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  1. studentbear

    Please critique my study system

    Is ANKI similar to Quizlet? I typically use Quizlet which I love because I can put it in "test mode" which turns all of my flashcards into practice questions.
  2. studentbear

    Please critique my study system

    I tried to make this short but unfortunately that didn't work out (TLDR at the bottom.) I am returning to my BSN program after 2 years off-- I completed my first semester (fundamentals, health assessment, pathophys, and nursing research) with a decent enough GPA (>3.0). I had to withdraw my second semester due to some health issues and I'm finally going back this fall. Anyway, I have a tried and true method for studying, except I remember I would run out of time to complete the whole process before an exam. Let me explain. My process is thus: 1. Skim assigned chapters before class 2. Print out powerpoint slides and take notes on them in class 3. While re-listening to the lecture, combine the powerpoint, my class notes, and any pertinent info from the lecture that I caught while re-listening 4. Make flash cards 5. Practice questions 6. Make a study guide 7. More practice questions Often I would just barely finish the note re-writing, possibly run through my flash cards once, and make a study guide before each exam. I remember it would take me hours upon hours to do step 3-- I'm talking 8hrs for a 3hr lecture was typical. This is the process I also used for A&P, microbio, etc before nursing school. I'm reviewing the content from my first semester to prep for the fall when I return. I'll be taking med surg and pharm. I'd rather try and hone a more effective study system now, rather than while I'm in the midst of classes again. Do other people have a similar process or am I just a weirdo? Any suggestions? Critiques? TLDR; I spend hours re-writing my notes from lectures and am not always able to do other studying (flash cards, practice q's, etc.) prior to exams. I'm worried that I'm wasting time on re-writing notes when I could develop a more effective method. Help!
  3. studentbear

    Red flag?

    That's gonna be a no from me dawg. But seriously, unless you're hard up for $$$ I'd run the other direction. Trust your gut.
  4. studentbear

    West Coast University graduates

  5. studentbear

    West Coast U - Los Angeles

    Commenting to follow because I'd also appreciate hearing from other student's first hand experience. I'm curious about WCU's attrition rate because I've heard rumors that they will boot students from their program pretty easily. I understand lots of nursing programs are like that, though.
  6. studentbear

    West Coast University graduates

    Hey, I'm considering applying to WCU (specifically their LA campus.) I'd love to hear any and all first hand experiences from graduates of their BSN program. I'm generally very skeptical of for-profit schools, but I've come across some good experiences with their program so I'm curious to hear more.
  7. studentbear

    West Coast University spring 2019

    I'm considering applying to WCU and would love to hear first hand student experiences. I am generally very skeptical of for-profit schools, but the only other options in the LA area for a BSN degree seem to be tremendously difficult (for a degree that is already quite competitive!) to get accepted into.
  8. studentbear

    Orlando Medical Center CNA

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows what the starting/base pay is at Orlando Medical Center for a CNA with experience? Seems like the going rate is $10-12/hour based on a cursory search on Indeed. Thanks!
  9. I'll try to be as brief as possible with the backstory for brevity but this post will probably be quite long. I had some health issues during my second clinical semester (fall 2017.) Near finals, it became apparent I would need to withdraw, regroup, and return to retake the classes the next semester. I ended up needing more time than that and then some other life things occurred (my marriage fell apart and was followed by mental/financial issues related to that.) Needless to say, the time off from school was much longer than originally anticipated. I always did the appropriate paperwork (readmission application, etc.) and made sure to stay in contact with my advisor. Each semester I touched base with her and each time she said it would be okay for me to delay. Fast forward to now and apparently the nursing director needs to review my application. My advisor never mentioned that someone else would need to review my application so it's not something that I anticipated. It makes sense but now I'm unsure what the outcome may be. I'm beginning to get anxious because some of my pre-reqs are 5+ years old, which obviously could create complications should I need to reapply at the same school or elsewhere. I'm just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation? What was the outcome? Were you able to return? Did you get rejected? Etc. Obviously nobody can predict my situation but experiences from others in the same situation would be so appreciated! TLDR; I had to withdraw from my nursing program in fall 2017 and am hoping to return fall 2019. My advisor unexpectedly needs the nursing director to review my application and I'm concerned about the outcome. Looking for experiences from others.
  10. studentbear

    What should I do first

    I know ABSN is more rigorous than BSN, but almost all of my BSN classmates work. Many of them live with family but many of them do not. Our program discourages working above 20 hours/week but I know many classmates that do. Point is, it can be done.
  11. studentbear

    Are anti-vaccine people conspiracy theorists generally?

    Wow, this thread went an interesting route. Came here to contribute my anecdotal experience as a former anti-vaxxer and somehow we've entered Duggarland.
  12. studentbear

    Need help with this situation!!

    You need to speak with an academic advisor as well as the financial aid office at your school. Things like that vary widely school to school and program to program.
  13. studentbear

    what would you do? Private or public!

    I would personally attend the private school. You mentioned that you don't have any loans, yet, and if you don't mind obtaining some then I don't see any reason to delay your education further. If for some reason you're not accepted to the private school, you could always do the things you mentioned to strengthen your application for the public school.
  14. studentbear

    Has anyone volunteered abroad?

    I volunteered for a week in Costa Rica last winter through International Volunteer Headquarters. The cost I paid included lodging with a host family and 2 meals per day, plus support from the local office/coordination with my placement. I was placed at a clinic/nursing home type environment for those with HIV/AIDS. I would definitely recommend it! I learned a lot and the company provides a lot of info so that you're aware, safe, and prepared. They have placements all over the world and the cost is very affordable.
  15. studentbear

    Trying to decide best schooling path for me.

    What about a traditional BSN instead of ABSN? The required GPA is usually a bit lower. If you have all your gen ed done because of a previous degree, you may be able to enter in at the junior level.
  16. studentbear

    Is nursing school and the clinicals really that tough?

    I'd like to think of myself as an average student-- I'm not always 110% prepared and I don't get straight A's. I got A's and B's last semester and I just try to concentrate on retaining this information so I can be a competent/safe nurse. I also really value balance in my life so sometimes time with my husband takes priority over something school related. That's not to say I'm a slacker but I'm not perfect. IMO nursing school is hard but doable as long as you're organized and do what is required. Last semester (my first-- we had 4 classes plus clinical) was very stressful for me and I think they make it a bit chaotic/difficult to weed people out. This semester I've been having some personal struggles unrelated to school, so this term has been kind of weird and I've felt a bit off my game. But I'm passing and it feels infinitely easier than last semester. That being said, this is only my experience in a BSN program at an East Coast university. It varies a lot depending on your school and even the cohort. Anyway, I hope my ramble was helpful!

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