Change is in the Air - Avatars; Polls

  1. 26 If you haven't noticed we've been moving things around. Please bear with us as we are preparing for a much-needed upgrade. (More about the upgrade later.)

    As a reward for your patience...

    1. We have removed the top horizontal ad (permanently) from all pages when logged in.
    2. We have enabled the creation of polls on all forums for all members.
    3. We have enabled avatars for all members.

    You may select one of our pre-defined avatars or upload your own.

    To edit your avatar please visit the Edit Avatar page under your control panel.

    Stay tuned for more news of future changes
    Last edit by Joe V on Dec 10, '11
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    Brian has '18+' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'CCU, Geriatrics, Critical Care, Tele'. From 'Minnesota'; Joined Mar '98; Posts: 15,287; Likes: 16,217.

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    I had noticed that many regular members now had avatars. Interesting to see if we can figure out any one at a time changes before you announce them. I've also noticed that the daily listing is now down to 10 pages. Going to look for other things now that you've mentioned changes. Upgrade, can hardly wait.
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    Thanks for the update, looking forward to the upgrade!
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    More fun things to come! Stay tuned!
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    Thank you!
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    Very cool!
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    Very nice. Thanks Brian, staff and mods!
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    Thank you Brian ... I love the avatar for all, excited to see what else is coming.
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    very cool! Thank you!
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    As always !
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    I tried uploading my own avatar and it is not working. The avatar is 100 x 125 jpg. The message I get is:

    Something Went Wrong

    Unable to save image

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