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  1. timmedico

    A Good Week

    That's awesome!!!!!!!!!! I love to see posts like this!!!!!!!!! Very happy for you!!!!!!!! :)
  2. timmedico

    "I don't want an admit..."

    OP, I'll gladly work with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're more than generous, not sure why there's any moaning at all. Not sure how said nurse would do without you.
  3. timmedico

    Best online RN to BSN program....CHEAP?

    The same exact thing is happening to me. Because of that, I am looking into UT Tyler. They have a similar RN-BSN program that can be completed in 12 months (rather than UTA's 13 months). UT Tyler also has an RN-MSN that has many (if not most) classes online; the good thing about this program is you can stop at BSN if you want. There are quite a few good schools here in Texas: -Texas A&M Health Science Center (RN-BSN online) -UT Arlington (RN-BSN online...13 months long) -UT Tyler (RN-BSN online, RN-MSN hybrid...12 months long) -Texas Tech (RN-BSN online...2 semesters)
  4. timmedico

    Navarro College Nursing 2013

    amac77, there's a few things I could recommend: -Go to youtube and go over vital signs and how to take them, medication administration, things like this. Youtube REALLY helped me. -When you get your book list, (if you can) buy the books quickly and possibly go over some stuff. It'll help you in the long run. -Organize your time. If you do, you'll have time not only for studies and family but also SOME leisure as well (we all need the breaks) -Since it's been a while, you might just go over the basics of A&P. Focus on systems alone, not so much of the small things. GI, Cardio, Respiratory, Circulatory, it's all gonna be used frequently. I think A&P PowerPoints help quite well. These things will help you for the first semester. It's fun yet challenging. I had NO previous experience in the field, so I found it hard...but not impossible at all. I freaked out a lot in the beginning for nothing. However, it does have it's rough patches so be ready for that. I think for many of us the validations were hardest (in terms of being nervous).
  5. timmedico

    May 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Empty the Foley they said, it'll be easy they said!
  6. timmedico

    Navarro College Nursing 2013

    Congrats you guys for getting in!!!!!!!! I think you'll love nursing school a lot...from the friends you make to the instructors and clinicals. If ya'll have any questions about anything just let me or makey know. Again, congratulations! Let the journey begin!!!!!!!
  7. timmedico

    Navarro College Nursing 2013

    Sorry you guys haven't found out yet. :/ We found out when we were accepted around Aril 18 last year, so I'm not sure why it's taking so long this time around. To be honest, the waiting is one of the hardest parts of nursing school (so far anyways...besides tests of course).
  8. timmedico

    Navarro College Nursing 2013

    Yeah generic starts in Late August (23rd or around there). :)
  9. timmedico

    Losing respect for nursing students

    At my school, we're not allowed to do that stuff (not that we'd want to sit around anyways...wouldn't learn much). We're graded not only on skills but on professionalism. Gossiping? That would land you in hot water. Sitting? That's unsatisfactory. Uniforms must be decent and hair/etc really can't be unkept. Don't give up on us OP! For those of us that actually care about what we learn in school, a good preceptor and/or nurse at a facility makes the experience not only less intimidating, but also encourages us to be like them. I, as many nursing students probably do, watch nurses closely. We look for those awesome qualities, techniques, communication, and mirror them.
  10. timmedico

    The Humorous Nurse Speaks

    I was taking vitals on an elderly patient. Before I began taking vitals, she asks "Do you want me to take my shirt off?" I politely (trying my best not to laugh) tell her that isn't necessary. The next question: "Want me to take my bra off?" I nearly lost it. Sometimes I wonder how we can all contain laughter, even in the most hilarious situations. Love reading everybody's stories! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Living off the land without having to worry about money, bills, war, etc. Having the privilege of peace and silence out in the middle of nowhere with just the sound of nature around (maybe a person or two as well)...perhaps have a friend named Wilson. I suppose it would be fantastic to be able to travel the world and see all the architecture and history.
  12. timmedico

    Is Your Name Important?

    Great article! I've a very white first name, and a hispanic last name...so I've the benefit of the former with an expectation of being a native spanish speaker due to the latter. Names are a piece of who we are, and often tell a little about our culture.
  13. timmedico

    The flu shot making people sick

    Considering the time it takes for the vaccine to take effect, it is possible to get sick while the body goes through the necessary processes on the path to immunization. Factors like immunity for instance might help explain it. The flu shot is literally an inactivated, "killed" version of the flu. I'm not sure how exactly someone could get the flu in this way. If we use other examples, there seems to be no correlation between vaccines causing the problem. Have we heard of cases in which people (past and present) have became ill from a virus AFTER the vaccine has taken effect? Great topic. :)
  14. timmedico

    Clinical Failure

    If you are truly willing to change bad habits (being late, etc), consider the nursing process: Assessment- You've already gathered why you are having issues in the program. Diagnosis- Clinical failure related to lack of responsibility/professionalism and manifested by tardiness (etc). Planning- Plan to wake up earlier, accept responsibility (aka drop the grievances) and all rules of your program. Implementation- Get your work done, get to school on time, accept school policies. It might be hard, but it's worth it! Evaluation- Determine how the change has affected your status. Perhaps the instructor might like you more (favoritism is lame...I agree with you), and hopefully you've shown them that you are serious about the program. The program will require sacrifices...less sleep, holding back when you want to write the grievances, etc. It is not my place to say whether you want to be in the program any longer or not...but if you do, show everyone how determined you are to succeed. You've done good with the test grades, so if you can get this part under control, you'll be back on the road to that RN status.
  15. I'd say it is quite normal. An average science prerequisite isn't all that difficult. Nursing school is taking ALL the info you ever learned in science classes and requiring you to take it even further (critical thinking). It takes a lot more studying and retaining info to get an A in the nursing program...but it's always possible. :)
  16. timmedico

    Piercings & Tattoos?

    Many facilities feel that visible tattoos and excessive piercings are unprofessional, so you'd have to cover up the tattoos and take out any rings and the like. It really does depend per facility. Regardless of your final choice, psychology is an amazing field of study! :)