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Nursing.com Bundle

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Does anyone have experience with the nursing.com bundle which covers content for pre-nursing through new grad? It's 2 years of access and is about $492. I just wrapped up my junior year of nursing school and it seems like it would be nice to have something to prep for NCLEX (obvi not yet) as well as content review. I do well with structure for content review rather than just going over my notes.

I know Uworld, Kaplan, etc. are all popular options but I'm specifically interested in this nursing.com bundle.

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So, I purchased it in pieces before it was sold like it is now.  I have tried to use it to study for the NCLEX and I can't for a very dumb reason.  When I pick a question and look at the answers and it gives me the rationale - it changes the answers around and interrupts my train of thought.  It does however contain a number of simulated NCLEX tests that you can take and there are around 6000 questions.  It isn't the content that is a problem for me - its an error in my head that prevents me from learning because things move around.

During school I used their content a lot.  I would read my powerpoints, read my text and then I would listen to their information on the topic.  Sometimes I would listen to them first because they would explain it in a way that I understood and then I would go read my textbook.

I also plan to use their stuff after I graduate because they just have a lot of useful information shoved in there.  If you can afford it - then go for it because their content is super helpful.  The only thing that is not helpful for me is the NCLEX review.  I do use the simclex tests I just don't do my questions on there.  Archer review is currently free for 15 days and then $15 for 2 months.  It looks just like uworld.  If you have the same problem that I do, archer may be a good inexpensive supplement when it comes time for the NCLEX.

Again - it has NOTHING to do with their content.  They have all sorts of cheat sheets and helpful crap that is just amazing.  Honestly - they are super responsive to emails and if I emailed they may even have a solution. I just haven't done it because I don't want to be that big of a pain in the butt.  See if you can do a trial or something.  Jon used to come on here all the time - I don't know if he still does or not.  You can also sign up to get their freebie every Friday.  They email you some sort of cheat sheet.

Oh - and it is NOT to early to prep for the NCLEX.  If you get Nursing.com - start on that 6000 question bank now.  It will certainly help you through your senior year!!  Holler if you have more questions.

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