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g8sushma has 9 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN and specializes in Operating room.

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  1. g8sushma

    Over pronating and Flat foot nurse shoes help!

    I have worn Nike lunar glide and they have helped but they are not being made anymore. Google sneakers for overpronation. I am testing out some other stuff at the moment.
  2. g8sushma

    Compression leggings

    Hey I just wanted to let everyone know about these amazing leggings I have been getting at old navy. I know a lot of people wear compression socks but they have some compression leggings that have help me so much. I just wanted to share them. If you are interested they are the old navy elevate compression leggings. They have been saving my back and help to make me less tired at the end of the day. these ones are for anyone who is cold at work all the time. They are soft and cozy. I work in the or. So they are a life saver. https://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=3789020220001&cid=1160115&locale=en_US#pdp-page-content I am not getting anything from anyone for posting this. I just wanted to share with anyone who was interested.
  3. g8sushma

    Just finished the MSN/Informatics

    I am currently on the RN to MSN track to ed. I asked to be switched to Informatics. I am just concerned about the classes. Was anything a pain in the ass class like biochem? Stats I am a math wiz no worries there for me. Also job prospects??? are you currently looking?
  4. g8sushma

    Starting Salary

    Hey I find that I want to know what the starting salary is at different hospitals. I just go hired at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NY and the starting Salary is 77k. They are 1199. If anyone else knows any other starting salaries in the NYC area or anywhere please post.
  5. g8sushma

    Jamaica Hospital Queens

    Thanks!!! I have a second interview tomorrow. I want to try to burn out my sick time where i am now before I go.
  6. g8sushma

    Jamaica Hospital Queens

    does anyone know how often they run orientations?
  7. g8sushma

    Jamaica Hospital

    I am in the process now. Do you know how often they do orientation? Or how long is the process from interview to hire?
  8. g8sushma

    22nd Edition CPNE

    you got some great tips here I passed last april one big tip I found was working from the scoring tool. It is subjective in grading so look at the scoring tool make sure you are hitting everything you need to do to pass.
  9. g8sushma

    10 yr LPN going to get RN from Excelsior, TIPS?

    1. How long did it take to finish the Excelsior nursing classes? about 3 and a half years finished april of 2016 2. Approximately how much did you study? not very much at all 3. Did you study from the provided materials or use things like mystudygroup101? I started off testing out of material but then when I failed one exam I lost my courage and started taking the online 8 week classes. I loved those. 4. If you used just mystudygroup101 did you pass your tests ok? for health saftey and reproductive health I did and passed fine 5. What did you do to prepare for the CPNE? I studied like I was in grade school. I read everything once. I used the scoring tool to understand the grading process. I would rewrite my mnemonics everyday until I memorized them. I had learned what nursing dx's go with which area of care and worked with what I was giving as an assignment and created my careplan to cater to what I already had to do. 6. How well prepared were you for the NCLEX? I failed the first time. But I didnt study. The second time I was a bit more serious. Passed with flying colors. 7. Did you pass the NCLEX on the first try. no. It takes alot of stamina to sit for 265 questions. I got up to 180 and all the letters on the screen started to blur and I gave up and failed. The second time I went in prepared to sit for all 265 and walked out after 75.
  10. g8sushma

    LPN to RN online

    I took excelsior and passed. I was in no rush finished everything in about 3 and a half years the wait time for the cpne was about 8 months and the test is no walk in the park but i passed my first time last April. good luck!!
  11. g8sushma


    Does anyone have samples of the lab assignments? Need help with formatting.
  12. g8sushma

    The new 16 hour course

    I took it and passed it. It is informative but a killer on time. I just did all the task and attended the live sessions. I was able to attend from my cell phone while driving a car and all sorts of things from the zoom app
  13. I actually did most of the online courses instead of the exam option and I loved it. I felt like studying for the test was a grind that would never end for me.
  14. g8sushma

    EC would not look at any of my preqs/nuring classes!

    about 5 years ago they implemented some kind of five year rule for credit acceptances. and you do not have to pay the 100 dollar fee before they evaluate your transcripts you just have to pay the application fee for that.
  15. g8sushma

    Excelsior college CPNE

    I applied in july or august and tested in april. I got a cancelation date. After I started to study I started to call in for appointments.
  16. g8sushma

    Fall 2016 Nursing Student Study Tips Contest

    My best study tip is to act like we are in grade school getting a spelling test. Rewrite it everyday until you learn it and can rewrite it with out looking at the original. If you hesitate you have to rewrite it again that day.

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