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Florence NightinFAIL has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in New PACU RN.

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  1. Florence NightinFAIL

    Re: Weight based critical drips

    Thanks for the responses all. Marienm, that makes so much sense. Thank you.
  2. Florence NightinFAIL

    Re: Weight based critical drips

    Does the weight not change for those patients who are in ICU for weeks or months? Since they are getting tube feeds, their weight gain would be due to more than edema.
  3. Florence NightinFAIL

    Re: Weight based critical drips

    I'm a PACU nurse that has been redeployed to ICU a few times past 3 months. I'm wondering for the weight based infusions, what weight do you guys enter and how often do you update? Actual weight, ideal weight or lean body weight? So far, I've taken over patients who already had drips running so I didn't have to enter a weight but I'm wondering if you guys change the weight daily based on their actual weight? I know there would be accuracy issues with using actual weight with patients that are third spacing/edamatous but I haven't had this addressed yet.
  4. Florence NightinFAIL

    Another one wanting to bite the dust.

    Switched from medical surgical before the pandemic with 4-5 acute patients to maximum 2 patients on PACU. Will never go back to regular bedside. PACU is EXTREMELY BUSY. I might have 6-8 patients a day, but maximum TWO AT ONE TIME. So it's mangeable. Look into it.
  5. Let me just ask... Were any of these patient's wealthy and you were hoping they will leave you something in their will? Otherwise it doesn't make sense. Event the most LOVING offspring don't do what you do.
  6. You lost me at nightly foot soak and 2 hours to get to bed.
  7. Florence NightinFAIL

    Nursing tips and tricks: Please share.

    I saw this in a nursing facebook page and thought it was a great idea. Please share your tips and tricks and which specialty you work in.
  8. After all, they are just sent back home to quarantine and rest anyway. That’s such a waste of a test. Everyone is already being told what kind of distancing and precautions to take. I feel like those tests are wasted of either asymptomatic individuals or individuals who are sick but are not sick enough to be hospitalized. If they stopped doing those wasteful tests, then maybe those who really need it, like healthcare workers would be able to get them. Am I missing something here?
  9. What if you refuse? What can they do? Would they really fire or send you home when they are desperate for nurses?
  10. Florence NightinFAIL

    Another Quitter

    If I had the resources, I would not feel an iota of guilt in quitting. Not an atom's weight. They are already training your replacement.
  11. Florence NightinFAIL

    Coronavirus vaccine testing in Africa?

    What do you guys think about what those two doctors proposed? Is the backlash against them warranted or do you think they were misunderstood? To be honest, hearing that interview gave me "tuskegee experiment" vibes. https://nypost.com/2020/04/03/doctors-say-coronavirus-vaccines-should-be-tested-in-africa/
  12. Florence NightinFAIL

    Medical surgical brain sheet, file attached

    This is what I used for med-surg. It's for 4 patients, I doubled it and print it double-sided to account for discharges and new admits. Please share your own brain sheets. It's always helpful to see how others organize their cheat/report sheets. medsurg_report4pts.docx
  13. Florence NightinFAIL

    PACU nurses being floated to ICU?

    Have any of you seen this or it happened to you? Due to the coronavirus scare, elective surgeries are being halted and some PACU nurses are being quickly oriented and floated to ICU units to help with the shortages. Can they say no? I would like to hear from personal experiences.
  14. Florence NightinFAIL

    Best nurse brain sheet?

    I created this after literally looking through more than ten online versions. The trick is to use them as inspiration and make it your own to fit your specific needs. ICU_cheatsheetMAIN.docx
  15. Florence NightinFAIL

    Giving O2 without an order??

    Wow. Is this discussion only SCARY to me???!!! In my area (I've worked at 3 hospitals), giving oxygen to pt is a nursing order up to 10L. Even if it isn't, I would never leave a pt is resp distress without providing what the OP has done. It's very easy for a person who is desatting/having difficulty breathing to go down rapidly - why take the precious minutes you have and waste on walking to the nursing station, looking for the doc's number, call him up, explain the situation, then get an order. That can happen AFTER! Now, I'm not sure if the situation OP experienced is as dramatic as I'm describing, but still...
  16. Florence NightinFAIL

    What to do about thin skin on hands from washing them too much?

    Good old vaseline. Make sure your hands are wet/damp so that it can lock in the moisture. I have severely dry hands (made worse with nursing) and I'm still trying out lotions and so far none of them have yet kept me moisturized longer than 2-3 hours before I need to reapply. I keep lotions everywhere though - bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, purse, work bag, car so that I'm always reapplying which really helps. I've started to use Lush's massage bars and I find them very moisturizing compared to creams & lotions. Read some of the reviews on the website.