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  1. Change is in the Air - Avatars; Polls

    Very nice. Thanks Brian, staff and mods!
  2. thomas edison state college RN-BSN?

    Yeah that's strange but in 2009 I was told there is a building or a few buildings but that the classes are all online. When I call the nursing program later in the week I'll ask again. Still I'm very glad I got the BA at TESC.... and it sounds good...
  3. thomas edison state college RN-BSN?

    Hi mjishernameo. Congrats on qualifying for the TE BA degree! That's exciting. :) My story was similiar to yours. After my ADN and numerous college courses over numerous years... To get a BA in psychology at TE in 2009 I only needed to take 6 hour...
  4. Immigrant Nurses

    I agree but then that can be said about all countries that took over an aboriginal people. Most countries were taken over from the original inhabitants. Also I haven't seen the posts OP is complaining about either. lol @ Pat Paulsen comment. I for...
  5. Nursing Conspiracies - Do I Need a Tinfoil Nurse's Cap?

    Agree. All those factors do exist in reality. (Imo) Some students on NA seem to think drowning out the voices of nurses who have experienced these things will somehow make the realities go away. I think it's better to go into things knowing what t...
  6. Calcium Carbonate for GERD

    Calcium precipitates acid so yes there is a rebound effect of acid from Tums. The Truth About Antacids
  7. Read the thread before you post!!!!!

    ha..some here must have taken similar psych classes or read some of the books we were assigned. from the laws of power by greene: law 4. always say less than necessary, when you are trying to impress people with words, the more you say, the more...
  8. Read the thread before you post!!!!!

    hehehe that's exactly why i've been a member since 2001 and only have 100 posts.
  9. What is your opinon of the nursing shortage?

    I can only speak for what's happening in my area. What GoLytely said about downsizing sadly holds true here. We have 3 nursing schools in my college town (and 4 other programs within a 100 mile radius) cranking out new RN's. Because the hospital'...
  10. News Flash! Nurses Get The Boot!

    Agree, as far as layoffs, seemingly capricous firings and nurses getting the boot - it probably depends on where you live. In my area there are 3 schools with RN programs and 2 large local hospitals. Hearing about a several new grads being fired af...
  11. Reamed for ordering an ethics consult

    Quote "I also explained that DNR/DNI does not mean we wouldn't treat her any differently, and we would still give her all the meds, abx, wound cares, etc, " Too bad the chief res and attending didn't automatically see this. The family and pt were s...
  12. Safe Harbor/Unsafe Staffing Levels?

    And that's EXACTLY why NM/HS wouldn't pick up any pts. I've been in similar day shift staffing situations way too many times in various hospitals around the country. (9 ortho/med/surg pts)...I've NEVER seen a NM/HS help us out. It's been awhile si...
  13. Education required?

    Just click on some one's name and a drop down menu appears that will lead to the private message function. The pm function differs from email. Pm is helpful to send a message to someone that may not be of interest to the general population of the ...
  14. Education required?

    Hi Starfish08! Welcome to allnurses. And congrats on earning your BS and on starting an RN program!!! The BS and your LPN/RN background will mean a lot of job security. :-) It seems like you should be able to use the RN & BSHS to get your foot ...
  15. Online nursing education

    Hi and welcome to allnurses. You've asked a good question. Wish I could help but I have no experience with online course work. Do you know what online degree options are available for nurse hopefuls? It seems like it would depend on your startin...