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    night workers- how do you keep a normal routine/life?

    I work 7p - 7a and it's not so bad, like everyone else has said, just find what works for you. I nap for 3-4 hours in the afternoon before my first shift, get up and help hubby get dinner ready for the kids, help with homework, make sure things are ready for the next day, then off to work. When I get off the next morning I get my errands done, that's when I schedule my appointments, etc. I sleep from about noon - 5p, get up and see my family, have dinner and all that, then head in to work. I usually work three in a row. After my last shift I stay up with my two youngest kids (who aren't in school yet) and go the park, play games, whatever the morning brings and then we all have lunch and take a nap, usually 2-3 hours. I sleep at night when I'm not working and keep a "normal" day time schedule. I find on night shift I don't sleep nearly as much as I did on day shift but it doesn't bother me.