Your State,your Isp,your Faciltiy!


if you knew that your state was watching you're isp and your facility isp would you still be posting? i wonder how many would drop their jaws if they knew their state or facilitiy could be watching this site.

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I'm not ashamed of anything I've ever posted. The state can do what it wants, and so can my employer. I'm glad they have so much time on their hands.

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I am quite certain that a few people out there have put two and two together and, basically, know who I am. I am not too concerned since I'm not disclosing any illegal activities or stuff that I'd consider too personal. I occasionally vent on this site and become opinionated to the extreme point that some don't enjoy when I opine. I'm human.


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I know professors from my University read and post I am always careful of what I say--in case they figure out its me LOL

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I think the OP might be referring to posting while at work. That's not too professional to be utilizing the internet for entertainment purposes and at least where I've worked, would not be tolerated.

im referring not only at work but at home also.

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I haven't said anything that I wouldn't say to a friend-I don't give ANY detailed information or any HIPPA violation information.

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AlthoughI take privacy rights very seriously and am deeply concerned by what appears to me unlawful surveillance of what have traditionally been private modes of communication--the mail and telephones, for example--I do consider that the Internet is a new medium and am not entirely convinced that there is necessarily a presumption of privacy in its use. One cannot shout across a crowded room and accuse any who overhear of eavesdropping.

Tracking of internet activity is, of course, nowhere near as involuntary as the example above, and it does seem contrary to the spirit of liberty to know Big Brother is counting one's keystrokes. On the other hand, this new medium does seem especially amenable to criminal activity, including quite serious crimes. Frankly, if I want to look at pictures of Britney Spears or to say that the nurse I took report from yesterday is a moron (the latter is not true, by the way) it doesn't seem like the business of the government or anyone else. But what if I were publishing an undetectable means of killing off patients who press the call light too often? Hypothetically, of course.

As for my use of my employer's internet access and intranet, I fully recognize their right to monitor how I use them. As valuable a resource as I have found to be, it isn't the sort of activity my employer has authorized me to use as part of my job.

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I always post from home and never use the internet at work. Even if my state bon did watch me.......i never post anything that compromises pt confidentality


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I'm not sure I understand what the OP is looking for here..?

We're using the internet, it's not like is a private entity of any sort. Everything here is available to the public. My employer and my state (or yours for that matter) can check in here any time.

All the emails you send and receive can be monitored by the government at any time. Most email providers keep records of everything for 30 days, some for up to a year (and law makers are quickly working to get every email provider to keep records for a minimum of one year).

I guess I've just always used the internet as if anyone at any time can find and use the information I put out there (which isn't that far from true).

So, yeah, what if your employer or the state wants to check in on you? Everyone else can too.


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Also your username can be traced using any search program.

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There's nothing i've posted on this site that i'm ashamed of. The only reason why i prefer 2 and 2 are not put together is a matter of internet safety, personal safety.

Hence the reason i don't post at work (they monitor net activity, thanks to the pornoholics). As i've said before, i know for sure that two people work near me. They posted their real name, posted the hospital name they work at, AND what dept.!

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