretch but come on ladies!!! I haven't read any of the trilogy but saw the author interviewed several times and heard about it from friends/family. I am up to 2 patients and 1 visitor over 4-5 months. I was afraid I would be interrupting something when I had to go back into the 2 patient's rooms!!!
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    Would you rather that they be engrossed in an interesting book or banging on the call light every 5 minutes because they're bored? Do you expect people to go out and commit violent acts if they're reading a murder mystery???? C'mon now. Reading is simply entertainment, no more and no less.
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    Personally, I have much better things to do than worry about my (adult) clients' choice of reading material ...
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    Personally, I think that it is one of the worst pieces of fiction, combining the qualities of a bad harlequin novels, tacky penthouse stories and written to a teenage level reading skill (though obviously not for that audience).

    However, I could care less what my patients actually read. Mine are in the hospital for 4 weeks or more, in most cases and in a certain amount of isolation. And just because they read a novel about something, does not mean they will be doing it.

    As long as I do not have to view pictures of it, what business is it of mine what they read?
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    I'd find it amusing, but as the above poster said, it keeps them occupied. That being said, who's with me on xbox's in all their rooms!!! :P not realistic, but I can wish.
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    I read the trilogy, and personally I found the series to be overrated. It's not as raunchy as I thought it would be, and there is a story behind it as well. Its just another ole book If the patients/visitors can read and get their minds off where they are, more power to them.
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    why on earth do you care what they read?
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    Ummm... good for them; but I agree with paws. It's not nearly raunchy enough for my tastes
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    If you don't have to clean up the mess then who cares? Just make sure to knock before entering.
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    Quote from mindyfromcali
    I'd find it amusing, but as the above poster said, it keeps them occupied. That being said, who's with me on xbox's in all their rooms!!! :P not realistic, but I can wish.
    I've worked in 2 hospitals where they had video games systems that could be loaned out to pts. One was a ped's hospital. It was great.
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    Let me see if I have this straight. You've had all of two patients and one visitor--over a period of 4-5 MONTHS--who were reading a book you don't think much of? And this offends you to the point of writing about it here?

    Honestly, I say if this is the worst part of your job for the last five months, you are truly blessed.
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    LOL You wouldn't be interrupting much. Maybe they don't really like the book, but only wish to pass time/get their minds off of pain, etc; but if they do like each their own.
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    I actually thought the book was rather tame compared to the hype.