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  1. NICU vs. cardiac?

    I have a strong interest in working in the NICU and understand that I am well-suited for it because I work in a methodical/systematic way and am very detail-oriented. I have experience working as a float unit CNA, so I've been exposed to lots of diff...
  2. I'm a senior in nursing school and one of the areas I have a strong interest in is adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Also, within that specialty, gender-affirming treatment/surgery. I'm under the impression that I could work with this p...
  3. LA hospitals: the good and the bad

    I'm planning to relocate to the Los Angeles area after I graduate next year. I have friends and family in LA, so it's not totally foreign to me. Unfortunately none of them work in healthcare, except for a family member who works in dentistry. Anyway,...
  4. Fear-mongering in nursing school

    You sound pleasant.
  5. Need help deciding where to go (MA)

    First of all, I'm 30 and will be 31 when I graduate next year with my BSN. Please try not to put pressure on yourself to hurry up and finish you degree! I definitely sympathize with you, believe me. But I put a ton of pressure on myself to hurry up a...
  6. Bundle

    Does anyone have experience with the bundle which covers content for pre-nursing through new grad? It's 2 years of access and is about $492. I just wrapped up my junior year of nursing school and it seems like it would be nice to have som...
  7. Any RN student clinicals cancelled because of COVID-19?

    Tangentially related.. how do you find what your state requires for clinical hours? When I looked it up, it said that states "recommend" hours, but couldn't find actual requirements. I thought schools set clinical hours, not the state.
  8. Any RN student clinicals cancelled because of COVID-19?

    I'm in Boston. I had my mental health clinical yesterday with no word on future cancellations and we were supposed to have maternity clinical today, but I woke up to it being canceled. All simulations and labs have been canceled. Classes are remote u...
  9. How many more times....

    It's easy to get discouraged by the first exam. I don't think I passed my first fundamentals exam (our minimum is a 77%) but I finished that semester with A's and B's. I'm now 3/4 of the way done with my junior year. Re-evaluate your study technique...
  10. Nursing school and anxiety

    What you're describing is imposter syndrome and believe me, unless your cohort are unusual af, many/all of them are also experiencing it. I've been a CNA for several years and while I have lots of the interpersonal skills and technical skills down pa...
  11. Graduating in one state but testing in another?

    Ok thanks! Got it, thank you.
  12. Graduating in one state but testing in another?

    When you say "apply from the start," you mean register with Pearson Vue or?
  13. I'm set to graduate next year and planning to relocate to another state across country shortly thereafter. I know sometimes it can take a little time to get an ATT. I'm wondering whether it would make more sense to just plan to take the NCLEX in the ...
  14. SNA chapter

    Forgive me if this sounds petty. I want to join my school's SNA. On the first week of this semester, I asked the president of our chapter when the meeting would be. She said she didn't know yet. I followed up about a week later and she said emails wo...
  15. New grad BSN pay & job in LA area?