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  1. Pervy patients?

    I can't count how many times I've had to deal with this ( CNA Here just in case anyone hasn't seen me post before ) The others are right, be firm but professional. Report it ASAP as well :) Funny story: I had a male Resident with an amputated arm. ...
  2. Just got a job in the hospital!!

    Congratulations! For me the difference was more vital signs, but WAY better equipment and more of it to go around to get them. Each patient usually has their own BP cuff, and the machines are super fast for everything. The nurses will help you mo...
  3. Working in a christian place while being an atheist?

    I have all kinds of people try to talk about religion and politics at work, and to me those are both taboo with people I don't know so well. I just say "oh that's interesting", if they are just talking about it but not asking me anything. If they ...
  4. Weekend Call-offs and Vacations

    I've had issues with that at all of my facilities, except one. That particular facility, you had to call the DON or ADON no matter what time of day or night to call in sick. Then you had to bring a doctor's note in to back up calling off. Not many...
  5. Burnout: getting through the shift

    I get burned out from my job, too, but I have a few ways of destressing which may be able to help: On my last day or on days that I come home sore from head to toe, I take a nice hot bath to loosen up all my muscles and then sleep like a baby. It's ...
  6. Stop Whining and Go Away!

    I have a similar one at my job. The others have given some good advice, and I don't feel there's much I could add to it Big hugs, we all have a challenging enough job without people whining all the time and making it more stressful
  7. Being bullied at work...

    I've been bullied at work, but usually float so much that it doesn't cause much of an issue for me. My first job I had to switch shifts because I was being bullied pretty bad by another CNA. I tried handling it myself, and through my charge nurses ...
  8. "well I think that nursing is easier than working in a factory"

    I don't think anyone can compare their job to someone else's line of work, especially if it's in a completely different industry, unless they've worked both.
  9. CHHA looking to become a CNA

    Go to the department of public health's page for your state you live in and find out what the requirements are. As far as I know, the requirements here in CA are less hours for HHA than CNA, and so here you can't just test out. A lot of schools wil...
  10. Feeling really unprepared

    My first job as a CNA was probably the hardest place to work for so far. That being said, I don't think anything will prepare you for being a CNA as much as hands on experience. If you get plenty of orientation, that does help. Just be patient, pa...
  11. CNA Instuctor wants students to bath each other before real clinicals

    Yeahhh, that doesn't sound like anything I ever had to do. We practiced our skills on eachother, and did do all of them, but there was never any water or clothes coming off. We learned bedpans but with our pants on and no bodily fluids tyvm!! Sorr...
  12. I think I got fired before I even got to start my new job.

    Have you tried applying at registries? Some take CNAs with no experience, and it's easier to get the shift that you like.
  13. Have YOU trained new CNAs at your facility?

    Room numbers are better than names, and easier to remember. As far as I know, no one has ever gotten into trouble for their cheat sheet getting lost. Don't write down stuff so people will know what it means. Ex: I put an "I" for the incontinent ...
  14. Pt's/visitors reading Fifty Shades of Grey???

    I'd find it amusing, but as the above poster said, it keeps them occupied. That being said, who's with me on xbox's in all their rooms!!! not realistic, but I can wish.
  15. What to expect on PM shift?

    I've worked LTC in three facilities so far and none of them have had dedicated CNAs to just showering. All places have had designated shower days for certain Residents, whether it's 2 or 3 days a week. Certain ones, I guess, prefer AM or PM. We ha...