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  1. Remember me?

    remember me everyone? as you know i haven't been posting lately and the reason is im not into nursing no more so there no reason for me to post or even get involve. for those who remember me im saying goodbye god bless you all.
  2. State Of Wisconsin Non Federal Nursing Homes.

    i need some help i have been approve for the rehabilitation review. and on it. it says i am approve to work in cbrf,alcohol and other drug assessement and non -federally nursing homes. here is the question how do i go about fining who is a non federa...
  3. BEEN APPROVE FOR Rehabilitation Review

    hello everyone remember me some of you probably do. some of you know the story about me losing my c.n.a for misconduct and neglect. well i went thro the Rehabilitation Review and ive been approved which it mean i can work in some health care facilit...
  4. i understand safety. but if you look at the first post you will see that person had it in for that C.N.A. and two she was going after another C.N.A
  5. Being "written up"

    im not r.n. or l.p.n was a c.n.a. but i feel you don't have to make a mistake to be written up or do you have to be fired. you could be minding your own business and still be written up or fired.
  6. Losing your c.n.a in your state ?

    if you were to lose you c.n.a what are the chances in your state getting it back?
  7. Can I transfer my CNA to California?

    some places will let you challenge the state test in california.
  8. Minimum Staffing Laws

    In most states they will consider it abandament or neglect and two yes you could lose you cna. but than how could a facility like that get away with that thro? i suggest you do you're darnest to cover your butt. fine out the state laws. isn't it osha...
  9. no new admits after State Inspection

    i agree with tigger. unless they get some new owners of the place. has there been any word if the will get new owners?
  10. Learn from mistakes

    like i said on my thread i admit my mistake. ???? here what about people that are being hired to work in a group home off of the street,with no experience what so ever and there are group homes that are not giving any training whats so ever if someon...
  11. Rules,regulations,policy's Care Plan!

    are the really federal or your state rules ? or are they the facility rules? the reason why im asking how many times do you hear a facility say (example ) that is the state law to have a gait belt to transferred?
  12. Learn from mistakes

    tell me about it.
  13. Learn from mistakes

    I,m going to admit my mistake before i got my cna pull which i know i will never get it back. my big mistake was not going by the care plan. instead i did what i want. i miss doing nursing i do anything to come back.
  14. Questions

    it depends on what shift you worked,it depends if you have full house or short on staff it really depends on what kind of day you going to have because anything can happen while working as a cna. like for instants on day shift there are facility that...
  15. Turning The Clock Back Nursing ?

    what has change in nursing since the 1960's to the year 2000? that includes r.n.'s's l.p.n's and c.n.a's ? were any of you nurses back than or between than?