November 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100! - page 9

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    Quote from Mommy&RN
    I want DNR tattooed in my chest and I brought my doctor with me so he can sign it.
    THIS IS FUNNY!!!!!!!!
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    So, this here is my doc. He will be putting me under should I not be able to deal with the pain of this tattoo...
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    i am a voluntary admission
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    If Doc writes like he mumbles, no wonder you poor Nurses call the shots, you can't read what they wrote and can't understand what they say!!
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    I'm from the oldschool....I do prostate checks with my thumb.
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    In my opinion,your arm looks like a STAT, a CODE BLACK and a HIPAA VIOLATION....
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    Please tell me that AINT permanent doctor!
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    Let me guess, either you have on a plastic arm or you've finally lost your marbles!
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    Doc here tells me you picked dare again instead of telling the truth about that hair piece of yours
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    And why do you think I've been wearing long sleeves year round? This guy isn't licensed!! We are in his basement mannn....
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    I can't represent you on this one! You need to call Judge Judy!
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    Doctor, please tell me today is either April 1st or October 31st!
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    You both painted the pictures on the wall and I'M the one who needs art therapy?!?!?!

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